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How to tell a doubter


The Nada Chronicles, part 28

Some time ago I came into contact with someone– he is an astronomer and thus scientifically trained – who wants to have nothing to do with the spiritual world in which you and I reside. He – let’s call him Peter, believed the only important thing in life is money and spirituality and religion would be things to be sent to the realms of allegory with great speed.

As a consequence, a remarkable E-mail discussion began that I want to share with you. In the beginning you can feel the cynicism within Peter’s words, but by and by you will see a change. I’m curious what you’ll think of this.

I have looked at your web site, but could not find anything tangible in regards to spirits, ghosts, angels etcetera. Please give me, in simple terms and simple English, concrete directions on how to contact them. Another question, are they made of any type of matter or are they just energy, and if so what type of energy? Atomic, electric, magnetic? How do they mate? What do they eat, drink? How do they propel themselves?
Thanks anyway, Peter.

Hi Peter,
Thanks very much for you E-mail of a few days ago. I will try and answer as many of your questions as profound as possible. The newsletters I send out every month each have their own theme, but it seems that that which you are curious about right now did not as yet appear on any of them. Maybe this will be a good opportunity for next time’s newsletter to try and find some good articles in which things like this will be met with.

Okay, here goes. Take a firm seat and maybe a drink and try to be as open for this as possible. Since you asked, you already have made the choice to be just that. Open-minded.

Spirit guides, ghosts, angels, fairies etc. are not the same thing. Just like humans – and for that matter inhabitants of other planets – extraterrestrials or aliens you would call them - all are energies and are part of the universe, or in another term: ‘All That is.’

It is the same with all that we cal matter. If you would possess a very strong microscope and would look deeper and deeper into the firm material of which the chair on which you sit right now is made, you finally would see a universe made up of atoms, protons and other particles circling around each other in a realm that could be defined as a microcosm. What you see then is pure energy. For you as an astronomer this should be known territory.

Humans, animals, plants exist with energies with a frequency to make it possible for each of them to see, hear, feel and taste one another. Fairies, gnomes, ghosts, spirit guides, angels, and yes God (Or the creator/Allah/Buddha, you name it) exist with frequencies with such a level that it looks impossible for most people to perceive them. Which does not say they do not exist. See it as a radio receiver. You need a device to distinguish the different frequencies on which all the radio stations broadcast themselves into the void. Once you know the frequency of your local radio station, it is a piece of cake to let its voice enter your house. If you want to hear a radio station from – say Australia – something you are not otherwise able to receive, you need a saucer that is capable to pick its energies out of the void and make them legible for you.

The same laws are valid when you want/need/desire to make contact with any of the other inhabitants of the universe. The trick is to understand the code or frequency on which they exist and broadcast and once you come across the frequency table, the rest will prove to be child's play. The understanding of all that though, has to come from within yourself, because all the answers are already just there, ready to be picked up.

Maybe I’ll disappoint you, but I do not know in scientific terms what type of matter spirits etc, are made of. Just as when I use the telephone I know it is energies that are being transferred from speaker to listener, but I am not able to scientifically pinpoint these energies. The same is valid when I am in communion with those ‘on the other side’. It just happens, and that is more than enough for me.

Now I will try to explain these ‘others’ for you as simple as possible.

For this you have to let yourself drift towards the concept of reincarnation.

All people, You, me, George Bush, the woman in the grocery store, we all lived before many times before and probably will do so again after we have died. The sense of all this is that all souls have to learn a lot of things during the many lifetimes they exist on the earth.

Before you were born you made up a contract with yourself and another soul whom we would call spirit guide in which the things are mentioned you want to learn during this lifetime. The Spirit Guide stays behind in the ‘other world’ and helps you as much as possible. However it is imperative to understand that it is just the choices YOU make, that are important in this matter. ALL other input is of secondary nature.

Probably somewhere during your life there were one or more moments that you at first decided to do something, but some unknown understanding, whose origin you were unaware of, kept you from doing it, which later proved to have been very wise. That, my dear Peter would have been your Spirit Guide, sort of whispering in your ear. In this concept the name of Isolde comes to mind. Does this ring a chord with you?

Ghosts are something different. Fairly the only certainty in life is death. We all die one day or the other. When most people pass over they sort of are being born in the other world and are welcomed as such by relatives and/or friends who made the transition earlier. In some cases though – for one reason or another – the transition is not complete and the poor soul stays behind in a sort of in-between world. These ‘lost’ souls seem to be not aware that they have died and try to intermingle with those who are left behind. The stories of e.g. haunted castles are derived from this phenomenon.
Fairies, deva’s, gnomes and the sort are kind of energies that live in between the animal- and plant spheres. They tend to be attracted to parts of nature that they want to cherish and make it possible for woods and plants to stay healthy. You might want to read a story I wrote about this several years ago under the title: Devi.

Angels are the messengers from God. They look after the large lines. Each has his task and sometimes we are lucky enough to meet one of these magnificent beings. About this phenomenon I also wrote a story that you might want to read: Judith, Magda and the Angel, in which also our deceased daughter Judith and my Spirit Guide Magda are mentioned.

Just like the chair I told you about earlier, these creatures have no need to eat or drink. They just ARE. Furthermore they do not propel themselves in the way we do. It is just like when you think of someone you dearly love who is abroad, right at that moment you are very close to him/her. For these beings it is only necessary to think of a place or time they want to be and they are right there.

