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Adventure of life

The Nada Chronicles, part 52

By Hans Brockhuis

About a month ago I was in a hall near the Peace Palace in The Hague, where Jonette Crowley, from the USA, was to channel the entity White Eagle. This turned out to be a very special occasion that left a deep impression upon those who attended, including myself. The theme of the evening was the enhancing of the vibrations in the hall, just like those that already are taking place in the world these days in an ever increasing pace. Thus it was the intention for the participants to get ‘in the mood’ by means of a deep and profound meditation so as to become proficient in offering answers to each other’s, as well as one’s own, questions.

The question that burned on my lips was: “About ten years ago, during a so-called lucid dream, a certain White Eagle came to me who assured me that there would come a day when we would meet again. So that day has come, and my question is if he could comment about my book that will be published one month from now, and which is to be presented in this very same hall.”

At a certain point during the meditation, I found myself within a large sparkling dome, with round and oval windows all around the room. Against the walls were large cushions in which to sink in comfortably. In the middle of the room showered a splendid fountain of light with unbelievably fantastic colours. I felt the answers and ideas, enhanced by the form of the cupola, pouring into me. A couple of days later I wrote them down, which I recite here for you now:

“Many tales are soul experiences of people which have been transmitted perhaps from the distant past from spirit to spirit, just like it is happening right now. Such stories contain truth, just like the experiences which take place in this book contain a deep truth. Life is to live. To live is building a life with others, from the basis of birth until the top experience during the passage to the next life. This process can be translated as the re-living of your life adventures. You live and possess your being in a cerebral universe, bringing in your role during the drama of life that is playing itself on the stage of your own existence.

“If you look with an open soul-eye to a tree, you can see more than just a stem, branches and leaves. Then you are able to perceive the fire in the earth and in the roots of the tree. You can see how this fire ascends through the stem beaming out the light through the branches and the leaves.

“With an open soul-eye, get acquainted with this collection of tales. Sympathise with the lives of those that are described, use the knowing that is in these stories, and let yourself be lead towards a perception of life which is characterised by the love we would want to feel for each other and for ourselves.

“By publishing this book you take up a great responsibility toward yourself and toward your readers. Will they be able and capable to not only read, but also to live the words that are written down and integrate them into their own lives? The answer is yes. And then, just be proud of this achievement and enjoy the blessings that will come forth as soon as this adventure of life emerges in the world of time and space. Just be with this book and love it. You’ll be enriched.”

I just had to swallow a bit when I had heard White Eagle’s message. But life goes on and I have learned not to get stuck in such knowing and keep myself away from floating off the earthly existence because of such words of praise. Happily I have this anchor that keeps me far from such outings. Her name is Annie and we have been together for no less than forty years.

Well then. This book did not emerge in a wink. Since I was 18 I have been writing, and because of the fact that my father was a reporter, somehow the writing skill should be hidden within my genes. More than 46 years have passed since then and my skills have deepened. Since April 20th 1996 when I consciously became involved with the esoteric world, step by step with my website, the columns in Spiegelbeeld magazine, the Running Fox Papers, the translation and production of Myriah’s book with 52 meditations, and above all this book have materialized.

Isn’t life an adventure, a journey along many places, occurrences and meetings? What will we encounter, with whom will we come together and above all, what is it we are going to do? Do we live our lives solely as a range of events or do we try to understand each happening? Do we do something with it, and then go on with the feeling that we have learned something? Perhaps it means that everyone will give his or her own wise interpretation to everything that comes to him.

This book contains tales from all regions of this world, and also of distant planets. You will read about the experiences of a priestess, an Irish maiden, a Viking, and simply just a common someone. Beyond insight, this book just wants to offer pleasant reading, always with a cheerful undertone and a serious context. No raised fingers; just a gentle clue to the message behind the tale.

One of the stories in this book, ‘Wang-Li’, takes place in China. After completion I sent it to Dutch/Chinese writer Lulu Wang. I do not want to keep you from reading her comments:

“With love, admiration and in a certain way amazement I read your tale ‘Wang Li.’ What has made a deep impression on me is the following:

a) The story has a beautiful introduction and as a result of the part which follows taking place in China, has been placed in a broad context. Not only literary but also spiritually seen; impressive.

b) The Chinese part of the tale I consider very beautiful. Have you ever been in China? The descriptions of the landscape and the historical details are very lively for me and I wonder how a Westerner who is not born in China, nor has lived in this historical period, can tell this tale?

I have no ready-made solution to this. The only presumption is that it has been a spiritual experience for you, which you have seen in spirit, and that it is a present from God. What impressed me the most is the tone in which the Chinese story has been written. It has a quiet, subdued recovering style but is also intriguing and gives substance to reflect. I have read much interesting and captivating tales. Of this tale I really cannot say anything else than that it is a wonder.
I am only human and I really want to understand this Gods-wonder. I know that it will not always be possible but I give it a try. I want to congratulate you with this wonderful story!”

Soon this book will appear in The Hague. For me this will be the fulfilment of a dream I dreamt 46 years ago when I wrote my first story, when I had been snowed in while living in an Austrian village. Do you want to know how I fared since then and which adventures I experienced? Then I advise you to buy this book. The required data you can find by pressing on [this banner]. Thus far, however, the book will be available only in Dutch.

It is my hope and expectation that you, by reading this book, will come even closer to your own adventure of life. And therefore I wish you much reading pleasure, all the best and joy in your own life, and a good path while you are underway to once and again many more brand new adventures.