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Dancing on Rainbows



Dancing on rainbows



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About colours, chakras and colour healing

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After a television appearance this summer on KRO’s ‘Een Tweede Leven,’ which was about my ‘near death experience,’ I have been asked more and more about the meaning of colours.  When I talked about colour healing therapy in this programme (which was broadcast on the 24th July 2010) I received a huge number of reactions.  This is was mainly the reason why I decided to write more about colours despite the fact that many books have been written on this subject over the years.

William Shakespeare once said: “The Eyes are the windows of your soul”. This is so true and great people uttered many of these sayings and proverbs centuries ago.  Were they so wise, I think so, but probably at that time, people could not truly understand the meaning of such a dramatic expression?

I think everyone will agree that times are speeding up quite dramatically.  How often do you say to yourself that the week has flown by?  You look forward to the summer and all of a sudden it’s over and a whole year has literally gone in a flash. So maybe it’s time to take a new look at the meaning of colours, how they can be therapeutic and how the energy of colour can heal.

The Aura-Soma Colour System, which was brought to life in the early 1980’s by its founder, Vicky Wall, with whom I have a very personal connection.  Vicky Wall was born in London on the 20th August 1918, the 7th child of a 7th child and was clairvoyant from an early age.  At the age of 66 in 1984 when she was clinically blind, the first equilibrium bottles were born.  These were dual coloured bottles of oil/water mixtures.  Vicky at that time, did not really understand the meaning of the bottles, which she originally called “Balance” bottles.  She had been guided as she herself said in her book, to “Divide the waters”. There are many books on this subject and I don’t intend to go to deeply into the subject of Aura Soma in general, but concentrate more on the meaning of the colours themselves.  From a very early age Vicky had the ability to see auras. Something, which I also remember as a child.  Her school friends at the time ridiculed her and thought she was strange, but it struck a chord with me, because it was exactly the same experience I had. 

Another colour system I want to talk about is that of COLOUR MIRRORS.  Melissie Jolly is the founder of this system.  When I met her this year in England in the spring, our first actual physical meeting, we knew each other instantly, probably from a previous lifetime.  Melissie, like me, had read the book about Vicky and her work and was immediately drawn to learn more.  She did the courses and set up her business amongst the vibrant colours of South Africa.  Unfortunately, or not as it would appear later, her connection with Aura-Soma was suddenly severed and she went on to develop her own system, which was originally called COLOUR WORKS which was later re-named COLOUR MIRRORS.  She too, is a person of extraordinary vision and understands the reason why colours are changing so much. 

So probably Vicky was extremely instrumental in this system too.  Melissie made a set of chakra bottles too, but received the wisdom to understand that these colours were not applicable to the times we live in now, and went on to make a second set of chakra bottles, which are quite different from the standard colours we have always been lead to believe are the colours of the chakras.  Another point worth mentioning here is that there are more than 7 chakras too.  Within the auric field around your body and every living thing on the planet has an auric field, are chakra points, which extend beyond your physical body.

I am sure many of you reading this will remember your first introduction to the primary colours, red, blue and yellow, when you first went to school.  Large sheets of paper filled with your drawings made during school time, which you took home at the end of the day to proudly show your parents.  The secondary colours, green, orange and purple and made from mixing the primary colours together.  For example, blue and yellow make green, yellow and red make orange and red and blue make purple.  The tertiary colours make yet another range from turquoise, olive green, gold and coral, magenta and indigo. This colour star will give you an example.  All colours have what are called complimentary colours, which is really another way of saying the opposite colour, for example, yellow is the complimary colour of purple, which you can see in the diagonal opposites in the colour star.

Colour Star

Colour Star


Now let’s take another look at colour.  When white light is passed through a prism a spectrum of 7 colours appears.  Probably you will remember this from your years at secondary school in science classes.  This is what happens on a rainy day, when the light from the sun’s rays is refracted through the droplets of clear rainwater falling from the sky, a rainbow appears. 


