"You are an Elf," They said.
"An Elf?  My, that's much too grand for this wee little human.  Can't I just be me?"
They smiled.
And so she walked on, and began to know her Elf Self.
"You are the Wind," They said.
"Wait a minute!  I thought you said I was an Elf!  The Wind is much too grand.  I can't possibly be the Wind!"  The Elf walked on, and began to know Oneness, and the Wind I Am.
"You are an Angel," They said.
"Okay, now I KNOW that is much too much to handle.  Can't I be the Wind? 
I'll be the Wind."
They smiled.  This is how They trick you, you see.
And the Wind walked on, and breathed Her Self  Whole.  And a different Knowing came upon Her.
"I AM an Earth Angel," She said.
They smiled, and together They walked ever on.

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Artwork entitled "Feather and Bone"

Written with Love Myriah's Grasses Roots