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Crossing borders


The Nada Chronicles, part 25

Running Fox Home

Right from the moment when I was told as a young boy that I was born in an- ‘other’ country, borders fascinated me.

Of course I did not understand the meaning of borders then, for I was 4 or 5 years old. At school, during geography classes, that knowledge was given to me meticulously.

Furthermore it was a strange moment when I realized the fact that my cradle wasn't placed within the borders of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, made me – in one way or another – ‘different’ from other children in my grade.

Because I have lived the major part of my life in the Netherlands, my feelings are to a great extent Dutch. My passport also labels me as such, and when ‘we’ dig gold in Athens my fatherland feelings emerge. Yet for me there also exists a kind of motherland feeling when my birth country is triumphant during the Olympics. A certain ‘we’ feeling appears and all because of having been born on this or that side of a political border.
This extensive introduction was necessary in order to get to the essence of this story. After all, do we not all originate from a place that is located ‘elsewhere?' And isn't that good land situated on yonder side of a border often foremost in our thoughts? Yet are we always permitted to re-member its existence? It is a border, which brings our focus to what we are here for on this side.

Just like the thinning borders in Europe, the borders between the here and hereafter are thinning as well, and because of that we are more able to remember where we came from, what we are doing here, and where we are heading.

A couple of years ago, when I was riding my bicycle on a beautiful street lined with trees – somewhere abroad – I had an experience trespassing the borders between above and below. The message said: there is here, just like above is below and left is right. In short, the borders that we are imposing upon ourselves are illusions. Just listen.

So, I had this most extraordinary experience. I was enjoying the crisp weather and the surroundings tremendously -- the beautiful trees, the heath, the birds -- when all of a sudden an extra dimension was added to all this, and I heard the stunning songs of the birds with a very different meaning. It felt as though these dwellers of the skies had to tell me something, yet the message was difficult to grasp at the time.

Back in the house, I wanted to know more about this phenomenon and I asked my dear guide, Magda, what this was all about. Here follows what she, of “the other world," had to tell me.

“Love for each other is a way of life that reminds you of the happy whistle of the many birds whom you were able to hear this morning in the woods. You were, at a certain moment, moved by the beautiful sounds of these feathered friends who came from the realms beyond the veils especially to greet you, who exist today on the earth plane. It was a wonder-filled moment on which you and we, in that so fleeting moment, were able to understand each other's language. The Language of Love!

“Moments like this are made of a joyous beauty, and it strengthens you and us in the love, which we all cherish for each other, and which makes it possible to keep the earth turning. Know then, that we all here are so very happy that it was possible for this beautiful instant to exist. The moment itself was unexpected for you, but you re-cognised it and you re-membered the sounds of the hereafter where you also have stayed and where you will exist once again. Thank you for this wonderful moment and like the magic of the sun that tries to break through the blinds at this very moment to weave spells on your retina, we will always try to reach you. We know that you are open for this and for that we are soul-thankful to you.”

During my life I have experienced the overwhelming and threatening sensation of the iron curtain when my family and I visited the Harz Mountain range where the immense fence could be seen from a not so very far distance. In those times it still separated both Germanys. I wondered if this illusion of separation, that seemed so real at the time, would ever be taken apart. Later I realized that these separations exist for the most part within ourselves, and isn’t it one of our goals during this life to tear down these obstructions in order to one day be able to return to Source, where it all began? In that moment the circle of life will be closed. Will it be possible for us to live together once again as brothers and sisters with all ‘others?’ We may differ in appearance, but another's core, their basis, their alpha and omega, would be exactly the same as that within ourselves.

Not long ago I dreamt a dream that also was about dreams.

Tonight I dreamt about making a bus trip with my wife and one of my sister-in-laws ‘across the border.’ There was a big cinema where we saw a long film that went on and on and on. Before the conclusion, however, the projector broke down and we never saw the end. I cannot remember what the film was about but probably it was about life. It was a very lifelike movie.

Later we had to get back, but we lost each other because the atmosphere became foggy and we had to climb a large hill. We found each other again at the bus station, but the service across the border had been ended. Then I awoke and discovered that we had come back one way or another and that all was well.

This experience can be seen as an acknowledgment of the existence of a border that seemed faint in the mist on the top of the hill. However it re-appeared because apparently I did not want to back off from the illusion. The process of physically waking caused a spiritual awakening with the recognition of the nonexistence of the border, and that no bus service whatsoever was needed to cross that supposed boundary. Physically waking was enough to dismantle the barrier. The duality was gone and thus I was able to again be on my way to the golden light that you too, reader, can see shimmering in the distance.

This summer my wife and I went on a vacation to Scandinavia. The journey out by car took us to the new bridge across the Öresund straits between Copenhagen and Malmö in Sweden. During the ride we found ourselves enclosed by a thick fog on the ramp of the enormous and beautiful bridge. Somewhat later we saw a large seagoing vessel of which only the bridge and the mast were visible. It seemed to float on a blanket of clouds. The bridge rose higher and higher above the waters of the passage, and then all of a sudden we crossed the border between Denmark and Sweden in the splendid golden light of an exuberant sun.

During the 15 mile crossing, the water of the sea was nowhere to be seen. We seemed to float like Angels high in the air above the clouds. It was an extraordinary experience, so much is certain.

This occurrence also marks the understanding that the illusions are fading. We are so close already. It is no longer necessary to struggle through the thorn bushes of life, because the path that leads directly to fulfilment is so very close. Only one sidestep is necessary to reach that gorgeous path, where you will be able to throw away the illusions and cross the border to the place where you – in Olympic terms – can perceive the shimmering finish line.

From this finish line our goal can be seen, and all that once existed in darkness now looks familiar and no longer threatening. When you realize that, it is no longer difficult to pass the final hurdle. You will no longer feel ‘other-wise’ and you will be able to understand the language of Love. Then you will hurry to that place where the crossing of your own border will prove to be an easy one after all.