Written with Love Written Special

A cup of tea with Creator
By Patrick H. Bellringer

My Friends, a most unusual experience happened to me last night, and I wish to share it with you now. I was thinking about NESARA and all the possibilities that lay before all of us here on Earth Shan, when I heard this booming voice in my mind. “I am Creator Source, my son, and we need to talk. I shall send for you.”

Almost immediately I heard a knock on my house door. When I opened it there stood my old friend Rose, The Interpreter of The Lighted Realms. I like to call her ‘Rose’ because her aura is a beautiful dark rose color, though she usually is called ILR by our sisters and brothers of Light. Rose said, “Come with me, Patrick, and Anne, too. Creator wishes to speak with you.”

Rose led us to the park behind our house and to a starship that was strobing the rainbow colors from two separate side lights. We boarded and were greeted by the crew. We were offered chairs, and though I was seated I felt no movement as the ship lifted from the ground. Instantly, we were docking at a landing port on another craft. Rose led us from the starship through hallways of various colors of soft light. We entered a large round meeting room that shown in crystal white light. The walls were lighted panels of alternating soft rainbow colors. In the center of the room stood a beautiful cherry wood table and chairs. Seated at the table was Creator Source, who greeted us with their most pleasant booming voice, the same voice I had heard earlier in my mind. I say “their” because the voice had the masculine quality of authority, yet the soft musical resonance of the feminine quality. I sensed a perfect balance in the voice and the crystal white aura of the feminine/masculine energy of Creator Source.

Creator said to us, “Please sit. We have much to discuss.” On the table beside Creator was a stack of papers and a hand bell with a cherry wood handle, the kind school teachers in rural schools years ago on Earth Shan would ring to call the children to class. Creator picked up the bell and rang it loudly. Instantly several people entered the room. With joy I recognized my old friend Hatonn, who was carrying a tray with cups of steaming tea. He had a big smile on his face as he greeted Anne, Rose and me. He had always said that he was nine and a half feet tall, but I did not realize until now how really tall that was. Creator stood up to greet Hatonn, and I was shocked by Creator’s height. He towered more than three feet over Hatonn.

At that moment, I thought about what may have happened had Creator shown up in my living room and sat on my $35 Salvation Army couch. Why, it could have been wrecked. I’d probably have to have him sit on the floor. Oh, well. Then Lady Nada entered the room, followed by Esu and Germain. Lady Nada always has such a beautiful pink aura, which contrasted the aura of her twin flame, Sananda. I call him Esu because I always remember the times we walked the shore of the Sea of Galilee many years ago.

Anne and Rose decided to sit with Lady Nada. To my right was Creator, then Hatonn, Esu Sananda, Lady Nada, Anne, Rose, and finally Germain to my left around the table. I could not help noticing the bright colored auras. Germain’s was a beautiful violet, mine a darker purple, Creator’s Crystal White, Hatonn’s pure white, Esu’s beautiful golden light, Lady Nada’s soft pink, Anne’s shimmering light green, and of course Rose. We sipped our tea as Creator spoke.

“I love this bell, and I thank Patrick for reminding us to ring the bells of Heaven in joy and celebration of the great work the Lightworkers are doing on Earth Shan for the cause of peace. This bell is like the one you have on your desk, Patrick, and we laugh every time you ring it when you answer your phone and say ‘Bellringer here!’ ”

Creator continued, “I have called you all here tonight to discuss a concern I have. I have here a document that has been called to my attention, and I am asking Patrick to deliver a message to the people of Earth Shan from us tonight. Patrick is my Education Ambassador, and he needs to deliver a message of both hope and joy to the people. There needs to be more fun in their lives, more singing and dancing. Soon that shall be.” Creator then passed a copy of the document of which he spoke to each of us seated at the table. We all read it in silence.

Creator then spoke. “Those at Fourwinds have carried out the mission they accepted many years ago when Esu asked for volunteers, who would present Truth one last time to the four corners of the earth, to the people of Earth Shan. This they have done. Patrick, I ask that you write of our discussion here tonight, and include this letter from Dove addressed to the NESARA Take Action Team (NTAT] people.

And so it was…