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Grossglockner mountain; a wink from the universe

The Nada Chronicles, part 51

By Hans Brockhuis

Running Fox Home

-1 –

This summer we were in Austria. Apart for our visiting friends we were able to enjoy the infinite beauty of the alps. Everybody who has been there, can agree that this country shows her beauty to us in abundance, with to us as lowlanders, as many highlights. However, one has, while aiming for the summit, to go through a vale. The journey goes, just like our journey through life, up and down, twisting and turning, until we are finally capable to enjoy the views from high altitudes and reaching for just that one alpine flower that seems to be the best and with its gorgeous colours and scents seems to undeniably attract us.

Is it possible to steer this journey, or does the universe presents this path for us, without possibilities for any influence? Are we capable to exercise our perseverance to reach that which we are striving for, without exceeding the boundaries of hazard? Is it possible for us to choose thàt exact path which will lead us to the summit, or do we from time to time have to accept a wink from the universe, in order to have the opportunity to move up a step on our way to where we are all bound?

I want to take you with me to Sunday August 17th, 2008. The day before we were in Kaprun, well known from the cable-car disaster of November 11th 2000, in which 155 people from Austria, Germany, Japan, America, Slovenia, the Netherlands, England and the Czech Republic were killed. Only 12 of them survived this terrible tragedy. The accident happened in a car of the cable-train in a tunnel of the strongly inclined so-called ‘Gletscherbahn 2’, to the Kitzsteinhorn glacier.

In remembrance to the victims an impressive monument has been built near the valley station. In it you get the idea of walking within a tunnel. It is provided with small niches with stained windows. One recess for each victim indicating name and date of birth. Many next of kin provided the niches with photographs and other items. of their beloved At the end of the ‘tunnel’ a window gives way to the track of the cable-car and the entrance of the now closed tunnel.

Annie and I were there for a long time. We viewed all portraits and read the names of the victims and were bewildered by the terrible events that once took place in the tunnel. Annie even compared these horrible occurrences with those that happened in the concentration camp of Mauthausen where we have been several years earlier.

The message of this impressive monument is one of humbleness. We humans are capable to victoriously accomplish many technical projects. But the other side of the medal is that our striving for conquering nature is not always successful. From time to time a very dear price is to be paid. Some souls who were there and had to or wanted to interrupt their earthly journey, now maybe are working for possibilities to convince humanity that it would be better to build more in accordance to nature instead of trying to defeat it, just like that.

- 2 -

So back to August 17th. We travel the toll road to the Grossglockner mountain, the highest peak of Austria. This mountain reaches 12.460 feet. A picture is to be seen above.

I’ll have to take you with me about what happened along the side of the Grossglockner mountain while travelling this winding road. On a certain spot, only moments before we were there, a motor biker had lost control and had run into the side of an ascending car. There were two casualties who already were somewhat attended to, but Annie was able to help out with water and titbits to eat. While we had to wait for the police, the ambulance and the rescue team to arrive, an Austrian man and I helped out by controlling the traffic, because there was only one lane left and the accident occurred out of sight of the downward traffic within a strong curve. So, for an hour or so, the other guy and I alternately let the downward and the upward traffic pass through alongside the spot of the accident. It was a surprising feeling that one was indeed capable to make certain, with the exception of one jolly joker who ran down the danger triangle, that everyone became firmly aware of the graveness of the situation.

How it may be, everything went smoothly and when the wounded were finally transferred to the hospital and the bike and the car had been towed away, we ’merrily’ continued our journey to the pass way about 10 miles and 3000 feet altitude away….only to discover that some 100 yards before the highest point a biker (this time not a motorized one) had fallen down and was laying down very still and awkwardly on the road. So the history repeated itself and once again we found ourselves regulating the traffic high on the alps in a ‘different’ country, this time in co-operation with a young woman from Germany. Help arrived within 20 minutes by means of a trauma helicopter, so it was not long before Annie and I were at a nearby restaurant to talk about what happened and to get our breath somewhat back.

Looking back, it is a little bit strange to recognize that we will never know what happened to the wounded people. We were there, did what was needed and that was that. But what was the message the universe had in store for us? Why it was us that where on the spot, during two different events so close together in time and space, and be capable to lend a helping hand? Was it not us that, when we would have been on the spot only one minute earlier, would have been welcoming the motor biker into our car? With all consequences regarding our health? Was it meant to pay back a former karma debt by helping out? Please stand up when you know the answer.

But then, the story is not quite over, because within minutes when Annie spoke out the well know insight that all ‘good’ things come in three, she fell down a high step and injured her left ankle very badly. Not to be compared to the injuries of the other victims though, but she was, for a couple of days, hardly able to walk. Her ankle is still blue and swollen, she walks with a limp and once again it is certain that one has to be careful with what one wishes for because in these days of uplifted consciousness, that what one creates is sometimes converted into reality superbly-fast….