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Running Fox Home


Return to Amadis

The Nada Chronicles, part 36

© Hans Brockhuis 2006

Translation: Helen Maijenburg
Editing by Mirjam Coumans

A sound in my bedroom woke me up in the middle of the night. It seemed as if something grated on the floor and although I usually sleep through all kinds of noises that wake my wife up, it was me who woke this time. I noticed that my wife was sleeping peacefully on the other site of the bed. Our digital alarm clock told me it was 3:30 AM.

I turned on the lamp on the nightstand and my glance was immediately drawn towards a woman dressed in a coverall who looked at me very friendly and who asked me to come with her without words.

I knew it was Moira who had come by to take me with her for a glance at Amadis and I lent a willing ear to that. I dressed quickly and after a look at my wife who was still peacefully asleep I gestured to Moira I was ready to go.

It turned out I was not the only one. In a hat-shaped spaceship some people were already waiting for things to happen. I had never seen these people, but in a way they seemed familiar. It looked like a kind of reunion of people who had made this journey before.

And in fact it was of course. All these souls were Amadis ‘veterans’ and in one way or another they had something to do with this planet – and thus with me.

After sitting there for a while, two young ladies joined the company. After a few short conversations had started here and there, we all received an inner message. Something like ‘This is your captain speaking’. Not by means of an intercom, but straight into our brains. The message was a simple one. We were bid welcome and we would leave for Amadis in a few moments. The journey itself wouldn’t take long. In fact the trip to and from the mother ship would absorb most of our time. In both cases about half an hour. Actually the very moment the star ship - Apic - would leave, it would also arrive in Moira’s solar system, of which Amadis was the third planet.

After we arrived, we had a magnificent view on this red planet and we continued the journey with an identical shuttle as on the way there and at last we landed on the interplanetary disembarkation base near the capital of the southern continent, as was told to us.

On the campus of the local university we were offered a light meal that consisted of a large variety of delicious fruit along with honey served in large bowls. No doubt this honey came from the legendary Plains of honey. With all that honey within reach I felt like Winnie the Pooh. The honey here is called mead.

Shortly afterwards we left per glider, which is a kind of ennobled flying carpet with a balustrade and comfortable chairs to scout the planet. The explanations were given telepathically so it produced no language problems at all, for telepathy works with images, concepts and thoughts and does not depend on any language.

Moira, the sun, shone exuberant but the speed of the glider and the cool breeze made it all very pleasant. It was spring and nature looked pregnant with all the nascent green. We passed a friendly scenery of hills and valleys, rivers and forests with a small settlement here and there.

In the vicinity of habitation one sees roads where farmers with self-contained carts go to and fro their lands. All other traffic on Amadis is done by glider, wherefore invisible glider trajectories exist that divide the -not so bustling - traffic.

The atmosphere is just great. The red star enchants everything with a red glow. The world is bathed in a crimson red twilight and the shadows grow long and the surroundings look like they are drenched and awaiting the night that will soon fall over this beautiful hilly landscape.

We were told that this journey served two purposes. In the first place we were on our way to the Honey plain to re-cognize with our own eyes what is concealed deep within us. After all haven’t all passengers of the glider spent former lives on this planet?

Furthermore we were in search of something that manifests within us. The quest for inner peace. We are told that our whole life should be filled with searching for peace, for harmony and for the fulfilment of values between all human beings wherever in the universe. To judge the lines of behaviour by its true merits – which are well often tread under foot on earth and to learn to master that calmness, that unity and that harmony and to communicate to others on earth what we learned, one soul at a time.

It is fascinating to watch the ostensible death agony of the red sun, Moira, which is constantly lingering, disappearing behind the far, far horizon at long last. It looks like a huge rugby ball which is engulfed by the faraway hills and mesas.

Then we reached the capital Tur, where we stayed the night. The town is built on a high hill, whereby the big round living towers look even higher then they are. They seem to stretch almost endlessly into the copper firmament and the view up high in one of the towers is just overpowering. In the far distance, seen from one side, the horizon exists of a long blue line. The slopes of the Honey-plain! Tomorrow we will arrive there.

The next day the weather was beautiful again. Moira was exuberantly radiating with her copper glow and the main colours that pierced into our dormitory were ruby, orange, rose and white in various shades, and made our simple accommodation into a real pleasure ground.

The journey took us several hours. Finally we stood at the foot of the Honey-plain, at the bottom of an almost 6.600 feet high slope. From a distance we saw an impressive show looming! This slope with its tilt percentage from between 50 to 60 percent can be perceived far ahead as a blue line from horizon to horizon. Slowly it extends and in the end it seems to tower over your head like a wall that gives you the impression it will fall on top of you. When you loose that first feeling you feel the immense energies that prevail here and it seemes as if you are being carried away on the wind. Higher and higher as if no effort is used to get there.

Our guide Moira tells us about the enormous bee-population that pampers itself in Moira, the sun and that is feeding on nectar of the enormous flowerbeds and heaths which are found higher up the plain.

The honey is gained and used as a base product for delicious courses and many other purposes. On this planet everyone loves it and large amounts of honey are consumed. The mead is produced in big barracks at the bottom of the slope and shipped off to all points of the compass. The plain is immensely vast as is the bee-population and that’s why honey always will be there in abundance.

There are no rivers, as the Honey-plain is treeless and there is hardly any rainfall. The vegetation that grows there feeds itself with the dew of the early morning. The rough slope has some shrubbery here and there, but that’s all. Nowadays there are gliders to bring people up the hills. The ‘Elders’ climbed up. But in a place like this where magnetic and spiritual forces work, even that is of less importance.

Then we were taken to the edge of the plain. The plain stretches endlessly in front of you, as if the horizon disappeares. The fields are strewed with flowers and heaths in all possible colours and variations.

I was lying down in the shadow of a sage bush. Bees were buzzing and on several sites I could see bee-hills where the bee-population gathers its nectar, where the queens are bred and the drones take care of the storage.

On the Honey-plain that is about 12.000 km2, no single building is to be seen, only the bees live there. The beekeepers are flown in every day and do their work with the bees’ approval and return home in the evening. This plain is still accomplished with harmony that one can feel vibrating. In this way you are satiated with warmth, love and peace of this apparent immense land.

I almost fell asleep when I suddenly heard a voice in my head. But this voice had a special timbre and capacity. And all at once I was fully awake.

“Good afternoon dear human child", a melodious alto voice says. My name is Nada and I want to tell you about Amadis and about Terra – Earth – to which you soon will return.”

“Just now you have tasted the harmony that rules on this planet Amadis. The people that live here live with other choices then you are used to on Earth. That’s why it is clear they developed in a different way. Soon you will return and be confronted again with the disharmonies on your planet.”

“The people on Amadis are no better or worse then those on Earth. People here are different, due to the different circumstances with which they have to live. As you know, on earth many souls are carrying the light within. Nevertheless many are in need of advice so that they will be able to create their own new world.”

“It will be good when you too and others will spread awareness, spirituality, hope and love. But do realize you cannot interfere in their God-given free will. In the end it will be possible for them to live together again in harmony and in one-ness. And that – my dear human child – is my gift to you, the possibility to do just that.”

Not long after that Moira dropped me off in my bedroom. My wife was still asleep and the alarm clock showed 4:44 AM. Although I knew for sure I had been on Moira for two days it seemed that at home only 5 quarters of an hour had passed. Again I realized I had philosophized about the fact that time is a mere relative concept.

I thanked Moira for all she had made possible and got into bed again. My dreams were about Amadis, the red planet to which I had returned for a short while...