Written with Love Written Special



Anok Nora ~ Anok Imhetep.
Nora, 4 February 2007

Translation: Helen Maijenburg


(Anok = I am)

Before I start writing down my story I truly want to thank Hans Brockhuis. Once and again he knows how to stimulate my mind with food that touches my soul to write down my experiences and to form the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle within my BE’ing to One Whole. With my gratitude to Hans who I in the meantime see as one of my Inspirational Sources.

About two weeks ago I got an email in which Hans, from a certain experience and recognition, asked his readers about their experiences about Egypt.

Egypt I thought at once, such an inspiration to do something with. For years I have come across images and experiences that come to me from who I Am in symbols and feelings. In the past years many of these symbols crossed my path which reminded me of lessons and people I encountered before; of old connections with Teachers and the Power of the Goddess. In several moments in my life my symbol for Isis appeared and that lead me to Meet one of my Spiritual Guides – Mey-Rah.
Dolphins appear on my path, geometric figures that draw my attention and remind me of Atlantis. All of them a different Energy and nevertheless I know they are Connected.

By reading Hans’s email I intended to sort out a moment to make a Journey in All Quietness to make it all Clear to myself.

And my Journey started.
I did it very Silently and I put down my intention of this Journey. I Trust the Images which come to me and I do not doubt them. When things come to me I do not understand, I know that what I do See, I will See when my I Am Presence is ready for them.

I become Silent and close the Energy field. I do not see loving little roses this time, but a titanium field. An enormous Power but Light and bendable… I realize I am going to make a far off journey and that it is not an every day Protection of one’s Energy Field.
My Merkabah appears and I activate it; my Light Vehicle is ready and I leave.

My Presence finds itself in a mummified body. There is darkness and it looks as if I understand most of the hieroglyphs in that moment. I try to reach the moment before I came to lay down here. I can’t … it’s getting dark, I’m missing something …

I see dolphins swimming around me. They form a stream and I follow them.
Mey-Rah appears and I greet her thanking Her for her Presence. The Falcon that I recognize from my life as an Indian is also here; how long ago it is since I have seen Him. I feel he’s is with me for a long time and in the Core he has nothing to do with that life. Now I realize this goes beyond. In all Respect and Dignity I greet Him, my Falcon that goes through my life as a thread.
The Sun draws my attention … Rah.
Horus’s eye appears …
And with an entire reliability I let myself go with the flow …

Again I am in the dark room where I experience My Rest of times. I want to Wake up, Now. I Am here with a mission. My I Am Presence travels on.

I am Standing on the edge of what seems to be a mountain. From a distance I see a Town. I see fluxes of Light. I see geometric figures. I see an Energy sphere that seems to lie over the town.
I can’t stand here longer, it doesn’t feel nice. Something terrible has happened here and I was a part of it. I don’t want to be here. I want to go back from where I came from. I’m trying to re-find my path. It is difficult for I notice I ‘rested’ too long after this period. I have to go forward to where I was before where I came from. I travel on and I notice from the perspective we know as time, I am proceeding by 7,000 years.

Again I am in the dark Silent room and again I feel my enfolded body.
I feel an Energy with me that convoke Awe. It is one of my masters who commands me: “Rise”. And I rise. I see myself in a room where there are more like me. I am young, very young … We are getting initiated. I walk through corridors and I feel I am not from this world. I am here with a mission, but I am not ‘from here’. There are more like me who aren’t from this world, but it doesn’t feel exceptional. It is the most normal thing in the world that we know of this.
What I am doing there is not important. We as a Group are important. I am who I am and I am part of a group who all have a certain mission just like me.
I recognize someone who is with me in my present life and I understand our connection far too well in the present but I realize at once that she is here with a complete different mission and that she is initiated in other energies.

When I want to look at myself in a later stage of age my attention is drawn to my Falcon. When I look into his eyes I seem to lose myself in him and wander off with him to another sphere. As if I am making his flight… I feel wings… wings around me. He carries me further and further into this sphere and I notice a soft golden sphere in the distance… Something glimmers on both sides of the light sphere… the energy that comes from this point feels so inviting… The closer I near this golden Light, the Lighter I am getting. In the half light I see wings besides the Light… More and more it feels like Feminine Energy... These are the Wings of Love…
I am standing eye to eye with the Energy of Isis…
“Know my daughter, where you wander, I Am”.
And I know… I have to go on that where I travel too, I travel as a protected child under her Mother’s wings.

Again I am standing at the mountain, this time I will not reverse. I’m getting in. I see flashes of light, disturbed energies and the geometric figures do not seem to withstand anymore. Something ‘Higher’ is intervening here. Something is stopped here on this Point until the world is ready again for it. The magic sphere that lies over the immense city of Light, the groups’ energy that maintained this sphere, seems to get dents.
Some of us who Are there, know something is about to happen and know this Is a must. This is the End on which all has to start again from Nothing. The world will look completely different from now and will Be completely different.

Afterwards I return to what I see as ‘my world’. The world I am from. It feels as ‘My Star’… I’m going home, to Sirius. Dolphins accompany me Home. Where I shall have a long rest… until my time is ripe again and I will come again to accomplish my mission.

Again I am in the dark room and I am aware that my life in Egypt was nothing more then that where I am here for Now. It is not important to know who I will be when I’m older. It is about who I Am, Now in Egypt… It is a Part of my Soul journey.

I’m preparing to come back and step into my “enfolded” body. The Energy who convoked such an Awe at the beginning of this journey is beside me again. I Greet and thank this Tutor.
I am making an obeisance and speak: “Anok Nora” on which he answers: “Anok Imhetep”.

And I go. In a fast tempo many other worlds flash on my inner screen of worlds I was a part of. Apparently I didn’t need more ‘rest’.

Very quietly I am coming into the Here and Now and I undo myself from my Titanium Shield. I give thanks for the protection during this journey.

And when I Am completely Here I hear that name again I’ve never heard of, Imhetep. l couldn’t let loose, could I find something about it…?
I have searched for and found…

I thank All energies which were present and brought me insights again and solved some of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. And especially I thank the Egyptians who were so convinced that by “enfolding” a body so well, they could re-find their body in the afterlife. Their Intention from belief has succeeded. I re-found mySelf. I have developed mySelf and time after time “enfolded” myself.

I Am a Soul on a Journey. Who and what and where I have been is not important. What is important is the fact I remember and apply on experiences and how I fill in my mission in the Here and Now.