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A meditative journey to the silence within you

The Nada Chronicles, part 58

© Hans Brockhuis 2010

Translation: Helen Maijenburg Running Fox Home nl

- 1 –

It isn’t always easy to experience real silence. By means of this meditative journey I want to make an attempt together with you to experience and explore true silence with me on what can come onto your path when it happens.
Close your eyes for a few minutes – if that suits you. Perhaps you’d like to put on a CD with soft tranquil music. Sit comfortably in your chair and have your feet firm on the ground. Leave everything be and take care you cannot be disturbed.

Listen to your inner voice which tells you it is alright. This voice that tells you it is safe in the spot you are. In this way you can believe – know – that the outside world as it is behind the windows doesn’t matter anymore. In this powerful moment you’re the only one that counts; you’re the only one that matters. You are the centre of your universe; from your Self; your Being; your existence.

The same moment you’ll think this, you know for sure that others who live on this planet find themselves in the centre of their own universe. And they are too Your self, your being, your existence. Think, dear friend, we are all One no matter how we look like.

When you have thought about all this and you are aware of it and you saved it in your soul it is time I’ll take you on a journey. You know, that special journey to find the silence within you.

Come with me then on the sound of the beautiful music that you can find at the edge of your audible range. It doesn’t try to impose on you, it is just there. It doesn’t penetrate in your thoughts but it takes care that you are as relaxed as the music and next come with me and search for the balance within you.

Have a look with me in thoughts and see the person who seemingly is smiling coming towards you. When you look well it is someone you know very well. Only you haven’t seen him or her for a very long time. But you know this person is always with you. Perhaps you don’t even think of him or her as a person. Perhaps you call him or her  your angel or your spiritual guide or your helper. It doesn’t matter. This entity is the one you trust the most whether you are aware of it or not.

This good soul takes you by the hand and friendly asks you to come along for a moment. You don’t have to think about it for a long time and your answer is a wholeheartedly yes. You know it is all very much familiar and you are certain you will be delivered right back on this spot which means a unique spot in your existence to you.

In empathy you go hand in hand to where the figure brings you to. You are overflowing with expectation and you ask what will be there to see. Smilingly your guide tells you to have a bit more patience. In a soft way you are made clear that it is the experience that matters, not the words.

You notice that the surrounding becomes misty. The outlines are fading and the room in which you are becomes vague and gradually disappears from your scope and out of your conscience.

- 2 –

The mist scatters and you notice you are in space. It seems as if you are on board a big space ship. Through the big window that surrounds you like a domed cupola you can see that you intersect the universe with high tempo. With high speed you pass planetary systems, star systems, galaxy systems, nebulas, galactic clusters, black holes and all phenomena you have heard the astronomers talking about. The universe is magnificent and for no reason you are part of it. You are a tiny little dot in this incredible big ocean where the light of stars is clearly outlined against the background of the blackness which is also the universe. In this way you discover that light and darkness can’t live without each other. You recognize that love cannot exist without  hatred. Positivity cannot exist without negativity. The lesson you learn from this is that life needs to be in balance and you make a mental note to make it your intention to carry out this thought as soon as you return to the here and now. You will also share this with others that life is all about balance, harmony and love. All the other things – even the thing that we like to call negative – are just materials to achieve that harmony.

But the journey continues. You notice that you and your guide are pulled towards a star system. A Galaxy, a Milky way that seems a small luminous curl against the black background, is becoming bigger and bigger and you see the spiral extending. You discover that the little white dots that become bigger and bigger are stars. There are yellow stars like our own sun. Small white dwarf stars which shine their intense light around them and big red giant stars which seem to become bigger and bigger when you come nearer. They give forth an enormous amount of light. Then there are quasars, relatively small stars which periodically emit enormous beams from their North- and South Poles and are launched into the universe for billions of kilometres. “The universe is magnificent,” you tell your guide. He/she nods and smiles.

Then you notice the space ship turns off a single degree and sends you in the direction of a wonderful planet system. You see that the central sun is a twin. A small little yellow star and a reddish oval star that circle around each other in an indolent tempo. And then you set eyes on the wonder. Around the central axe of both stars 9 planets are found in a splendid elliptic orbit as if it were a diamond and they all have a different colour. Your space ship heads towards a red desert like planet. There are no clouds but when you land on top of a hill you can perceive several souls who do all kinds of strange proceedings in an apparent aimless way and this occurs very remarkable to you at the least. It doesn’t look so good and you are startled. What is this all about? It seems so unreal. You can’t bear the noise and this certainly has nothing to do with silence.

