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A spiritual journey to the New World

Or: A wholesome meeting with the Hopi people.

The Nada Chronicles, part 34

Hans Brockhuis

Sequence to:

A spiritual journey to Albion

In the summer of 1996 my wife and I made a big journey to the United Kingdom, which resulted in a number of adventures that I described in A Spiritual Journey to Albion

As a kind of follow-up on that, I wrote about it before, we went to The United States in May 2005 and would like to share some special experiences.

In short; a spiritual journey to the New World. A wish of years and I want to try ans meet the Hopi people. Not as a tourist and at the same time visit [Grasses Roots] Myriah Krista Walker…

Phoenix; risen from the ashes

Today we are sitting in a plane for a total of 13 hours. First from Amsterdam to Washington; then further to Phoenix, Arizona.

During the flight I have a short conversation with Judith, my daughter, who is at the other side of the veils. She helps me feel better, because my heart cannot take a flight very well. She promises to deliver a ‘thought from Judith’ every month from now on as well, for the newsletters concerning the subject of that month.

When we finally arrive in Phoenix we have to wait for the shuttle to the hotel for a very long time. When it finally arrives after calling 2x and much impatience, we are being taken to the Days Inn motel on 3333 Van Buren, flux and fruity. Our American adventure has begun!

Although I cannot sleep well, I happen to see the 1.11, 2.22 en 3.33 appearing on the alarm clock. This really is going to be a good adventure.


After we have seen passing Hopi Natives three times the next day, we are settling in the Sky Ranch Lodge in Sedona with a pretty view over the city and the Red Rocks. We meet Terry and Claudia again, whom we met before in Delphi, Greece. Tomorrow Terry will show us around Sedona and environment, including Raven’s Nest, at the foot of the hill we are staying!

Bob, of Raven’s Nest, Nest is a soul mate of one of my American female readers. At my question if she could give me some Hopi contacts, she answered that I could go talk to Bob. The Hopi have a message for the world and I would like Running Fox to be a medium for it. But how do I make the necessary contact for that?

The next day we find out that Raven’s Nest is closed. Together with Terry we visit an Art Gallery where they sell Hopi products made from silver. Terry has worked there for some time, so he knows the sales lady very well. It is all very beautiful and expensive, but we buy a silver ‘Running Fox’ and some other things. Then we are visiting more art- and gift shops and get an Aura-reading by Zeffi Kefala, originally from Greece.

A day later Raven’s Nest is open indeed. Bob, the owner, is a nice person, but on my question about the Hopi he cannot give me an answer unfortunately. We look around and a while later a Native comes in who does know an answer to my question. We are to go to the Hopi Museum in Second Mesa [in Hopi Country]. The female president there will surely be able to help us. I am very excited.

Grand Canyon

When we first look at the Grand Canyon a vortex of spiritual beauty is conquering my spirit, my nerve system, my being. This unique creation of Mother Nature is making me speechless and emotional. The vibrations are going through my body and spirit and during an everlasting heartbeat the universe seems to expand to a great lighting that is not comparable to anything, at least for me.

Only one heartbeat later everything is brought back to normal proportions when a can of Japanese is pulled open who are exhibiting their loud interest in photographing each other and using the Grand Canyon just as background when they are on the loose out of their bus for the 20th time. I know this is a judgment, but at that moment I am pretty pissed off that they are destroying the wonderful feeling I just had.

I know the only canyon that is bigger in our solar system is the Vale Marinaris on Mars, with a length of 9000 kilometers and one can call it the big brother of our own
Grand Canyon.

A while later we are taking a long drive through Navajo country where many stalls with Navajo art draw the eye. It makes me think of our journey through Lapland/Finland where it is the same story. When we are shopping in the local supermarket, an older Navajo, who is shopping with his wife, asks if we want to buy a self-made cloth. We are not interested (it is taking up too much space in our suitcase) and so we drive on via Page, where an enormous dam is taming the Colorado River and formes a big lake. Somewhat later we are driving into Utah where we are accompanied by the red cliffs for a long time. We are spending the night in a cheap motel so we can be in the Zion National Park in time the next day.

The gate is opening.

