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G. Nome c.s.

The Nada Chronicles, part 61

By Hans Brockhuis

‘The conversation we had was fine and intrusive. We also had collocutors on a regular basis who came to put in a word. For a long time a squirrel was looking at us with his beady eyes…’
Translation: Helen Maijenburg   nl

Running Fox Home

G. Nome
Years ago I met mister Nome for the first time. It was during an excursion to all kinds of special power places. One certain moment during this journey the guide pointed out to us a specific tree formation and then showed us a picture of the same spot with somewhere in the corner something of extraordinary interest. When you looked in a certain way, not straight from a certain angle it looked as if there was a gnome somewhere.

As we were with a rather large group with the accessory ruc  kus it was impossible the same creature would show itself once again, nevertheless it happened, but more about that later.

One fine day I went back to that fairy like forest. When walking there by myself I encountered all kinds of interesting things. A running fox which would become my own logo; an oak tree with a lowering branch whereat the acorns were still attached (hi there acorns!!); from a safe place I scouted a group of rabbits playing outside their burrow and at length “my” gnome. He showed up in the same spot I described earlier on the power place somewhere in Never ever… eh … The Netherlands.

The conversation we had was fine and intrusive. On a regular basis we also had collocutors who came to put in a word. For a long time a squirrel was looking at us with his beady eyes. Good day squirrel! The animal told us about the beauty and the power of Mother Nature’s creation. Some time later a pretty brown butterfly told us that although life looks limited this is not the case. The butterfly - which at first had another form as a nymph before it became a butterfly – considers the world in the new outfit from the perspective of someone who owns a sublime position and thus can realize things which seem to be impossible at first.

Later a golden eagle flew over the spot we were sitting. The bird flew a few rounds above our heads and en passant encountered a big blue heron which apparently had a message for the eagle in store.  By means of a sheering nosedive the eagle made clear in the end to have understood the message, a touching moment.

Love for one another
I told Gerald Nome – in the meantime we were on familiar terms with each other, about an event I passed through not long ago while riding my bike in this magnificent forest. Say a forest alike we were in at that time. It was pleasantly brisk and I enjoyed the surroundings of this beautiful forest, the heather, the birds. Suddenly an extra dimension was added to this and I heard the transcendent songs of the birds now with a totally different meaning and it felt as if these inhabitants of the sphere wanted to tell me something which wasn’t comprehendible at that time.
‘Hm’ the little man said to me while he pensively stroked his long white beard with slow dashes and he looked wise in a special way.

‘Love for one another is a way of living that makes you think of the cheerful whistling of the many birds you heard in an earlier time in the forest. On a certain moment you were touched by the marvellous sound of these feathered friends who specially came to bring you greetings from spheres which most of the time are not visible. Those were excellent moments on which you and they met in such a volatile moment and were able to understand each others language; The Language of Love!’

That was a special wise lesson, but apparently it is so that one has to experience such lessons more often in order to be able to fix them into your essence; in order to integrate them into your system and to make them part of your Being. That’s why I want to tell you a short story from the perception of my inner child.

Inner child
This story happens a long time ago in a country far far away. It is a country full of magic and special circumstances.
One day, or in fact I should say one night when this story occurs, I found myself somewhere deep in a forest. How I came there I do not know but it was dark and I was cold. The moon hid behind a thick cloud cover and the ground was humid. Probably it had been raining a short while ago. I poked around the bushes when an ugly thorn gave me a big scratch on my leg and a tear in my trousers. Fortunately I found myself a path beyond and on spec I started to walk.
There was an inert stream through which I had to go to get at the other side. A salmon curiously submerged its head to see who passed by. To me it seemed if he gave me a blink. When I stepped on the bank again I walked in the dark into a spider’s web.  ‘Yuck’, but I wasn’t afraid for I knew that this was a sign saying I was connected with the spinning wheel of the wheel of life. My wheel of life made overtime in this very night; so much happened and my senses told me that there was more to follow. The more I connected with the Now moment the more was to be revealed of my future.
At a venture I turned left at a cross road. ‘Maybe there was a farm or even a village where I could refresh myself and stay the rest of the night” I thought hopefully.

Shiny lake
I firmly stepped forwards through the desolate meanwhile moonlit landscape. When I climbed a low hill I saw a shiny lake at the other side. It was stock still. The wind had lied down completely and the trees stood motionless on the bank. No ripple was to be seen on the water surface. Everything breathed expectation. I knelt down and drank. Then I heard mighty wing beats. A group of swans flew over the calm water in a big circle and sometimes the tips of their wings touched each other. Then they formed a miraculous fine unity; the infinity of a perfect circle. I was full of amazement and eagerly followed the gracious movements of these impressive birds.
A voice sounded in my head:
‘’Be aware of the true beauty of these creatures. Experience the power for the self and let it help you to carry out your inner beauty out. Experience the message of complete agreement, make it true and spread the word. Although you do not understand yet you will be very good at it.’
I had to think about this a long time and when the swans had disappeared for a long time I noticed it dawned in the east. A new day glared, undoubtedly the beginning of a new life for nothing would be the same as before. I had no idea how it launch but it would happen that much I was sure of. It became lighter and through a birch grove I reached the road again. I remembered the words of the gnome whom I would meet in the future. ‘Hm, could that be possible?’ He had told me that the Birch symbol stands for renewal, purity and cleansing. If that wasn’t a confirmation for what I just had been thinking of I immediately would turn into a birch. And as that didn’t happen I stepped sniggering on the path.

A grumpy raven
A bit beyond stood a lonely Hazel and a raven sat on a branch that reached over the road. While I walked on I saw that the raven followed me with its eyes, ‘Shall I infuse you with some wisdom?’ the raven croaked. ‘You may’ I answered. “I can use quite a lot of wisdom for I just decided to carry out Love into the world. There is so much misery in the world that it is urgently needed to do something about it.’ My childish overconfidence took care that I didn’t see any difficulty.
‘Oh well’ the raven said. ‘That’s a noble endeavour, but it cannot be that you can lay on Love on everybody, for then it isn’t Love anymore. Then it is more the rumours of the thick doors. That’s no love that is investing into your own purse.’
I had to think about that too. Wasn’t I a child? With this kind of difficult thoughts I had never occupied myself. Still I realized that I had to change something in the way I think.
‘Raven, will you teach me what love is?’ I asked. ‘No, I will not’ was the blunt reply. ‘Ask the fox who approaches there.’

Fox or monk
The raven flew away and I looked around. A red fox walked towards me. ‘Was it the same I had encountered before?’ The animal hesitated and then started a conversation.
‘Hello child’ the fox said. ‘The raven tells me you want to know what love is. But this shape isn’t suited for the subject.’ The fox assembled a few leaves which had fallen off the Hazel to the ground. With his beak he threw them into the air and quickly stands under the fallen leaves. And while I watched it with big eyes of amazement, the beautiful fox transformed into a young grimy monk, dressed in a greyish frock.
‘Hi” the monk greeted ‘my name is Thomas’.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. ‘How come you can transform yourself into a fox?” I stammered. ‘Shouldn’t you say hello first’ the monk said. ‘And about the transforming; that’s a merchant’s secret. This land is full of magic and illusion; that’s all for you to deal with right now. Bear in mind that the fox can help you to develop independency in your thoughts and trust in your decisions. That’s what it is all about here, true or not? You liked me as a fox, not as a monk but what matters the exterior when it is about love. Am I right?’

From the fox – or should I say – the monk taught me what Love is and together with what many others have taught me, I experience my adventure of life the same way as you all experience your own adventure of life.