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  The Chalice Crystal    
  © Jill Kramer-Bryant 2010   NL
    For Joshua, the inspiration for this story.    
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Chalice Well


The Chalice Well is a holy well situated at the foot of Glastonbury Tor in the county of Somerset, England. The natural spring and surrounding gardens are owned and managed by the Chalice Well Trust (registered charity no. 204206).

Archeological evidence suggests that the well has been in almost constant use for at least two thousand years. Water issues from the spring at a rate of 25,000 gallons per day and has never failed, even during drought. Iron oxide deposits give water a reddish hue, as dissolved ferrous oxide becomes oxidized at the surface and is precipitated. Like the hot springs in nearby Bath, the water is believed to possess healing qualities.


Two years ago, I went back to Glastonbury in England to re-visit the Chalice Well.  It was a beautiful Indian summer day in October, bright blue skies, warm and sunny and the Chalice Well Gardens were open and completely deserted.  The gardens are situated just outside the town under the Tor.  It was quite surprising to see how many of the flowers in the gardens were in full bloom, despite the fact that the trees in the garden were very autumnal.  I walked around with my youngest nephew, who was 2 at the time.  He was racing ahead of me towards the actual Chalice Well head, where the natural water source comes to the surface.  The chalice Well water is one of the purest sources in the world and the minute the water reaches and joins the element air, the water leaves a rusty red/brown stain on everything is touches.  In fact there are two natural water sources in Glastonbury, the main one at the Chalice Well, which people refer to as the “red” water source and a second at the base of the Tor, on the garden boundary, which is a milky white colour.  This is said to depict the red and white serpents.

When the water passes through the Lion’s Head at the Chalice Well, there is an opportunity to drink or bathe in the water, which is considered to have great healing magical properties.  I had paused to get a drink from the well and my nephew had decided that he was going to bathe in the water and stepped straight in, shoes and clothes still on.  Such innocence.  It was such a funny sight, that I decided to follow him in!

Thank goodness it was such a nice day that we could dry ourselves off quite easily. 
We moved on through the gardens, passing the famous thorn trees which depict the place where Joseph of Arimethia (Jesus’ uncle) planted his staff many thousands of years ago, and on that exact spot, two thorn trees grew and have flourished ever since.

At the end of the garden is the Vesica Piscis water pool where the water, which is still streaming out of the well head, collects and moves in a pool which has an elliptical shape of the never ending figure 8, so that water is moving continually and rhymically.

There is a little gift shop where you can buy momento’s and my nephew was in there straight away.  On the floor there are baskets of semi-precious stones, which he found absolutely fascinating.  He was having such fun, his little fingers feeling through the stones, and the shop assistant was quite happy to let him play with them and there was no one else in the shop, in fact we had been the only ones in the garden.

It had been a beautiful peaceful and pure moment to enjoy the gardens, which welcome literally thousands of visitors every year when they make their pilgrimage to Glastonbury for the solstices.

Several months later and back home here in Holland; I was suddenly reminded of my day there.  As I changed handbags, I discovered a beautiful pure quartz crystal wand in my bag, and had absolutely no idea where it came from.  I had a vision of my day at the gardens with my nephew and realized that he must have dropped it into my bag.  When I told my sister what I had found, it made her laugh, because she too had found semi-precious stones in his jeans pockets, which she thought I had bought for him in the shop.  To this day he keeps them in his “treasure box” at home.

It was a beautiful thing to happen and on the one hand I felt a bit guilty that I had become the owner of such a perfect crystal, which had not been paid for honestly, but on the other hand, realized that his intention was the purest possible innocence because of his age.  He had just thought that I needed the crystal and it was just a simple act of putting it in my bag to take home as he had no idea about the fact that one pays for such items.


Chalice Chrystal



  I still treasure the crystal, which I always have with me.  Our bond is extremely special and strong.  I was present at his birth, literally the first person that held him after he was born into this world.

A golden angel child with a huge mission in life.