Later, after our adventures in Bryce Canyon and Escalante Petrified Forest, which are not important in this context, we drive on to the Boulder Mountains, where there is snow. Nature is overwhelming here. Many times we kind of feel invited to stop and admire the beautiful landscape. Even thought it is still very light we are feeling it is time to fulfill our Friend’s Breg’s wish to live through a sunset together with her and Jos, who is now in a for us invisible universe. There are too many clouds though, with rain from time to time and it does not look like we are going to have a spectacular sunset tonight.

Nonetheless I visualize a place to spend the night on a hill with a great view including a fantastic sunset. Two seconds later I get a first confirmation; the clock in the car is showing 4.44 and a while later we pass a milestone (what’s in a name) that shows a triple one.

An hour and a half later we are landing in a motel with the prosaic name ‘Wonderland Inn’, situated on a low hill in a place called Torrey with a view on table mountains, or mesas in the west that are not too high. The setting is perfect; now we need the right weather and indeed, a hole starts to open up in the clouds not much later and some rays of light are diagonally falling through. The gap gets bigger very slowly and suddenly the sun shows us all her glory.

Half an hour later the sun is setting slowly in-between two banks of clouds behind one of the Table Mountains. From one moment on the other we get to see a kaleidoscope of magnificent colors. They are the usual colors of a sunset like we have it in the Netherlands once in a while, topped with a deep indigo-color and a bright metallic magenta with vibrating rays of potent energy around it that are moving toward us twirling and vibrating; straight in to our admiring, waiting and touched hearts.

Jos is very very close. His fragile face is visible in the opening between the clouds for a moment. This gate to another world is opened wide for a few minutes and Jos’ presence that radiates an intense relaxation is very clear and gives us an intense feeling. Annie receives vivid images from the time the physical Jos was still in Zoetermeer. The way he laughed, his voice, the way he talked and walked, his presence in the living room, his unique way to say, “welcome in my home”.

In short, Jos radiated quietness and peace with his present existence, combined with a deep gratefulness for not having any shortcomings, physical and spiritual, any morel. He totally let go of the trauma’s from the camp in Indonesia from the perspective he is in now. All is Well. At the end of this sunset-experience Jos wishes his own Breg the very best and his deepest greetings are for her…


We are making a long trip through the north of Utah, East Idaho and a small part of Montana, where we get ready to stay for two days in the Days Inn hotel. Then we enter the Yellowstone Park and immediately we are thrown over by the wonderful nature. It has to be said; unfortunately a big fire hit it 13 years ago. Great pieces of land are still bare with young new trees and bold stems of trees that were there before the fire. Still there is much growth left. We are stopping for great herds of buffalo that are trotting the road and in the woods; we see moose along the river and again buffalo’s that are wading and swimming across the river. We see a bald eagle that is eating his fish and spot teals on the river.

A little further we see the hot springs, Mother Earth burps in all kinds of ways there. Beautiful colors, yellow, bubbling water that sounds like prayers and sighs. You cannot imagine the things Mother Earth has to say to one who listens well. It is cold and you have to listen well to translate the things she has to say, but when you open your heart to her, it all comes….

Once again we meet bison on and off the road. The young light colored ones are moving us and they are stepping through the herd fresh and fruity. We would like to caress them, but it is not wise to get out of the car and get closer to these soft creatures. They weigh very much, even the young ones! Mum and dad with the big can openers will surely think of our car as a can if we try. So we stick to taking pictures; it is safer. But there is much more. Elk m/f, mule deer m/f, a coyote-mother who feeds her 5 cubs, a dozen bighorn sheep on a rocky hill not too far away, a cheerful Black bear, not even 30 meters away who is scratching his back against a tree; a big marmot who is swiftly seeking the safety of its hole, moose. In short, great amount of animals and we are fulfilled by an enormous gratitude that we are allowed to see all this.