“Indeed, you are right”, says your guide. “What you see here is an illusion. Some will call it hell, the underworld or the purgatory. All remarkable proceedings you see here unfolding are no reality. They are the fears of people who – before they die – have all kind of thoughts about what terrible things will happen when they are really going to die. They are afraid of their own karma. I didn’t this well; that went wrong; what will people say when they learn that … etc. In short you recognize it  as the law of cause and result.”

“But isn’t it more important to be aware of the beautiful moments, in which situations you have been which really mattered? Which ‘good’ deeds have you done? So, don’t be afraid of dying. Indeed you will get the opportunity to retrieve things from your past life as soon as you die. Things you want to learn from; things from which you are aware that they happened as they did. That alone will yield profit and you can use this given to do it in another way the next time. But there is no need to pass over. You can use this knowledge now and when something occurred in the past of which you might later think you could have done better, you can decide to lay down the intention to change it when a similar occasion occurs.”

You thank your guide for these wise words and the space ship is moving again and after a short time come to a grey-blue planet which finds itself in a 3rd position pertaining the two central suns.

Lower and lower the ship descends, the clouds open up and you find yourself above an enormous ocean. Just shearing above the waves - which are not too high – you can see a great number of dolphins swimming along with your space ship. The only sounds that can be heard are the waves and the sounds the dolphins make. You can feel the dolphin thoughts and you notice the dolphins are peaceful entities. Your guide makes it clear that all these souls who are now living as dolphins once lived on earth and knew duality. Back then they were people; on this planet they are dolphins and they have learned that we are all one. However it is obvious for you that the soul is the same, the soul does not change and that – no matter how you look like, what colour of skin you have, how the texture of your skin is different from that of another it doesn’t make any difference. The only thing what is important is the love and the harmony that is embedded in the soul.

You thank the dolphins for their wise lesson and you intend to save this thought in your heart and to carry it out to everyone you encounter when you will be returned to the here and now.

- 3 –
The space ship leaves this beautiful planet and turns the prow to an enormous gold coloured planet. When you have landed you see you’ve ended up a beautiful green pasture, interlarded with thousands of flowers in the most splendid colours. All colours like you can encounter in The Keukenhof are here. And more then that there are colours you have never seen before. A soft wind blows through the big green trees which all seem to have an aura. Extremely pleasant fragrances surround you. In the distance you see some animals playing together and you realize it can hardly be true. Are they really lions, horses and penguins enjoying themselves together? But it does happen and then you realize that you are on the planet of love and that this is all we are looking for.

Then you realize that all sound fell out. For the first time in your life there is no sound around you at all. Even your thoughts come to a halt. You even do not try to create order in all you observe. It is just there. Together with your guide you sit on a bank near the waterfall. The both of you close your eyes and for a long time you experience in harmony this powerful silence that encircles and cleanses you, of which you take part and become one with yourself. You experience true silence. It is truly an emotional moment.

When you open your eyes again, you perceive some people on the top of a hill and they are coming towards you. One of them recognizes you and embraces you saying: “Welcome, welcome to this planet.” You are incredibly glad that you can embrace your beloved. You take a look around and you see many people who came to greet you. Many of them you identify immediately. Others look familiar but you can’t remember their names. But all of them radiate love and you feel joyous and thankful.

“Is this heaven?,” you ask because all feels so different here from what you experienced during your life. The answer is: “no, this is just another existence level, a planet of love. But as you were just now able to be truly silent to perceive everything from a higher perspective it is now possible for you to see literally everything in another light. You’re better capable to recognize the goodness in other people. You were used to look at the negative side of the medallion but now you are more open-minded and you can live your life in a more relaxed way than before.”

Your guide taps on your shoulder. “It is time. Please come with me and travel back with me to the here and now.” You have to swallow for a moment for it is so beautiful here. You long to come back but you know there’s a task waiting for you and therefore you nod. You say goodbye to all who have come to greet you. The day will surely come you can embrace them again.

After a short trip you land again on earth. You are aware of your toes, your fingers, feet and hands. Ha, your legs are back in function and you can move your arms. You hear the music in the background and you take one more deep breath. Slowly you come back and you notice you are still – or again – in the same spot as where you started this journey. You are grateful you were able to participate.

Now open your eyes again and ask yourself if you had a great journey. You know it is alright and that you truly found the silence which you were looking for.


(From Lemuria; meaning: Thank you to stand in your own power.)