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Fire the Grid

Earth meditation

The Nada Chronicles, part 43

Hans Brockhuis

Translated by Helen Maijenburg

Running Fox Home

I took part in the ‘Fire the Grid’ meditation on July 17, 2007, launched by Canadian Shelley Yates (you can review her telling plea on YouTube ). The purpose of the meditation was to reactivate the so called ‘grid’ - a network of energy tracks around the world –to be of help to Mother earth by healing her manmade wounds.

Seated next to a small murmuring stream in our neighbourhood, I made myself empty, and as soon as I reached ‘higher regions’ I noticed I was definitely not the only one there with the same intention. The unbelievable power of so many congenial souls on earth, as well as beyond the veils, made me dizzy for awhile, but not for long. After a somewhat chaotic first quarter of an hour, I noticed the energies gradually settling down. Imagine a railroad yard where a number of trains, (freight- as well as passenger trains), with different velocities are shunting back and forth fervently. Gradually they join on the same track, taking on the same colour and in the end they move as one enormous large train along the iron road heading for the Light.

There I was, sitting next to ‘my’ murmuring stream. I experienced the light of the sun tunnelling through the surrounding foliage, conjuring all kinds of light effects on the water and the surrounding woodland. A blackbird sang its song; unseen little creatures scrabbled through the leaves; miniature fish passed by in the water of the small stream.

With my eyes closed, I found myself walking an incline alongside a forested slope that seemed to never end. Although it was slightly cloudy, the sun shone fiercely, yet a slight breeze made it not too hot. Enjoying all this I followed my path. Finally the path bended abruptly and lead to an almost treeless highland with a quiet lake, in which passing cumulus clouds were reflected. I sat down on a stump of a fallen tree and let my feet dangle in the water.

The water rippled and a dolphin broke through the surface and looked at me. Immediately I knew it was Athor [see:] and I exuberantly greeted him and asked him how he was doing. He clarified he had passed over, and in the meantime had looked back on the lessons of his life which were brought to him in full satisfaction. His meeting again with Emerald had made them both overjoyed with happiness, but now each was going their own path “heading for many happy adventures” as he seemed to express. I wished him contentment, light, and prosperity on his path.

Again the water rippled and Athor disappeared, splashing a huge farewell greeting on the water with his tail. For a long time I watched the still surface of the water and the reflections of the clouds. A small cabbage butterfly fluttered around me. Perhaps she was looking for food. Her thoughts fluttered to and fro and were as fragile as her delicate body and brittle wings. She seemed to radiate harmony and unity, and went further on her winged path.

Then for a while apparently nothing seemed to happen, yet I was aware of the intentions for this day. I joined my forces with those of many others who were doing the same thing, and I knew it was alright.

I heard a slight rustle behind me. I turned around and startled. Through the foliage of a Sambucus, a brown bear scratched. However, immediately my fear disappeared, for I felt the bear was well-affected towards me. While I thought about it, it came to me that this was the bear that my wife and I had encountered in Yellowstone Park in Wyoming. Back then the animal had an itch and scratched his back against a pine tree. The bear made clear to me he was fulfilled, for he just recently found a large quantity of honey which the bees had shared with him. Again unity, but it was my idea this time that the unity had somehow been just one way, instead of an equal share. The bear grinned and subsequently took off.

Suddenly I became aware of the miraculous singing of a blackbird which had nestled in the big willow near the spot I sat on the tree-stump. At first I thrillingly listened to the gamut of this warbler. But suddenly I became aware that the blackbird had something to say to me.

“Be aware of the network of light that is forming now,” the blackbird sang. “All these souls who just connected themselves, are working together in order to repair the network – the grid – in its old glory. Imagine the energy paths running through your own body and translate that to the energy paths which are found around the world. In former times a golden luminous network around earth was visible from the universe. With the blue oceans as background, it was a fantastic panorama. Regrettably, the network has been lost for the most part during the tribulations in Lemuria and later in Atlantis. The result of which is a not well feeling soul called Gaia who urgently needs healing. During the so called Harmonic Convergence in 1987, a beginning has been made with that healing. Today, under the direction of Shelley Yates, we carry the healing into effect in a radical way, accompanied by many souls from the other world. The result of this will be that the previously mentioned network can be repaired for a great part. Due to all these intentions, a giant step forward has been made. I thank you for your contribution, and I ask you to pass on this gratitude to all readers and to all who were connected that day and later.”

The blackbird became silent, and I looked around. I was back at my sitting place near the small stream. My five mental senses: awareness, emotion, inspiration, intuition and imagination had worked overtime and my watch told me the hour had almost ended. I thanked all who had co-operated to give form to this intention. The worthy and grateful emotion I got back told me it had been a good hour. All these souls together – ‘here’ as well as ‘there’ - had accomplished something beautiful.


(From Lemuria; meaning: Thank you to stand in your own power.)