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What do flowers have to say to us?


The Nada Chronicles, part 27

My own ultimate experiences with flowers are limited. I don’t have green fingers and when my garden is full everything that grows and blooms in the summer, that is mostly because of the quality of the things I buy. Nevertheless I am convinced that flowers can tell us a lot. When I was looking for a subject for this newsletter I was given the story by Maja that you can find prominently on these pages and that I am pleased to announce.

Nada also has something to say about this subject and considering the happenings after tsunami and hurricanes this is very up-to-date information.

Nada about flowers.

Flowers are the embodiment of the resurrection of life and see to it that this life keeps its place on the planet whom tries to keep her life and that of all her co-travellers going.

The energy that flowers radiate – their scent – is like the essence of that what flowers stand for. This scent, these vibrations, these cycles, however experienced, pleasant or not, are really a radio station that is telling you what is happening. Not only about the well being of the flower, the plant itself, but through the roots that are anchored in earth, and also about what is going on with Gaia, Mother Earth.

It is clear that the well-being of Mother Earth is at stake. The recent happenings after tsunami and hurricanes have made that more than clear. That something like that was going to happen was predicted. Ask the seismograph and weather specialists.

Mother Earth has tried to save as many souls as possible through the radio stations that are at her hand, the flowers. About what you call animal life, that worked for the full 100 %.

Furthermore one needs to realise that those who have not survived the disaster have been welcomed warmly in the worlds from which I speak to you now. This is not the place to give you details; somewhere else one wrote about this extensively. However, it is important that the souls we speak about have not suffered in most cases and were guided to the place they are now in a great way.
I embrace You; God is with You.