Dancing on rainbows, part III

The six tertiary colours

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Now let’s have a look at the six tertiary colours which complete the colour spectrum.


To mix TURQUOISE you need to add two parts BLUE and one part YELLOW.

The complementary colour for TURQUOISE is coral.




To mix TURQUOISE you need to add two parts BLUE and one part YELLOW.
The complementary colour for TURQUOISE is coral.

The key word for TURQUOISE is communication.  The colour relates to the throat chakra.  If you want to be heard wear TURQUOISE.  Great if you are speaking in front of the masses, it assists your ability to make your voice heard and stay calm.

TURQUOISE is bright and friendly, progressive and idealistic.  Friendship with no personal advantage, insightful and helpful.   In the first place however, TURQUOISE always takes care of itself.  This is not a negative quality.
TURQUOISE aligns itself with the highest human qualities and aspires to the greater benefits for all, without prejudice.
TURQUOISE knows what goals it wishes to achieve in life, and can control itself emotionally.  The silence in TURQUOISE brings you into a great period of rest.

TURQUOISE is nature’s tranquilizer, the colour of balance, opens the heart and heals the emotions.
TURQUOISE is calm, independent, personal, in balance, harmonious, ambitious and successful.
TURQUOISE offers you the chance to bring forth the real you.  Are you appreciated for who you really are?  Sometimes you may ask yourself, who am I and what am I here for?  TURQUOISE then says, search within yourself and acknowledge your own distinctive spark, and listen to your inner guidance.  Speak out and share.

TURQUOISE is effervescent and uplifting, liberal and receptive and creative.
TURQUOISE feeds the nervous system.  Keeps you in charge.
TURQUOISE is the “colour of the sea” and related to the collected consciousness.  The colour ray of TURQUOISE brings individuals together and souls who want to work in groups.  TURQUOISE is creative, and support communication from feeling.

Although in principle TURQUOISE is related to the throat chakra it is also the energy of the higher heart and vibrates through the right shoulder area.
A master healer for the so-called “etheric scar”, spiritual wounds carried from each incarnation to the other.
Sometimes TURQUOISE people can be rather shy and reticent.  Sometimes they have difficulties with self-expression and are then able to express themselves through creativity, designing, writing, painting, drawing, music or dance.
Then TURQUOISE says trust your inner-knowing.



OLIVE GREEN is made from one part BLUE and two parts YELLOW.

OLIVE is the complementary colour to MAGENTA.


OLIVE is all about power of the heart.  Loyal and consistent, always offering hope when all seems lost.  OLIVE opens the opportunity for life fulfillment.  Simply the heart is essential to life as its beat keeps us alive, if your heart does not beat you do not live.  If this is the case you merely exist.

OLIVE is enduring, has the courage to overcome defeat or dejection.  OLIVE can mean letting go of the pain in your heart.  Choose optimism; allow the light in your heart to shine out. 
OLIVE is power through your own truth, being strong but vulnerable, force but gentleness.

OLIVE is related to the heart chakra and it could reveal someone who is emotionally discouraged and afraid to move on.  Or it can depict openhearted and willing to take a risk again.
OLIVE is related to the heart chakra and it could reveal someone who is emotionally discouraged and afraid to move on.  Or it can depict openheartedness and willing to take a risk again.

OLIVE needs to be nurtured.  Receiving as well as giving.  Take time for yourself when you feel you need to be restored and revived.  Your needs are important.

OLIVE is definition of purpose; it helps you re-affirm your skills, your capacities and your unique characteristics.  OLIVE says honor yourself who you are and your truth.
OLIVE offers you the opportunity to release bitterness and any betrayal from the heart.  A bit like the fruit from the olive tree, it is pressed many times to extract any impurities, leaving the pure essence of its oil, which means the heart may be set free to return to its pure natural state.

OLIVE can show leadership particularly in females.  Leading by example.
OLIVE is excellent for cleaning the auric field, from foreign substances, for examples anesthetics, allergic reaction not only to smell, but energies and people as well.

The lighter shade of OLIVE is the energy of something new.  New spring growth.  Lots of light in OLIVE means delight.



GOLD is made from two parts YELLOW and one part RED.

The complimentary colour of GOLD is INDIGO.

GOLD is purity.
GOLD listens.
GOLD intensifies the POWER OF LOVE.      

GOLD represents victory and transforms the victim to the hero.
GOLD is trust and when you have trust you can surrender and when you surrender you can receive.
GOLD brings everything to the surface and give you the opportunity to enter into the un-obtainable.
GOLD represents value and the value we put on ourselves, out self-worth.  GOLD is a positive approach to live, a sense of joy, being alive and excitement.  GOLD understands humor, someone who wants to have fun and joy in their life.