So light refracted through the lens of our eyes also creates the vision of colour.  Another Indian proverb, which I like very much, is “The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears”.  Many ancient wisdoms understood this theory and it was Sir Isaac Newton who published many works on this subject.

When you talk about your own personal choice of colours, we are not talking about which colour suits you best, for what season of the year and what fashion is dictating to us as the “colour for the new collection”.  Vicky Wall said, “You are the colours you choose and they reflect your being’s needs”.  This is what colour healing therapy is about, what colour would you choose and why and what is the message it contains.  Like me I am sure that there are a lot of colours you like, but what is the colour, which touches you the most, connects to your core being. Which is the colour you would choose if you truly followed your eyes and your heart?

When you were a soul being, what was the colour that attracted you the most to incarnate on this planet Earth?
Within the next few paragraphs I want to take each colour step by step and explain a bit more.
We know that certain colours are related to the 7 energy centres in the body, the so-called chakras.  The base or root chakra is related to the colour RED and that is the best place to start :




The colour RED is a primary colour and is a colour, which vibrates at the lowest frequency.  Just like waves of sound, colour vibrates too.  The base or root chakra is related to this colour.

If you are a very balanced person and have your feet planted firmly on the ground, then your base chakra is well connected. Say you don’t have this feeling; imagine what wearing a pair of say red shoes would do to help you feel more balanced!  How would you feel if you kicked off your shoes and danced on the red colour of the soil?

The colour red is associated with many things, red for danger, red for stop, red for fire, red for blood. Is it that red tells us then to be aware? Is red then a colour that attracts our immediate attention and for what reason?

RED is energy, how to use it and action and passion. People who choose RED are dynamic, always on the go, bursting with energy. RED keeps us awake and aware, but we should be aware how we use our energy or suddenly we can become burnt out. RED can lead to sudden outburst of anger, frustration and even violence. RED can help you gather strength to show you that you can do something and will do it. Often RED has the possibilities of guilt or shame.  Healthy shame is if you make a mistake, unhealthy shame is when you are lead to believe that you are not good enough or not intelligent.

Sometimes RED can be a “hidden colour” in other combinations, and RED is in Orange, Gold, Coral, Pink, Royal Blue (which I personally prefer to call INDIGO), violet and magenta.  So things become a little more complicated about the way some colours can be hidden in others.  Sometimes you may choose a colour and not realise that RED is hidden within it.
When Vicky Wall originally made the first equilibrium bottles, the colour red was a deep rich ruby red.

Today in 2010 this has turned into a more vermillion colour.  It’s true to say that the energies have changed in the past 27 years.  Janosh, another dear friend, says this not only in his numerous books, but also during his courses and presentations all over the world.  The time is speeding up and we find ourselves in the narrowest part in the spiral of time.  The Mayans predicted this many thousands of years ago and their calendar ends on 21st December 2012.  Janosh does not see this as a doom and gloom scenario but more an awakening for mankind to become one with the creator, co-creators in our own destiny. 

So it would seem completely logical that the energies of colours have changed to.  Vicky’s personal favourite bottle was a number 5 bottle yellow over red, which she called the sunrise/sunset bottle. 

Yellow over Red

Yellow over Red


The reason she had such a connection with this bottle is the fact that she was born under the star sign Leo, which is the 5th sign in the 5th house. So as you can see even numerology plays a part too.


So RED can take on many different shades. Anyone familiar with artists’ paints or crayons, will remember that all the different shades have names for example the deep red to the very palest PINK. PINK is in fact RED there is just much more light. Think about the delicate PINK in English roses, imagine the scent, these are my favourites.
So what does it mean if someone tells you his or her favourite colour is RED?  A lot of men choose it.  Does it mean that they are truly grounded or are they totally not and that is why they choose it? We always choose the colour, which we relate to the most and they in turn reflect as Vicky said “our being’s needs”.


