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Unconditional Love of the Wood dove

Maja Kluvers.

May 2002

For years wood doves are nestling in a tree in our yard. Whether it is the same pair every time is not entirely clear to me, but they return every year and also build their nest in practically the same spot. This branch should have been trimmed, but up to now we could not bring ourselves to do it and take away the brooding place of these birds, also because many trees in our environment have been taken away. It is a large branch with many horizontal pieces, on which they apparently can build their nest easily. So beautiful! All of the twigs are being piled criss-cross over each other and when I watch it, I feel like the eggs will fall right through.

But nothing of it. They are very calmly present and every morning when I peek up in the yard, I see the nest has become bigger again. After some time the female is brooding. Then it is time for my vacation and I will have to miss out on a part of the progress. For the birds this is nice and quiet because nobody will walk through the yard during my vacation and they will not be disturbed. When we get back after our vacation I notice that the nest is empty already. A melancholic feeling is coming upon me and I am hoping that all went well with so many cats passing in our yard.

A few days later my eyes see a wonderful thing.

As I work in the yard I hear a very special sound. It is like a whispering, a kind of whistling, but different. Actually I do not even have a clear word for this sound, because I hear it for the first time in my life. You can hear a bird makes it though. Very carefully I start searching and try to localize the sound. It is coming from the great Oak tree that is on the terrain next to our yard and I try to come nearer very carefully.

Then I see something that is almost too much for my human brain: in the tree a grown-up wood dove is sitting with a young one on each side. When I see this I catch my breath with a relieved feeling now that I know they are all right. But then I almost stop breathing. The grown-up has wrapped a protecting wing around each young one (like we put our arm around somebody!) and makes these ‘whispering sounds’ to each baby. It feels like a welcome to the ‘new world’ and a complete safeness. I am afraid to make any sound or movement as to not disturb this wonderful sight. For me it is like time is standing still with the sight of so much love of these birds and I can hardly keep my eyes off of them. This needs no further explanation; this is LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Why am I the one looking at this wonderful sight? Is this a message for me? To learn and love myself and the others around me unconditionally? I accept this message in gratitude. My my, how much there is to learn in nature.