Yellowstone is the place where the stories of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand take place. Also Nez Pierce (Chief Joseph) and the Shoshones lived here in this wild nature. That is all in the past now, because the white man has taken over everything and put the Natives in reservations where they have to deal with joblessness, drinking problems, shortages of water etcetera. For all other minorities the U.S.A. all seems pretty well taken care of; for the Natives this not so…


On the way in Wyoming Annie suddenly points out a very special cloud that lights up. It is as if very special rainbow colors are being projected on it. Annie, who has read a book about children that have died, knows for sure that this is a sign from Judith (our daughter who has died) giving her courage. The cloud consists of twelve parts in total, each representing a soul that went to the other side of the veils; again something Annie suggests. I can only confirm that her impressions seem to be more than true. A little while before we saw the cloud she described a moment just before she gave birth to Judith. She had the feeling then that ‘something’ flowed away from her. Looking back in time that can only mean thát has to have been the moment that Judith’s soul was going back to the other world.

When I am writing all this down in the evening the sun has set and I get a confirmation by all clouds enlightening red (one of the colors red which was in the cloud that existed of 12 parts). All this I see in a setting that is all but spiritual. In front of me sits a large group of mobile homes, behind which you can hear the noise of the interstate and to my right there are the noises of a large group of trucks and their cooling systems. The pretty things I described do not seem to care.

Myriah Krista Walker

We meet Myriah in her new house in Glenwood Springs. We drive to Burns with her, where she shows us the cabin she had been living in for six years. She drives us around to see the different places she has written her mediations and stories about. While we are picnicking in her ‘garden’ a vulture and two other birds fly past to say hello. The eagle and the vulture are circling each other for a while; a behavior that Myriah has never observed before.

Myriah’s old dwelling is beautifully situated opposite the cliff where the bighorn sheep were once passing to eat. That is also the place the bear passed by regularly to greet Myriah.

After that we take a long trip through the flattops wilderness area and along the deep creek. All very impressive. Myriah Country is awesome!

At a big farm we see many horses that are coming to the gate to greet us. They are very special; light with a dark tale, like the ones that Jean Auel describes in her books.


Today it is time for the Hopi. On the way we eat half a chicken with bread and after a while we arrive at the Hopi museum, as we were tipped. I give a donation by Myriah, after which I tell my story about contacting the Hopi and wanting to announce their message.

Indeed Anna of the museum on Second Mesa knows exactly what the message is about. She gives us a copy of the work that is written by Thomas Banyacya Sr. from Kykotsmovi and tells us how to get there. So far so good and we are on our way to Kykotsmovi, on Third Mesa, where she told me to inform in the store.

Bull’s eye and homerun!

We are welcomed most warmly in their home and we talk more than 1½ hours about all kinds of things, including their message to the world.

So this was a very good day and we thank the anonymous Hopi in Sedona and Myriah and all others who made this contact possible. When I write this, the alarm clock shows: 11.11h, so I know they received and accepted my grateful thoughts! A magnificent sunset is for desert …

By having a casual talk we hear there will be a traditional dance in First Mesa today. It is not sure if white people are welcome, but it is worth the try. At first we did not dare to get off the main road, but now it happens. We are taking a side road and drive up to First Mesa. When we arrive in the village of Hano we do not see much apart from many cars that are parked there. Then we drive on to the next village, Walpi, where it turns out we are not welcome without a guide. But Annie would not be Annie if she did not ask an older woman living there if it would be possible to have a look. She does not mind, so we are walking into the partly restored old Walpi that is hardly inhabited except for some older people.

A police man walks up to us to tell us what we already know, but we are putting on our most innocent face and in the end the man, who says he is born there leads us proudly through the village and explains all ins and outs of this special place. I try to feel if there is something familiar, but this only works partly.

To our question if it would be possible to visit the dance at Hano he answers that it surely is. After we have parked our car at an impossible spot we follow our ears to the sound of a drum and indeed, on the small open space in the middle of the village the snake dance is taking place. It is very special and a privilege to be allowed to experience this. Accompanied by a lonely monotonous drum the Kachina’s that have come alive are dancing their slow Pavane that has already started at midnight and will last till sunset. There are about 30 men and they are all in a kind of trance and the rattling of the shells they wear as jewelry on the rhythms of the movement of their feet make the onlookers come in a trance as well.

In the end we are only experiencing a short part of it all, but I know for sure that this happening will leave an impression that will not be erased from our spirit forever.
And yes, we experienced America, in all its opposites and qualities. This was a spiritual journey to the New World. A wish that I had to make contact with the Hopi people has at last been fulfilled. We are very grateful!