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The Plains of Honey

The Nada Chronicles, part 11

Hans Brockhuis

Running Fox Home

My name is Vodelm. I have been born on a thinly populated island on the planet Amadis. Almost the only thing that happens here is agriculture. Our town consists, therefore, of few housing and many grain-transferring buildings. Life is dull for you have to watch continually the movements of the grain containers and the transferring in and out of the grain stores. Transportation to the big cities takes place underground.

My youth has been a yearning for the little natural beauty that still exists. The only place to come to rest is a little forest that was spared, and where the inhabitants can find their relaxation. It is fascinating to watch in the evening the apparent death agony of our red sun, Moira, that always tarrying seems to disappear behind the far, far horizon.

The first time I went to the mainland was when I was to register at the University of the Capital of the Southern Continent. I lived there the prescribed nine years on the campus, and I was taught everything that is useful to any youth of Amadis.

I am 27 years of age at graduating when the deacon sends me out for my first mission of life. To my pleasure I am chosen to travel to the legendary Plains of Honey, the infamous highlands on the Northern Continent, with all its mysteries about which we students never tired to speak. Here, something has to be found to fulfil my dreams, my longings, my always existent striving. These plains are so vast, so mighty, and speak so much to the imagination.

When I leave the sun is shining. Because it is spring, nature looks as if it is pregnant with the blossoming green. Those first days went off well. The hills are not high and my luggage is stored on my floater. From time to time I encounter other travellers and then we talk a bit. At the stopping places I have my meal and drink my Mede, which gives me energy for my journey.

This voyage serves two goals. In the first place I am on my way to the Plains of Honey, where I am to work on the assignment of the deacon. Furthermore I am searching for something that is manifesting itself inside, the search for inner peace. Why is it that in my dreams time and again negativity is shown, although my whole life is destined to the search for peace, harmony and the fulfilment of the values between people? Is it to be vigilant to the dangers? Not so much on our own planet, but elsewhere, about which we have been told during our lectures.

Particularly the Blue Planet, one of the inhabited planets of a nearby yellow star, Sol, seems to be filled with a darkness that should be, whenever possible, transferred towards tolerance, love and peace. These economic and religious interests seem to grow profusely and are inversely proportional to this love. It is a situation to tremble about, but it is reality and that is scary.

Two days later I meet Guidus, who is also on his way to the Plains of Honey, and we decide to go on together. This young craftsman is guardian at one of the honey receiving stations and knows everything about our destination. He tells me about the vast bee population that is basking in Moira, the sun, and is feeding itself with the nectar of the huge flowering heath fields that exist high on the plains.

The honey is recovered and is used all over the planet as a base product for delicious dishes and many other things. Everybody on the Northern Continent is mad about it, and vast amounts are consumed. The Mede is also manufactured there and exported. The plains are immense, as is the bee population, and therefore there will always be honey in abundance.

We go by rivers, hills, woods and settlements and soon it is time for the day to go asleep. The sky is lovely. Our red star works magic and all is swathed in scarlet. Everything is bathed in a crimson twilight and the shadows become long. The environment looks like it is penetrated in anticipation of the night that soon will drop upon this beautiful hilly region.

Nine days later we arrive in Tur, the capital. We find accommodation in a lodging house and go to bed early because the next day we will have to buy provisions for the last part of our trek. That day the weather is gorgeous and Moira is shining with its red copper radiance, and the major colors that pour into our little room are ruby, orange, rose and white with an abundance of shades which makes an idyllic spot out of our plain accommodations.

After twelve days we are finding ourselves at the foot of the Plains of Honey, under the almost two kilometres high slope. From afar a magnificent view manifests itself! This slope, with its gradient of between 50 and 60 percent, was seen for two days travel as a grey shadow from horizon to horizon. It gradually enhances itself and at long last seems to tower above you so that in the beginning it gives you the impression of falling down upon you. But when that first feeling dissolves, you can feel the immense energies that exist here, and it looks like you will be blown by a soft wind up and up the slope as if it will not cost you any effort whatsoever to come there.

Because the Plains of Honey are treeless and precipitation seldom falls, there are no rivers. The plants that grow there are fed by the dews of the early morning. The rough slope carries here and there some shrubs, but that is all. Nowadays our floaters are there to take us aloft. The Old ones walked. But in a place like this, where magnetic and spiritual forces are working, even that is of little value. Once, during my training, I made the trip on foot myself. In a few hours I was above. And when you are there, the plains are reaching out and it looks like the horizon has disappeared. The plains are speckled with flowers and heath in all possible colours and variations. It was here, amongst the buzzing bees, I met this grand radiant woman who told me about the mission I would soon be assigned to.

I lay down in the shadow of a bush of sage. The bees are buzzing and in a few spots I can see the hives where the people collect their nectar, where the queens are raised, and where the drones see to the storage. On the plains, for almost 12.000 km2 there are no buildings at all. The plains are for the bees. Every day the beekeepers are flown in on their floaters, do their work with the approval of the bees, and return in the evening. In that way the Plains of Honey are fulfilled with harmony, love and peace that you can feel vibrating around you. In that way you are saturated with the warmth, love and peace of this seemingly endless country.

I nearly fall asleep but suddenly I hear a voice in my head. That would be something not too unfamiliar because our race is partially telepathic. But this time the voice has a very special timbre and quality. Suddenly I am wide-awake.

"Good day, Vodelm," the melodious alto voice says. "My name is Nada, and while I know that this word in your language means 'emptiness,' I assure you that I will not leave you empty-handed. Soon you will be transferred to the planet called earth. You will discover that that world is truly organised differently than yours in the sense that it is divided into a great number of states, provinces, local communities and even tribes. You will be part of that society, Vodelm, and in that way you will learn to understand the quality of life on earth. These people have to live with different choices than yours. Thus it is apparent that they developed in a different way than that which you are accustomed to.

"These people are not better or worse than you are. These people are different, also because of the dissimilar circumstances they have to live with. You will learn that, even on earth, there are a lot of souls that carry the light, but they are in need of guidance so that they will be able to influence the dark forces in a way that it will be possible for them to create their new world. A world of peace. And that is where you and others come in. You will have to spread awareness, spirituality, hope and love. Above all you will have to try, by means of psychological influence of their leaders - without interfering with their God-given free will - alter the course of their politics in order to create a means for them to live together in harmony again. And that is my gift to you Vodelm, the ability to do just that."

It was a very good day when a great number of others and I embarked upon the star ship Hope, and travelled to the Blue Planet. What happened there is quite another story.