Please, dear Peter, use your own discernment if you take in all I have written here in my flavour of the truth. I very much hope you will be able to ‘swallow’ something I said and if you have further questions? Please ask them and although of course I do not have all the answers, I again shall try to reply to you as profound as possible.

Hello Hans,
Thank you for your reply. About these beings - are they good or bad or both, do they have a conscience?.
Now, how do I make contact with them, and I must say a slight shudder is grabbing me right now. Am I fooling myself? Or is this just some clever mind manipulation based on our psyche?
Oh, and the name Isolde, indeed rings 2 chords in me. One, it is the name of my oldest sons wife. Two, it is the name of a young lady from Rumania; I met on a cruise ship about a year ago. She is a very attractive and intelligent person. Have not heard from her in about 4 months
All the best
P.S. I am seeking to meet these spirits soon.
All the best,

You sensed well that, apart from the enlightened ones, there are indeed some 'bad' guys on the other side. Be sure though that, if you really are seeking 'good', you will encounter just that, 'enlightened' beings who wish you no harm. In the case however, you sense that something is not well, just do this:
Ground yourself by imagining roots growing out of your feet or something, then imagine a bell-glass or a bubble around you and paint it with light. After that, just say within yourself that you do not want any of this and send it or them away. With the help of your spirit guide and others, that would be sufficient to keep these bad guys out of the door.

Let us continue though with the 'good guys', and submit no more energy to the others.
Oh yes, I guess 'they' have a conscience, which works quite the same as when we did something we know we did wrong. The difference though would be that these good guys would think twice before doing anything that would harm someone else.
And no, you are not fooling yourself Peter. When you had that shudder the chance that someone tried to contact you is very high. It is no manipulation though, because it is your Free Will that is at stake here. Every soul on the earth has possession of Free Will. You expressed your wish to make contact, and there is your answer. It is your own sceptical mind - your lack of trust in yourself - that is hindering you from making that last leap.

Now to Isolde. I have the very strong feeling that apart from the Isolde's you mentioned, there is a third one by the same name, who wants the contact to be effectuated. If I am not mistaken, this would be your own Spirit Guide by that name who made you shudder. And when you read this, I am sure the shuddering is going to resume!

So, when you say “I am seeking to meet these spirits soon”, which you wrote in your last E-mail, I can only say to you, go meet them! Pose your questions, put them on paper if you like, and the chances are great that just when you put a question on paper, the answer will be already within you mind. That, my dear Peter, would be Isolde, whispering in your ear...

I wish you good luck and hope to hear about your progress.
Wish you very Well,

Hallo Hans,
Thanks for your reply again. It looks like it is indeed all in ones mind! What language do these beings speak? So when I write my thoughts on paper they will contact me, you say. How is it done? You are right about everything being energy, when you get down to the core of matter.

I have had it. I want to get to the bottom of this. No bullshit; no make-believe but facts, real face-to-face meetings, conversations and questions answered. Maybe I can get a good bottle of California wine for a first meeting to ease up the spirits minds. So I want it to be a stiff gathering. What do you think about that?

I’ve been writing my thoughts into this computer but no contact yet. I am getting convinced it is in ones mind. If I tell myself things will go bad, they will go bad. On the other hand, if I tell myself things will come out good, they might necessarily turn out good. Like I say, I will not die, well, eventually I will die, no matter what I think!

You know I have been out in the middle of a miserable night and been calling the devil, the sob. He never came. Then I called God and he never came either.
I like to wander around on a cemetery at night just to overcome fear from the unknown. All the best,

Sure, anything will be within your mind. Since the communications are exchanges of thoughts, the language in which you are thinking, will be the working language. I myself usually communicate in Dutch, but on occasion English, German and French have been involved. However, if you’d like to communicate in Swahili, assuming you understand that language, Swahili it will be.

I can see you have an analytic mind. This is no science though. This is about trust in yourself; about being free of prejudices; about silence within your soul; about compassion, and foremost about Love.

As much as those on the other side like to party, drinks are not involved. The energies they use are of a different kind; I told you about that. Be brave though, Peter and have patience. This is also about practice. It will come. It will come.

You know, you are already thinking like a psychic, Peter. Are you sure these thoughts about manipulating the outcome of your beliefs are your own? Or are they perhaps implanted within your subconscious by maybe somebody else?

Surely you will die some day. Who doesn’t? I do not know when though.

You know, if you call Him, God will be so very near. He sure came when you called. It is you though who did not recognize his presence. Hear this little poem out please:
»He who seeks Me within the bottom of his heart, will find Me«

And Please, never call the devil again, will you. The devil won’t come you know, because it doesn’t exist. The phenomenon is just made up by man, seeking power over others – the Church!

Walking about graveyards at night is up to you if you like to do that. It is not my piece of cake though.

Hey, I got a message for you from Isolde, your Spirit Guide. She asks me to say to you the following:

When we were together some 180 years ago in the lands of the River Moldau we had so much fun while frolicking through the pastures beside the river. You were my little sister then and I was your brother, remember? No probably not, but after the accident when I died at such a young age you have been mourning for so long. Since then you roam the cemeteries trying to find me, but Peter, or Johanna, as you were known in those times, you won’t find me there. You will find me on your left shoulder, where I place my hand and I am so very near to you that you only need to look for a quiet place and become silent. Then I will speak to you again, Johanna, and we once more will have fun, I promise.

Love you,


Probably this was too much for Peter, because since then – about a month ago – I did not receive word from him again. But I know that the seed has been planted and one good day it will take root…