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A white appearance

Hans Brockhuis

Translation: Myriah Krista Walker

The Nada Chronicles, part 40

Running Fox Home

“Will you come?,” the appearance, dressed all in white, asked. “If so, I’ll show you a view upon unknown vistas.”

At first I had my doubts, but of course I went, and hand in hand we began a voyage to many beautiful places that were to reveal great wisdom.


Not long ago I partook in a healing session in the town of Hazerswoude, the Netherlands, led by Tineke van der Giessen of Center of the Soul. As always, she guides the session in a very kind, profound and welcoming way.

About 40 people were present in this great hall, lying down on small mattresses and covered by blankets in order to undergo the evening as comfortable as possible. The lights were lowered, and in the background a soft tranquil music was playing.

After her introduction, Tineke and her assistant went about to each person, blessing each with widespread arms to make sure the energies would flow freely. We were all very relaxed and in expectation of what was to come.

Everyone experienced a deep silence and serenity, in his or her own way. Apart from the visible people present in the hall, I could feel many others ‘from the other world’ present as well. They were souls that had felt themselves attracted by the predominating peaceful energies.

With closed eyes we surrendered ourselves to what was going to happen. I began with much contentment and was determined to let ‘it’ happen, whatever the ‘it’ would be. In short, I was ‘open’, and so it was.

After a while I experienced an unexplainable urge to open my eyes. Because I didn’t want to be a spoilsport I tried to resist that impulse. I did not succeed. What I saw were the previously mentioned ladies making their circuit through the aisles, and the other people lying around me, yet all at once I saw a third figure making her way through the rows with outstretched arms.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and asked myself where this illusion could originate from. I determined that this young slender woman could not be Tineke, nor her assistant. They were elsewhere. Moreover, this lady wore a totally white garment and her countenance was not to be seen because of a veil over her face.

It was not long before the appearance arrived in front of my position. She blessed my ‘BE-ing’ with wide open arms and I felt an immense love going out to me from this silent figure. This materialization was quite an intense experience, and for me rather unique.

Some time ago my deceased daughter, Judith, had appeared to me, but although I could not see her face, I could feel that this woman certainly was not Judith. Who was she? Because she was veiled, it was clear that this knowledge would not be necessary. In a number of cases I can sense the presence of souls from the other world, although complete materialization for me is rare. Therefore my first reaction was amazement and I wondered if I was imagining this, but soon it all seemed very real and almost substantive. When I closed my eyes again, thankful for what happened, I heard a whispering in my brain.

“Will you come with me?” the appearance dressed all in white asked. “If so I’ll show you a view upon unknown vistas.”

“Yes I sure want to, but then I will have to leave behind Tineke and all these good people,” I answered telepathically.

“They won’t notice anything; you won’t regret it.”

Curious as I can be sometimes, I asked “Who are you?”

“That’s not important now, dear Hans, but if you continue to linger, the chance may be lost. Will you come?”

Of course I went, and hand in hand we began a voyage to many beautiful places that were to reveal great wisdom. I met many souls, ran into old acquaintances, and experienced the most beautiful music, more so than that of Johann Sebastian Bach.

I walked about a slope covered with tall grasses of a mild deep green colour and hopping with a number of children. We bathed in a little stream below the incline, breathing in whiffs that made me think about the Lady Nada. I was to don a robe with a texture I had never seen before. It felt delicate as the finest silk upon my skin. A pity I had to let go of it again after a while.

A score of beings, which could be nothing other than angels, came calmly by. They waved to me; I waved back. A beautiful mountainous landscape came into view: brilliant snowy mountaintops with their downward sloping gradients losing themselves gradually into clear greenery and rolling pastures.

Splashing brooks found their way to the peaceful valley where there were many animals. I spotted a harmonious scene: two young goats and three lion cubs played tag around a large oak tree.

Here and there were various structures, each one unique. Without being told I perceived that each building was immaterial, individually manifested by the soul who had created his or her own temporary dwelling.

High in the mountains it was cold; in the valley it was warm. A Haiku was born in my brain:

Walking in the snow
experience warmth and cold
I understand truth.

When this thought came to me, I realized that high in the mountains I had experienced that cold was, in effect, not cold at all. It was merely a tingling, another quality of the warmth of the valley, which also carried the vibration of coldness in itself and vice versa.

This taught me that – although there are outward differences – all is one, and that oneness is the raw material of the love with which we creatures of the cosmos are infused with. Because this does not always seem to be the case in daily life, to call it euphemistically, it is because of the result of our living on one of the few planets with free will, and consequently we manage to make a horrible mess out of it. Call it an experiment gotten out of hand.

The good thing of all this is that notwithstanding all these contradictions, individual souls want to meet the challenge by spreading about their faithful attitudes, planting particular seeds in order to achieve the possibility for love to prevail.


The music stopped and I was back in the hall at Hazerswoude. By and by the lights came on and we were asked to slowly come back to the here and now.

‘My’ white appearance was gone, but I knew that she was close by and was, together with others, looking ‘around the corner’ watching the conclusion of the evening and how we all would once again undergo the stresses of everyday life. And of course be of assistance if necessary.

I do not have to explain that I am immensely thankful for all that happened that evening and how I, as it were at the hand of the appearance in white, was able to catch a glimpse of that which might somehow happen in the world after this one, experiencing that warmth and cold, love and fear, good and evil, are merely interpretations of ‘life’.