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Two dolphins

The Healing Powers of Dolphins

Noh-Rah ~ September 7th 2004

translation: Mirjam Coumans


Last Wednesday just before I fell asleep, a dolphin came by for the first time in my life. The special thing about this dolphin, was that it had a dot on his head, like a birthmark, it was remarkable.

O.k., we got acquainted but I was so tired that I actually couldn’t focus on what this dolphin came to tell me. The vibration that belongs to it is special and contains a lot, for which I can’t find any words right now, because this vibration is so great.

Thursday night, I get into the bathtub; usually these are the moments that I ‘travel’. Water just has always influenced me; me being a water sign is probably no coincidence. It always is nice and silent. At first it was silent, silent, very silent. Suddenly four dolphins showed up.

By God, what a feeling, what a new feeling, because this I had never experienced before. Meh-Rah. I look at her full of wonder. In all Love she makes it clear to me,

For a moment I think: ‘dolphins?’ Then I start missing Ayna, my sable tooth tiger who appears at the most impossible times and guides me on my travels. Where are you Ayna?
I search and find…she is so far away…so God awful far. She is sitting there looking so faithful again, but isn’t coming toward me.

Then I will come to you…
God how impressive She is. It suddenly strikes me that although she is Great, her hind legs are pretty short. Ayna; I feel such a separation, why? My heart is bleeding.

Ayna is making it clear to me: she is always there for me, but the time there IS between us is slowly ending and other times are coming. My heart is not bleeding anymore. What Was has lived in an IS form. And that what IS will always BE.

Ayna is travelling on and shows me this is not goodbye, but a see you later, in other times, in other surroundings.

Bear, where is Bear, Walk Tall Bear?

Where is my native guide?

He is here as well, but this is not the vibration that belongs to him. He doesn’t seem to ‘fit in the picture’.

He is with me on other moments and again I am allowed to experience the difference in vibrations.
Our guides are with us at the moment that certain vibrations to learn different lessons are applicable.

I look at Meh-Rah and know that it is all right,
She shows me that these animals – whom we often have around us – remind us of times we were in this world before. They remind us of all the wisdom we gathered through aeons of time.
"And now Noh-Rah, experience what is offered to you", Meh-Rah says.

It becomes Quiet again and I see the four dolphins reappear. They come to me as one group and although I find myself in a Sea of Water-Love, I don’t need to swim. I Am and Experience in this endless Sea.

A dolphin is swimming around me in every direction and I try to find out who they Are... Focus... who is who and what are they doing here?

For me the dolphin feels Wise, like an older person who is showing his energy to me in a gay but still serious way. He shows the way.

The dolphin to the left of me is a young playful dolphin, but it already has a certain ripeness about it.

Behind me (oh it is so difficult to reach him) I finally see who this miraculous being is. Young, pure, unharmed like a baby and superbly glad I finally find him.

To the right of me – I smile - I know you by now, I notice the dolphin with the birthmark. She feels like ‘mother’ and is, like all female powers, perfectly balanced.

I feel surrounded by a field where it’s safe, as if you are standing in your own power without having to do anything for it yourself.

I am connected to all that Is.

I am connected to the Center of my existence.

Meh-Rah is watching the whole scene from a distance.

"Open yourself", she says.

I oblige.

As if an open channel has come into being from the top of my head to my tail bone chakra.
From that moment on each dolphin begins to spout water through it’s spouting holes, it goes right through every channel into my body. It streams and streams, as if I am being cleansed and all the bad stuff of the past weeks is solved in the stream of the Sea of Love.

When I stop feeling the energy stream I thank this group of healing beings in full honour. And I Know, I can count on Them every time I ask them to come or have a problem. I just need to knock on the door.

Then I See the symbol again that crossed my path a year or two ago and after meeting Meh-Rah I know they are connected.


This symbol is touching my heart time and again, and to which – I don’t know why - part of me belongs.

And Meh-Rah lets me know.

"Know that I Am there, and when you’re looking for me and can’t find me, go to the feeling that belongs to this symbol and we are together"

There where my heart and intuition are speaking, I am Home.