Written with Love Written Special

Steve Rother in the Netherlands

An evening with Steve and Barbara Rother and the Group

Hans Brockhuis

It is Wednesday October 20th 1999 and I am going to Haarlem to a meeting of Steve Rother, the channeller of the nine life-forms who call themselves together: ‘The Group’. This group consists of eight ‘Beings’ from the other world beyond the veils, as it is expressed by them, together with Steve as the representative of the here and now. Steve is the one who makes it possible to translate the thoughts which come ‘through’ into a language which people like you and me, can understand.

I am rather early and walk - while talking companionably - with Barbara, Steve's wife, through the building to search for a certain location, after which Steve welcomes me with a big hug and I lend a hand with putting the chairs in a circle and other little chores. It seems a bit like coming home after a long time and that is exactly the energy which is transmitted by these people who created a website: www.lightworker.com in which each month - i.e. - a free channelled meditation, the ‘Beacons of Light’ is sent out to interested persons.

Steve, from time to time assisted by his wife Barbara, tells about the how and why, and about how it all got underway. A great number of anecdotes is being shared with all thirty or so participants and humour is not at all neglected. In short, a very nice way to pass away an evening. The circle of listeners is very attentive and bye and bye a vibration comes into being which makes it possible for those who are not that versed in English, to understand the essence of what is being told.

Then it is time for the channelling, and that is what it is all about. Steve places himself comfortably in a chair, Barbara puts a candle in the middle of the circle and then it begins.

"Greetings from home!

“Tonight we are very honoured to be here with you all. We cannot emphasize enough how much you all mean to us and we are very happy with the improvement you have all made on this path of bringing Light unto this planet. Know that we here - beyond the veils - sympathize with you all and that it is a great pleasure for us to share with you, all that is so important for the progress of the process which is underway. A process which will make it possible for the inhabitants of this planet towards the pleasures of the congregation of all the peoples who live on many planets and who wish to make themselves known to the people of the Earth and together it will be made possible to restore the universe into the correct equilibrium. That is the great goal of the here and now. That is what we are aiming for all together.

“You on this Earth, play your game on this game board. We play our game but we need each other to give this play board such an essence that it will be possible for you and for all other beings in the universe to seek that balance which is so all-important. It is of the utmost importance that you, here on Earth, who are the only ones in this universe, who are endowed with the always valid FREE CHOICE, to make this choice and therefore we honour you, because you have - by making these choices during the last 53 years - made it possible to make a start in bringing this universe into balance.

“Know then, that it is so gratifying for us that the choices you have made, make it easier for us to give you the support which in turn makes it possible for you to go further on the road to Light, to Compassion and to Love and that this road will broaden continually. And this notwithstanding all set-backs which occur to your personal lives in particular and to the world in general on such large scale. The day will be not far away when beings from other worlds than that of yours, will make contact with you and then you will discover that these creatures do not differ from you so much than that you would have been inclined to believe and that the attitudes of these people look very much the same like yours. These beings come in peace and it will be peace they will propagate and also because of the work that you, here and now in this hall, do, it will become possible that these creatures will be welcomed in peace and thus will be able to create a civilization on this Earth which you, before long, would not have thought to be possible. Know then, dear Friends, that it is so nice to be here with you tonight in this room and that it is - via Steve - possible to exchange these thoughts. We greet you, and now it is time for questions…”

This is - roughly - the essence of the channelling which was truly much more comprehensive. It gives an idea as to in what forms these thoughts came to us. It contains also some answers to a few general questions from the audience. Because many of these questions were very personal, it is not appropriate to elaborate on this further. I only want to deal with one question about the "Indigo" children. The reply to that was about as follows:

"Right at this moment there are many children upon the Earth who are called "Indigo" children. These are the important forerunners to what we would call the "Children of the Crystal" who cannot and would not manifest themselves on the Earth as yet. [note; This is a channelling from 1999, H.B.] The vibrations on this planet are not yet such that it would be sensible to let these children incarnate in the here and now. Originally it was determined that this would be attempted in or around your year 2012, but again, because of the game that many of you have played on the game board and for which we would like to thank you once again, this day will be much earlier than originally determined. Your Indigo children of today are to be acknowledged with the utmost respect because they are the pioneers for the new energy and because it is so difficult for them to integrate.

“These children are in urgent need of all affection, attention and cooperation which you can afford so that it will be possible for them to bring their task up to the required standards. At long last it will be the "Children of the Crystal" who will help to create the new Earth, an Earth which will make it possible for all who exist on it, to live and go about with each other in peace and harmony. And an Earth which is capable to live in peace with its neighbours in the universe. This is only possible because of the work now being accomplished by those of Indigo Vibration. Have we answered your question?”

That it was and many other questions followed, upon which each time a very comprehensive and heart-warming reply came. It is not necessary to express that many tears were pledged this evening because it has, and I can tell you this from the bottom of my heart, had an enormous impact on all who were present.

It is from here that I would like to thank Steve, Barbara, the Group and Ingrid, the organizer, for this meeting and I am sure that this evening has been life changing for many.

Hans Brockhuis.

A note from Steve:
A special Thanks to Hans. When he sent this to us originally the Group told me to put it up on the front page of www.lightworker.com I explained it was in Dutch and that I could not even read it to see what it was. With that they repeated themselves and asked me to put it up on the front page. So who am I to argue? This is to thank Hans for translating it to English so that I can read it for the first time!

Big Hugs and Gentle Nudges,
Steve Rother.