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Magdalena on Crystal energy

Hans Brockhuis

The Nada Chronicles, part 44

Translated by Myriah Krista Walker

Running Fox Home

Not long ago I dreamt I had to go to school again. After more than 40 years that is quite something. Yet I cheerfully rode my bike thru the polders with a case full of books on my carrier. Once more, I was on my way to school in the big city.

Upon arrival I discovered that I, being someone over the age of 60, seemed to stand out among the younger 18-20 year olds. However none of them seemed to care. Everybody acted as if nothing remarkable took place. At last, we found ourselves waiting – each in our own seat – for the things to come with an atmosphere of expectation prevailing in the classroom.
Our teacher arrived. She was a tall and friendly looking young woman of about 35 years of age with black curling hair. She wished us good morning, and a good semester, told us her name was Magda, and smoothly carried on.

I felt peculiar. I seemed to know this lady but couldn’t lay my hand upon it. I intended to speak to her about this after class.


The lecture was about crystal energy. About the vibration that prevailed before the fall of Atlantis, which has been almost extinct on earth for eons, and that is now returning gradually. This development is possible because of the uplifting vibration of humanity as a whole reaching that level little by little. And this, our teacher told us, is a joyful development. About a quarter of an hour before the end of the class, she asked us if there would be questions. I had one and raised my hand.

“Can you tell us something, Magda, what new information there is to tell about the Children of the Crystal Vibration? What is their role, and why are these souls these days incarnating on earth at such a large extent as they are?”

“This is an important question,” she said in a friendly manner. “In the first place, every soul consists of a number of ‘consciousness qualities,’ one of them being the crystal, or Christ, consciousness. The problem, though, is that for many it is very difficult to get access to his or her true ‘Me’, and so also to this crystal consciousness.

“Yet others discover they have run into a severe consciousness-shift somewhere in their lives, and are making conscious contact with this crystal consciousness at last. Moreover, it is true that during the last decade more children are born with such a consciousness and that they have no difficulty coming into their crystal core. However, these kids have great difficulty living in a world in which they are not understood, in which they play the role of the odd man out. Also, in this room are students who have problems facing the world, and the elder people in this world.” A growing hullabaloo in the room revealed that this last remark did not fall on deaf ears.

“Because it is for you…,” Magda paused and looked into the eyes of each and every student, after which it became as quiet as a mouse. “…because it is so difficult, it is important that you face the world as much as possible with an open mind. That is also of great importance for the planet, because the way in which you, as crystal children, can deal with the problems of everyday life, will influence the outcome. The return of the crystal energy, helped as well by the way in which you, as crystal children work, will achieve the possibility for mother earth to tune into those new vibrations that are anchoring themselves these days. Then it will be possible at last for humanity as a whole to live with each other in harmony and peace.

“To date the situation is such that while you silently, on stocking feet so to speak, are entering the fifth dimension, the children that are born will gradually be able to reach an understanding of all that is going on in a much more relaxed manner than before. Via the media, we all have witnessed the problems so many children have in relation to the cultural and political issues that have existed on earth so long, and it is up to them, when they grow up, to come to terms with all that is and gradually take over responsibilities so that one day it will be possible to overcome the difficulties that are so widespread as of today.

“Therefore it is of the utmost importance,” and now she looked at me, the older one of the group, “to find a way to connect with the children and adolescents in a non-confronting way, giving them lay to do their things their own way but at the same time teaching them to do these things in a way that will not harm others.

"For brevity’s sake I can refer here to the particular school form experiments that in certain countries, under which our country, are being held. In these school variants, lessons are given in a non conventional way in items that matter to children and young people in order to teach them how to integrate within their own be-ings.

“And above all, and I say this to you, Hans, in particular, learn from your children and your grandchildren what will be the best way to do this and thus try to become aware that – not from one instant to the other – but gradually the world inevitably is going to change in such a way that it will be possible for as many souls as possible to once again really experience the fifth dimension, to really experience the Crystal Vibration that is going through the Earth itself and through many souls as well. “


There was more shared within the class and the F.A.Q session. Some aspects thereof will be found in this newsletter entitled 'Crystal Energy,’ so that you as a reader will be able to learn of some aspects of this exciting subject.

The question that had burned me on the lips previously, Who is Magda, needed to be responded no more. I was already confident that this lady had all the characteristics of my guardian guide, whom I know under the name Magdalena.