Someone once said that BLUE was the first colour of creation. I cannot find anything to actually prove this theory, but BLUE is again a primary colour and connected to the throat and heart chakra.  BLUE means, peace, communication and speaking from the heart.  BLUE makes us think of the sky on a perfect summer day, or the sparkling BLUE of the sea.  In fact the sea is only reflecting the colour of the sky!
If BLUE is your choice it means communication, trust and peace.  BLUE is loyalty, dedication and contentment.  BLUE is inner silence and inner calm. BLUE gives you the opportunity to assume your personal power and trusting yourself enough to communicate your thoughts and values.  It’s safe, or unsafe, alone or all one.  BLUE is the colour of peace, it protects us and connects us to the angelic realms.  BLUE is cooling and healing.  “Still waters run deep” is a good proverb to describe BLUE.  BLUE is the colour of contemplation.

BLUE is related to the throat chakra, your voice and the way you can communicate to others. Again like RED there are many different shades of BLUE, from pale shades to intense deep shades. The paler the shade the more light has been “added”.

BLUE says, have faith in yourself and your higher purpose and ask you how you want to communicate.  The reason why the shade of basic BLUE is changing into the royal blue or indigo at this moment in time, is because the quality of communication is getting better and better. We hear what we say as well as what we speak. We take responsibility for what we say.

BLUE can also be a “hidden colour” in Turquoise, Green, Indigo, Purple and Magenta. Actually what I am saying is that you need this colour BLUE to mix up the secondary or tertiary colours.
Vicky called the Aura Soma bottle blue/blue the Peace bottle.  




Melissie on the other hand called her BLUE bottle “The Moon” which meant she related this bottle to the moon, the tides, the seasons and the cycles of existence. BLUE is like a coat of protection you can wrap around yourself.


Strangely enough, or not, the colour BLUE is one of the oldest colours.  The plant, which yields the colour to make BLUE, is Woad  (the latin name is Isatis Tinctoria). Long ago many clothes were dyed a shade of Indigo BLUE with this dye.    

Many plants provide sources of colour pigment, usually those which have the word “tinctoria” in their name, for example, Rubia Tinctoria is the plant which yields the red pigment.





Now we will go on with the last primary colour: YELLOW

YELLOW is the colour connected to the solar plexis chakra.  This is the spaghetti junction at the centre of your being, at your navel.  One’s true aura is slightly above and deeper at the point of the navel, the place you were connected to your mother when you were in her womb, the place of your true creation.

YELLOW is the colour of joy, intellect, brightness and light. The rising morning sun is always YELLOW and heralds the start of a new moment in time, a new day, warming earth with its rays. When you wake up on a warm sunny morning, you probably feel energised and ready to get up and go.

YELLOW is uplifting, inspiring but when selfishness becomes part of the equation, it can dominate our consciousness, and so the colour can turn a shade of dirty mustard yellow.
As many of the bodies main organs are found in the area of the solar plexus, so YELLOW responds to digestion, insecurity, nervousness, self-doubt and a general lack of joy.  It is a great supporter for our hormones and uplifts the whole central nervous systems.   YELLOW makes your cheerful, light-hearted and happy.  

When one talks about someone being YELLOW bellied, this means a lack of courage or having fear.
People who choose YELLOW can be very indecisive; they just cannot make a choice.   Its really saying that if we choose this colour we want to examine our ego state and any issues we may have with personal power.  YELLOW is the colour of higher ideals.

YELLOW has a strong connection to the Egyptian world. It was one of the main colours together with BLUE and can be seen quite clearly on pictures and drawings in tombs in Egypt to this day.
Again YELLOW is a hidden colour in Turquoise, Green, Olive Green, Gold, and Coral.

So if you choose one of the primary colours, you know what the meaning is.  It could be that you choose the colour that you just respond to naturally, its your soul colour and you feel happiest when you surround yourself with your true colour of it could be that you are lacking something and you choose this colour because you need it.  You know “it belongs” to you but you have depleted your supply and need a colour boost so to speak.
In the next part of this we will look at the secondary colours, GREEN, ORANGE en PURPLE.




This is a picture of the complete set of Colour Mirrors, see the 5th line from the top the old chakra set, the 6th line is the new set.