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photo: Wouter van der Kruit.

The Mystery of the Dewdrops


Maja Kluvers

Translation: Idelette. Editing: Myriah Krista Walker

One summer morning as I looked into the garden, something I do first thing every morning, I observed the lawn spangled with dewdrops. It looked like a field of real pearls, reminding me of a little tableau with diamonds Id seen at the jewellers.

It looked so heavenly and beautiful that I need a little while to become completely silent within myself and to study this beautiful scenery. While I incorporated everything with feelings of love, I suddenly become aware of tears running down my cheeks. Why did these pearls lift up such a feeling within me, bringing these tears? I remained contemplating this a little while, unsure of what to do.

Then suddenly the sunrise changed the view completely, making it even more beautiful and sparkling. As the first golden sunbeams draped a loving velvet softness over the field of diamonds, all the dewdrops were individually filled with colour. I wipe off my tears and beheld the beautiful colours, among which were an abundance of red, green and purple. All little gems.

For a moment I thought that the direction from which I was looking affect the reflected colours, but when I changed my view from another angle, the colours did not change at all.

Then a blackbird came flying along and settled in the midst of the dewdrops. He took a little droplet from several blades of grass. He always seemed to choose the drops reflecting the colour red. I wondered to myself if this was real.

I decide to ask the beings of nature if I may receive information about this extraordinary spectacle.

The first answer I receive is: "Your eyes have seen well. Every drop is a universe in itself and gives every blade of grass exactly the energy it needs. That's why you are only able to observe all the different colours when the sun shines directly on it. Therefore the blackbird chose exactly those drops with the energy it needed."

Such a beautiful message!

Then after the message, I felt my former sad feelings return with intensity, and suddenly I KNEW. The field full of dewdrops reminded me of the many tears that were shed on my previous path to unconditional love.

I take a deep breath, and in that moment the sadness faded away a little bit and I received the next message:

"Dear Child of the Light of Mother Earth. Don't cry any longer, your sadness is over. Look at your tears as this beautiful spectacle of dewdrops. They are not shed in vain. You have made your tears productive. They didn't flow away in the great emptiness. They have become as gems in your heart in the colours of the rainbow. This spectacle that you are allowed to observe is a gift of nature. It shows you that all is One, and that everything happens for a reason to help you to continue on your path of Love. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. "

For a moment I remained silent. I thanked nature for her beautiful gift.

Love, Light and Peace,