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The Nada Chronicles, part 6

©  Hans Brockhuis - 2002


It is gorgeous weather. Not too hot, not too cold and practically no wind. I am sitting on a bench in the park. It is not just a bench. It is located on my favourite spot, under a beautiful aged oak tree. A butterfly lands right in front of my feet. Its fantastic colored wings, black, brown and orange shine. During the time of nine heartbeats it stays there in front of me, flattering its wings, and tells me briefly about oneness. Then it departs. How magnificent is this little butterfly and what did it want to tell me? During this short interlude that he was within my view, he told me volumes about the co-existence of all creatures.

Again a butterfly comes by, an all-white one this time. It flutters by three times but does not settle. Also this apparently so very simple colored creature tells me that there is so much good among humankind, so that it, when one tries hard, almost becomes difficult to think of that there also exists so much hatred amongst humans. This hatred is based primarily upon fear and ignorance. Take these two butterflies. One so gorgeously colored; the other totally white. Notwithstanding that, both for us such wee little creatures embody the love that exists between them. A love that humankind also would want to feel for one another. Are we not one altogether?

As if to prove my thoughts, from the left arrives the dark colored butterfly once again and from the right the white one. During the time of a few heartbeats they circle around each other and seem to be all one. Light and dark are intermingled in oneness, as well as in color and in appearance. Once again they make it very clear that we are really one, notwithstanding our fears, our uncertainties and apparent differences. We are all one; we come from the one source and are on our way to a common goal, the re-union with God/Goddess/Source.

A lark shouts his joy about the summer. The trees around me radiate and tell me that they are healthy and are being taken care of very well by the rain that is falling regularly and by the sun that is shining aplenty. Sun and rain are indispensable for all of us, and indeed especially for these apparently motionless beings.

But these beings are not that motionless it seems, because I can see that this large branch, that grows directly above me, moves itself, independently from the other branches, a few meters downward and suddenly I realize that the tree is greeting me! This makes me really silent and when I move my field of consciousness outward and adapt it to that of the tree, I discover that this giant, that exists already upon this earth so much longer than I do, has to tell me something. I set myself because this is the first time that I in reality am talking to a tree.

"G-o-o-d-m-o-r-n-i-n-g", the tree seems to say to me with a very low timbre. The pace in which this creature communicates indeed is so much lower than what I am used to.
"I understand that you would want to learn something about the oneness that people ought to develop towards each other?"
"Eh, yes". I reply. "Every day I affirm that I am open to new insights, so this should include it".
"Well then". The answer is. "Try to pierce your very roots as deep into the earth as I have, because you will need to be properly earthed for that which I am going to tell you".
"All right, eh, okay, I am ready. Cast off the shore, [a Dutch saying] if you would. An impossible task for a tree, I realise. "But this is not meant literally, of course."
"Ha, ha," the tree roars. It looks like his trunk indeed is shaking a little. "You should know how many of my species have been cast off the shore as a mast or a trunk or a rudder of one of the great sailing vessels of late. But enough of this. This is to be about oneness. Nada told me that you are searching for the true thoughts that underlie the concept of oneness. It will not be easy to make this clear to you however, because it is a complicated concept."

"At first sight it is not so difficult. Isn't oneness that which you strive for to make your life a happy and rewarding one? The living together with your partner causes a righteous feeling of oneness. That at least is the goal at which both partners are aiming. But unfortunately, this is not to be all the time and the striving often becomes something that looks like oneness with yourself. With that you allocate to yourself as much prerogatives, favours and possessions as possible. If that happens without harming anyone else, not very much can be said, but when it happens on the expense of another being, it becomes a complete different story."

"As you just discovered, true oneness is something you live with each other. With your partner, your family, your friends and relations, and with every other soul that exists on this Earth and in this Uni-verse. It is here that the controversies begin, because everyone has got his own body, every-body has got his own colouring, cultural background, needs, want of power, greed, and of everything else that stands in the way of oneness. Above all it is judgement that is looking around the corner. Do we not judge everybody else? Always and everywhere? Oh yes, I hear you think, not me. But look into your heart. Probably you are trying - from time to time - but the question is, do you live it? That open-mindedness? Can you really say that? I do not think so, do you?"

This I have to confirm. Theory is always easier than practice. I have to admit that I catch myself regularly going into the wrong again. "But", I say, "In the books of Neale Walsh, about the conversations with God, once and again it is emphasized that you cannot go wrong. In every instance it is possible to think of a reason why it is that you acted like you did.
Thus you have been able to learn a lesson once again"

"Of course", the tree replies. "It is true, but do not try to fool yourself. Certainly, you have to strive for and aim towards uplifting your own vibration. That is to say, you always have to stay honest towards yourself and have to try to learn what it is that is best for you in communio with every-body else. Once and again. Then it will be time to realize that you and all those you do not very much like, carry within themselves the same Divine sparkle just like you and all of you are trying - each in their own way - to re-member themselves where they are and how to return to the road, the path. If you are standing there however, being cross at someone, you are not standing in the way of the other, but of yourself. Do I make myself clear?"

"Fine, if you do want to put it that way. But then it looks like it is all for themselves and God for us all, but that none of us will be able to draw from the grace of others, who want to teach us how it would be to become one. That we are all alone and there be no oneness at all, as much as we try to reach it. I have to say that all this is rather confusing".

"Come on, courage gone, all gone. Think again about my colleague trees that have done their jobs as a mast on the seas of the world in order to propel the boats on which they were attached. All those masts that have been, in collaboration with their sails, catching the winds and in that way created the possibility for others to sail every sea. They have been doing it out of a sense of true oneness. They did not ask themselves, do I like this captain or that boatman? No they just did it."

"If there would be three masts on a ship, they all worked together as a unity for the common goal. They were separate, rigged with sail and ropes, and did their work individually. But it was three masts that were needed to propel the one ship in a proper way. And in ONE-NESS they did their jobs. It is like that with people. Sometimes a sheet may break, or a sail may be lost in a storm. Even the mast can break down, but always it is the one-ness that drives on the ship. When the one mast is gone, the others work together to manage the job, to try and reach the goal in UNI-ty with the broken one."

"When you try and project this thought to humanity, you can see that indeed you cannot do anything wrong. Because there is no such thing as right or wrong. It is only BE that exists. Out of that 'be' you can learn to reach the oneness in order to - together with all other onenesses - try and finish the job and to together re-member to return to the place from which this all has begun. Search in peace, search in oneness, search with attention for and with each other to that re-membrance, and in one-ness you will learn to trust yourself. In that way you will be able to give shape to the Love that reaches toward oneness, toward Source".

The tree seems to have spoken, because I do not hear anything any more. I do see however that the large branch moves itself a few meters downward again. As if to say good-bye. Slowly I adjust to my surroundings. Far away I hear the sounds of the motorway. A train glides by and I know that al those cars and that train, carrying their occupants, all those people, are on their way to their own goal. They are, just like myself, on a journey, all of them in their own precious way...