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Judith Lives!

The Nada Chronicles

Volume 15

Running Fox Home

On November 8, 1973 our daughter Judith was born. What was intended to be a beautiful and happy day turned into a day of ultimate tragedy because the full-grown child choked during delivery by getting tangled in the umbilical cord, and thus came into this world lifeless.

How does one cope with such a tragedy? How to tell it to your other kids, then only two and three years of age? How do you continue on with the intense sorrow in a world in which, in those days, there was hardly any place for ideas like karma and reincarnation? Why were we not allowed to see the little girl and why was her body put into another chamber almost immediately?

Two days later I buried Judith - with my mother and the undertaker by my side - in her little coffin into the Earth in a big graveyard. My wife Annie was not yet healed and unable to attend. I cried and the heavens cried with me too, for right at the moment that the coffin was lowered into the grave the clouds poured out in a heavy deluge that washed away my tears. But for my grief, no, not in the least.

During the following years, November 8th became a day of remembrance together with our other children. Judith retains a place in our family, even in the non-physical. Annie and I feel intuitively, however, that it is not good to cling to her too much in our thoughts. Yet she always plays her play in the background in a very subtle way.

Over time the all but unbearable pain of sorrow slowly reduced into a lighter resonance of it. While step by step we became acquainted with more spiritual values, a consciousness gradually began to enter that Judith is actually here, and not only in our minds. Bit by bit it became possible to talk about the notion that she exists - somewhere between heaven and earth - and thus the feelings deepened every anniversary from pain to resignation and then to a beginning of acceptance.

Gradually I learned about spirituality, and began to know more certainly that Judith still lives. Through my spiritual studies I developed a connection with a guide named Magda. It was during a conversation in 1998 that I asked her the following question:

"Now another question. Judith would have become 25 years of age next November 8th. May I know how she is doing?"

The answer came literally as follows: "With much Love I can tell you that the soul of Judith is doing very well. She is making much art in the form of beautiful trees and decorations. Besides she is taking part in scientific experiments and she is very happy. With Love she also takes pleasure in music".

I am delighted and say: "This is so good to hear! Is it possible to send her my greetings and to tell her that I am happy that she is doing so well?" The answer to that is as follows: "But of course, dear Hans. With much Love it is done. These are beautiful moments when the people of Earth and the people of the Spirit are able to be in contact with each other".
I am overjoyed, because I now know for certain that Judith is where she belongs, wherever she is, and that it was for the better for her to decide not to incarnate after all. I accept!

Judith's fictive 25th birthday would have fallen on a Sunday. The day before this anniversary I wanted to buy a nice bouquet of flowers. When I arrived at the florist's, it appeared that they were just about to close, but they still had one bouquet left. The basic colors of this gorgeous bouquet contained two very special hues of blue, and for the next several weeks these beautiful flowers decorated our living room.

The day of the anniversary I am working in the attic, when suddenly an enormous feeling of Love, security, and faith moves over me. A short distance before my eyes appears a cloud of compassion, and as this cloud rises a young woman emerges and smiles at me. In an instant I know for certain that this is Judith! She wants to make it clear to me that she is there, and that she is experiencing the radiance of life, and that this life is good. Judith also emanates a certain form of regret that she had to cause us so much pain. Yet I feel that this pain also has been a purification and a lesson to learn that without pain happiness cannot exist, without fear no love and without struggle no peace.

My daughter wears a beautiful blue gown, exactly the same hues of the bouquet I bought the day before. Her long blond hair, which falls around her shoulders compares so splendidly with these colors that she seems to me to be a fairy, an angel, a messenger from God.

After a few minutes the image slowly fades away and I feel as if I am in the highest state of happiness and bliss. After coming down from the attic I tell Annie of this miraculous event, and although she is still a bit skeptic, she can tell from my beaming radiance that that which has happened to me is real. The experience brought us closer together and deepened our understanding.

This happened almost 41/2 years ago. The continuation of this history lies on the eve of my birthday, a few years later. I had set the intention to speak with my deceased family. Almost immediately an affirmation followed from my dear guide Magda, and I was able to contact Judith directly - for the first time, almost as if with sound – who spoke to me very cheerfully and said: "Hello daddy, how do you do?”

The conversation that followed was brief but heartening, and all I can say is that I am so very thankful I am able to experience these things. This makes it possible to put the whole experience into a more ‘common’ perspective, and to look back with Love on all our experiences. To know that Judith is doing so well causes an unforgettable and valuable joy that words fail to make clear. The pain I had experienced is now transformed from compassion via love to a far-reaching form of acceptance that we know for certain now that Judith lives.

In the meantime a new episode is added to this story. In April 2000, I attended a weekend seminar in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. With a number of Lightworkers I experienced ‘three magic steps,’ with Steve and Barbara Rother. On my way back by train I created a cocoon of silence around me, and contacted Magda, who responded immediately and told me that there was someone else who wanted to exchange thoughts with me.

It was no less than Judith who again was very joyful and told me that she had stopped the scientific experiments, and that she currently fulfils a ‘trainee post’ with Magda in order to learn the profession of Spiritual Guide. Thus she expects that in the future we will have more opportunities to communicate with each other, and she very much looks forward to that. That day a beginning is made between the two of us, and maybe sometime in the future we will be able to publish our work. It leaves me feeling very curious.

Then recently, on another train. Diagonally across from me on the other side of the aisle a young blond woman is seated. I know ‘for sure’ that I have met her before somewhere. However I cannot decide where and when, and for a considerable period of time I am speculating about this. Her cell phone rings, and the young lady answers her phone with a short: “Judith speaking.” Right then the riddle is solved. If ‘our’ Judith would have been alive today, it is my understanding she would have looked like this young woman. Estimated age and outward appearance are alike, and immediately this is asserted loud and clear from the other side of the veils. My feeling is right. It does not need any further notice that I am passing on my gratitude to ‘above’ immediately.