GOLD has an enquiring mind, can be quite intellectual.  GOLD enjoys studying or learning or totally dislikes it.  GOLD can often depict issues with money; sometimes people do not feel they deserve to have the “good things in life”.  They feel that they are not worth it.  Material possessions can give great joy and happiness.
GOLD says joy is our birthright.

One of the biggest gifts we are given is choice, which is the cornerstone on which we built our lives.  GOLD understands that you have that choice.  GOLD allows you to change your mind and therefore you can change your life.  Change the way you view the past, see that it was a leaning process to get you where you are today.  See the past, and all of the past as valuable.

GOLD is wisdom.
GOLD is the ancient colour of experience.
GOLD is the colour of old memories.


CORAL is made from two parts RED and one part YELLOW

CORAL is the complementary colour to turquoise.




CORAL is all about sharing love and having it returned.
CORAL is fun loving and amicable and loves interacting in group situations.
CORAL is community minded, sensitive and concerned for others and demonstrates a social conscience.
CORAL understands the value of existing with others in a harmonious way and shares the qualities of all.  Claim your individuality and being able to affiliate with others in the form of a community.  Coral loves community associations and teamwork.

CORAL enjoys a journey shared with others.
CORAL likes to be attached to someone or something.  Coral does not like to be shut out and wants to be included. 
CORAL understands that collective co-operation is greater than the single force.
CORAL understands the richness of the social group united for the common good.  Shows team spirit and recognize that each and every person has something to contribute.

CORAL is open minded and friendly.  It knows that combined power is stronger than one person alone – “United we stand, divided we fall”.
CORAL frequently demonstrates a moral issue.  The love I give is freely returned, people like me and I like people, and most important I belong.


MAGENTA is two parts RED and one part BLUE

MAGENTA is the complimentary colour to OLIVE GREEN



MAGENTA needs to know that they are cherished.  MAGENTA children are empathetic, caring and deeply loving.
MAGENTA needs to show love to themselves, and know that they are deeply loved every moment and this allows the nourishment of same to bring them into their own brilliance.  They need to show as much compassion to themselves as others.
You know when you are in the presence of a MAGENTA person because they give you loving attention.  A challenge for them can be frustration if they feel that others do not show the same level of attention and caring in each and every way.

MAGENTA is deeply sensitive and don’t need great displays of affection, it’s the small loving gestures which count.
MAGENTA shows meticulous attention to detail but can be hard on themselves if they don’t get every little detail exactly right.  They expect themselves to be ultra perfect and often struggle to meet impossible standards.
Compassion is the main focus of MAGENTA.

Encourage MAGENTA individuals to have a rich and fulfilling life, doing what they like and then they do the best.  Magenta says you are deeply loved and have the ability to achieve great things.
Because of the refinement of their nature, loudness and brash displays often embarrass MAGENTA.
MAGENTA shows a warm, loving and giving individual who is highly protective.   This protection can be taken to such extreme that this shows dominance in the guise of love and can smother others.

MAGENTA expects that they are flawless, right down to the last minute detail.  They can struggle to be the faultless friend, mother, father, employer, student or child.  Be more kind to yourself and take it easy.
MAGENTA says you find deep inner peace inside yourself, and love and freedom from doubt.

MAGENTA know that they are deeply loved and cared for, something they do for others, loved and wanted and show others and themselves compassion.



And finally the last tertiary colour


INDIGO is made with two parts BLUE and one part RED.

The complimentary colour to INDIGO is GOLD.


INDIGO is strong and powerful.
INDIGO transforms and cleanses, relates to the third eye chakra (forehead).
INDIGO has the ability to make plans for the future, sees more than meets the eye.
INDIGO is truth and searches to know the unknown.

INDIGO makes plans for the future, does not think about it too much and says I go for my goal.
Positive attributes for INDIGO are insight, structure, rules, idealism, brave, obedient and blind trust.
INDIGO loves justice, is the judge and the jury.   Support human rights, is trustworthy, loves order and authority.
INDIGO wants to be the spiritual leader, is intuitive and takes the first step to the greater unknown.
INDIGO is a dramatic colour, the king, the leader, encourages others to take another step forward.

INDIGO is related to the hypofyse gland in the brain, sometimes called the conductor and orchestra in one.  It also symbolizes the skeleton, the spine.

As INDIGO is very dark blue, very dark purple, it is the only colour that can bring hidden fear to the light.


This brings me to the end of a short description of the tertiary colours and the final part of this work.  I hope this has inspired you to think more about colours and their meanings.  Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura Soma said, “you are the colours you choose and they reflect your beings needs”.  Maybe these words will make you think more about your colour choice.  The eyes are the windows of the soul and they tell you which colour you like the most and which makes your feel good.

Everyone is a star and it takes a lot of stars to light up the sky at night.  The stars may look the same, but each and every one is different.  No star is more valuable than another.  Each and every one of us is precious.
So be your true colour, don’t be afraid to let your true colour shine a light into the world.

Jill Kramer Bryant