Illustration: Femke van Elferen


Cosmic Dance

Jill Kramer Bryant

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I can hear the Abbey bells ringing, calling the faithful to prayers, the sound resonates in my ears, oh how I remember it well. I think of my dear sister who sought comfort to release her guilt and remorse many years ago.

As I walk through the forest towards the lakeside, the colours are so strong. The trees lower their branches to me as if to welcome me back, the ground feels warm beneath my feet and the birds are singing in heavenly chorus. You have come home, my lady they sing.

As I approach the shore the water is completely still, like mirrored glass, not a ripple or a movement. The boatman is waiting for me and as I step into the boat, he bows before me. The boat glides gently away and I stand at the bow. The mists swirl around me like veils of silk. I must be strong, I know I can still do it and I pledge my allegiance to the Divine Mother and as I raise my arms into the air, the mists begin to dissolve and I can see my beautiful Island of Avalon once more.

The sun is shining and my beloved Raven and Nimway are waiting for me. Tears of joys spill down their faces. I can hear the sound of melancholy notes, the bard is still playing his lamentful tunes, but he senses that I am back and his music becomes lively and welcoming. As I step out of the boat, Raven, Nimway and I hug each other so tightly that our bodies are almost crushed and we walk up the path together once more.

Raven is still the same, her dark hair has grown again, and she shaved it all off once, when she first came to the Isle. She is speaking again too, and her voice is beautiful and her dark brown eyes are glistening like oriental jewels. Nimway too looks just like she did, true lady of Avalon and she tells me excitedly how everyone has been since I went away. It seems like yesterday.

Nothing in the house has changed; the smells are the same, the strong aroma of flowers and herbs. The bard comes down the stairs to greet me and the joy I feel inside me is so intense I think I will burst. My friend, my lover, my brother, he is all that.

I can sense that I have arrived just in time. Despite the fact that it’s nearly the winter solstice, everything looks so green, colours I cannot remember, new shades and there is so much work to do. A beautiful plant with white translucent flowers is growing everywhere in abundance, later people will call this the Christmas Rose.
I go to the well to call to everyone. The magic of the well comes to life again and the silvery waters send the messages to near and far.

The times I was here before I often used my powers to be too manipulative and I pray to the divine beings that I can put this right. I think of my son with great fondness and wish he will come too so that we can make our peace.

My reasons were always pure and of good intent, but often misinterpreted. I always tried to do the very best I could to keep things in harmony; I understood why that is so important. Love must be the force behind the power and for centuries this has not been so, power became too strong and love was unable to shine in the purest light.
During the next few days we are all very busy preparing for our Midwinter Feast and many will come. We have been decorating the great halls within the castle and the gardens have never looked lovelier.

As the dusk begins to fall, an enormous moon lights up the sky with its pale blue light and the stars have never shone so brightly. The tables are laden with food and drink and the golden goblets on the tables shine in the moonlight, all the guests are arriving. Harmony is amongst us all and angels and the little people and the creatures of the forest have also come to grace our tables.

The trumpets sound out and into a cathedral of divine light, step our King and Queen of the Elves. Their cosmic dance is about to begin and the King holds his lady’s hands, although their bodies do not touch, they move around each other in a vortex of light. Their garments are green and they are wearing luminous pearls around their heads. As they move you can see the red and white serpents of energy entwining across their backs. Everyone is entranced by their dance and as the music gets faster and faster the golden luminous pearls rise up into the air and burst forth into the heavens. The music and each and every note penetrate our souls.

As the music stops and the light of the vortex begins to fade, I realize that we are all healing the time lines of Avalon and my heart rings out with joy. A small rabbit, wearing a dinner jacket spun with threads of gold, hops up to the King. He is carrying a silver platter and says, Almighty King Erik, you have got mail….

I open my eyes and the words on the computer are dancing on the screen. We have done our work, healed the time lines and now we are bonded to each other again, in the present times. The Power of Love is now so strong.