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Running Fox Home



The Nada Chronicles, part 30


Translation: Idelette. Editing: Myriah Krista Walker.


The journey by train is long. Watching the outside terrain, I see the green landscape, the animals and water. I also see people moving, both walking and driving.

In the compartment diagonally across from me there is a young lady. I know for sure that I have never seen her before. But what is never? Is ‘never’ not also 'always,’ just like the word nada sometimes means 'nothing' but often also 'everything?’

The longer I think about this, it appears to me that indeed I have seen this lady before, experienced and spoken to. Somehow she 'feels' known. It's a kind of unity, a pervasiveness. But I can't get my grip on it. This familiarity seems to be of another order.

Then her cell phone rings. She answers it with a lively "With Nadine" and talks briefly with the other person on the other side of the line.

I close my eyes, and it feels as if it's me who is making this phone call. While the physical conversation is about other things, inside it's about expectations, hope, about what once was and once will be.

The sun shines brightly on my face and while I muse about what seems to have happened, the most beautiful colours begin to revolve in my inner view. Yellow gold, scarlet, amber and many more.

The train enters a tunnel and suddenly the colours change, alternating to a deep dark blue, sepia, purple and finally in what I can't describe in any other way than a woolly pattern of matt blue round flocks, appearing to be static at first, but then along the line starting to revolve around the centre. A tiny small point of light arises, becoming more intense. Gradually the point becomes a little disk, brighter yet, it enhances and while the light becomes brighter, a channel appears, then a tunnel through which I am, in a matter of speech, sucked into unknown vistas.


While part of me knows I am still in the train, another part of me discovers that I am walking with my twin soul, called Nadine, along the path beside a wild river. On both sides straight walls rise upward like a canyon, the walls becoming higher and higher as the riverbed becomes narrower. It’s hot, but the bright sun is softened by luxuriant foliage along the rocks.

I wonder what we are doing here, yet it all looks so natural. We are looking for something, but what? Is it hope? Is it expectation? Is it something else? Questions, looking for an answer.

First we meet a squirrel, which tells us about the beauty of Mother Nature. A little bit further we encounter a beautiful brown butterfly, which teaches us that although it seems life is finite, such is not the case. Before he became a butterfly, he was born as a chrysalis, and now he sees the world with the perspective of someone from a higher position and can realize things that used to seem impossible.

A little bit further there is a teal floating. Because he is a duck, he can fly as well as walk. The bird tells us that life isn't just about the obvious things. That there are always solutions in moments when we least expect them, or when you are desperate and your road seems to have come to an end.

We thank the three wise creatures for their good advice and we proceed on.

Finally the canyon has become so narrow that on both sides of the river only the walls of the rocks rise up and no path remains, either on one side or the other. What to do next? We can't go any further. Good advice is dear. It is then that we remember the words of the squirrel, the butterfly and the teal and decide to find a place to stay for the night. Tomorrow we will decide what to do.

A little bit higher on the slope there's a shallow cove, with a pleasant temperature. With the help of Nadine's lighter and little dry sticks we easily found, we make a fire and eat our sandwiches. On the walls and in the light of the flickering fire we discover rock paintings. There are images of hunters who are eating their prey, pictures of many stars in the night sky, and one of a bowing antelope who acknowledges the grandeur of a black bear who is passing by.

The next day when it became light we saw a golden eagle flying overhead, as if it wanted to confirm all of this. The bird flies a few rounds and meets along the way a blue heron, which seems to have a message for the eagle. By means of a rapid nosedive he makes it clear to have understood the message.

We watch this while sitting on the edge of the rock, perceiving that the direction in which the eagle flies away will be the direction we shall have to trek further. This will be the direction we will take to achieve the things we came for. Our search into the unseen has taught us how to overcome our fears by utilizing the ‘knowing’ in the senses that is not exclusively dictated by the brain.

After having said this to each other, the advice should be taken to account that it won’t be necessary to rule out the mind. It's of interest to create a balance between the inner sense and the outer mind in order to achieve this. It is clear now that this was the message that the journey was meant to deliver.

All of a sudden it appears that the swollen river has calmed down and we continue on our path by stepping from one rock to another.

In that moment I become aware of my alternate environment, and I am once again looking at the landscape, which the train is passing through.

In the compartment diagonally across from me there is a young lady of whom I know for sure I have never seen her before. But what is never? Is ‘never’ not also 'always', just like the word nada sometimes means 'nothing' but often also 'everything?’