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Dancing on rainbows, part II



© Jill Kramer-Bryant 2010 NL
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In the first part, I talked about the primary colours, Red, Blue and Yellow.  Now let’s move on to the secondary colours of Green, Orange and Purple.


By mixing absolutely equal parts of BLUE and YELLOW, we get the colour GREEN.

GREEN means renewal, either in life or direction.  GREEN can also suggest the need to move on.  New decisions, new beginnings, taking a new path, a new direction.  It asks you “where I am now and where do I want to go?”

GREEN is growth and change, generosity, open hearted and truthful.  People who choose GREEN are generally friendly.  GREEN is related to the heart chakra. 

When you have difficulty in making a decision, and green people often have this ‘problem,’ what does your heart say to you?  What is your natural instinct?

Remember that every day life is full of choices; choose what you want for yourself.  You can do this at any time, if you are in a situation you are not happy in, look for a way forward and shift your values.

GREEN is balance, harmony and stabilization.  GREEN is diplomacy and tact.

GREEN is the gateway to the spectrum and therefore the heart is the gateway or centre of our bodies.
Think a little bit about nature and how much GREEN there is.  Green leaves, green grass, green stalks on flowers and how many different shades of GREEN there are.  In the springtime, the season of renewal and growth you can see this clearly.  After the drab dormant cycle of winter, spring offers bright vibrant colours and new beginnings.  Your own soul goes through the same pattern, withdrawal, growth, expansion, stagnation and regeneration.  This is in fact the law of “As above So Below.”

GREEN people need their own space and the time to make their own decisions.  Someone who chooses GREEN doesn’t like being told what to do and when to do it. 

We need to express ourselves with love, gentleness and kindness and that is what GREEN says.  If we get hurt by others, we ‘injure’ our heart centre.  Then the less pleasant sides of GREEN can be jealousy or bitterness. 

GREEN is healing for your sympathetic nervous system as GREEN is the colour ray of relaxation.  Think about soft green energy pouring from your heart to support your body.  Without a heart, your body will wither and die.

GREEN is the central point between the warm magnetic colours of the spectrum, red, yellow and orange and the cooler electrical colours, purple, blue and indigo.  It is the point of rest within the spectrum.

GREEN is neither warm nor cold, neither active nor passive.

GREEN is the great improver to bring comfort to the world.

This is the green Aura-Soma bottle called ‘go hug a tree.’

Bottle Green


Bottle Orange



By mixing the colours RED and YELLOW again in equal parts, we get the colour ORANGE.

ORANGE is happiness, sunshine, joy and being connected.


ORANGE can help you ‘put yourself back together’ when everything falls apart.  To illustrate this point, think about the fruit, an orange.  It’s a perfect circle and every single segment, and there are many, fits perfectly together to make the orange whole and one.  In the same vein, you can compare this to the planet earth, again a perfect circle, connected as one, each continent, country and place all being a segment and forming a perfect circle of balance.

Perhaps you can remember the children’s’ nursery rhyme about an egg called ‘Humpty Dumpty, who sat on a wall and fell off.  He was shattered into thousands of fragments, and no one could put him back together again.  What a shame no one thought of ORANGE.

ORANGE assists you to bring yourself back together, not only physically but mentally. 

ORANGE helps you when you feel desperate, it can rescue you from what you think are the dark depths of despair, when you have lost the light at the end of the tunnel.

ORANGE is related to the second chakra, the sacral chakra.  This is the chakra of your identity, whether you are male or female.

The bottle number 26 in Aura Soma is called Humpty Dumpty or the etheric rescue.  Your auric field is composed of several layers around your physical body, and each layer has a different name, beginning with the physical, causal etheric, emotional, mental, astral, and etheric causal bodies to the universal love body and the ketheric causal aura.  (See the picture below).  Sometimes people have a sort of gap in their auric field, caused by shock or trauma, you can actually heal the gap and close it by using ORANGE. The numbers 2 plus 6 make an 8 which is the never-ending lemniscates.  This bottle is the one that the most people all over the world choose.

So when you feel that you have reached the all time low and can see no way how to move on, wear something orange.  ORANGE helps you deal with any shocks or traumas, heal yourself and return to your perfection.

Think about the sun, which every single day rises in the east to warm the planet, and sets at the end of the day in the west.  Think about the rays of light which touch every single living thing on our planet.  Again, make the comparison between the sun and its rays and the fruit ORANGE, each and every single segment, no matter how small, living in perfect harmony with one another in perfect oneness.




ORANGE is the way forward.

ORANGE is the healer.

ORANGE brings you never ending happiness and joy.

ORANGE restores.

ORANGE is practical knowledge and physical intuition.

ORANGE is optimistic, positive, caring, and above all happy.

The ORANGE Aura-Soma bottle is called “Humpty Dumpty”.







Bottle Purple


PURPLE is the third and final colour of the group of secondary colours, which can be made by adding equal parts of red and blue, and thus these are the hidden colours in purple. It’s perfectly correct to also call PURPLE, violet, which is just the lighter shade of PURPLE

PURPLE is perfection, you are perfect just the way you are, even if you think you are different to others.  

PURPLE people are quiet and have dignity.  They are un-assuming, have no airs or graces and find great joy in helping others. 

PURPLE says you are here now for a reason, you can let yourself be seen and appreciated. PURPLE people often are quite shy and quiet and prefer not be in the limelight.

PURPLE heals the past, supports you with the grief of regrets unspoken, love unexpressed and any unfinished issues in your life.

PURPLE people are natural leaders and they like to serve the community for the great good of everyone and make no distinction between people whom they consider to be brothers and sisters like themselves within humankind.

PURPLE is the colour which vibrates at the highest frequency and is related to the crown chakra which is the seventh one.

The PURPLE pineary gland in your physical body is located in the brain and symbolizes your head and in particular the crown, the brain, both left and right hemispheres and the skin on your skull.

The PURPLE colour ray is considered to be the ‘Royal’ ray.  PURPLE is the spiritual teacher, the protector, the visionary, and the highest note in the musical ladder. PURPLE is charitable, and can think at the highest levels.

PURPLE is the saviour, the person who knows no boundaries, the mystical leader, and the believer.

PURPLE recognizes the difference between humility and humiliation, being of service and being a servant and being humble and being humbled. Often true leaders wear PURPLE.

PURPLE is self-assured, a peacemaker, the idealist and because the colour is a mixture of RED and BLUE, is perfect combination of the RED of the physical body and the BLUE of the spirit. 

With PURPLE you hold the heart of the cosmos in your hands.

A little story I would like to share with you about the Aura Soma bottle number 16 which is purple in both the upper and lower fraction. At one of the courses I attended several years ago, this bottle suddenly shattered for no apparent reason. Quite amazing.  This bottle is called the ’Violet Robe.’

In the final part of this series, we will talk about the six tertiary colours,