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Dutch Elm (disease)


Maja Kluvers

spring 2007

Last winter has been a very special one. It was very mild and everywhere blossoming trees, flowers and plants of which we are wont they do that but in spring. This winter seemed to have been a perceptible indication of the climatic changes that are about to happen. It was nice to have been able to continue gardening this winter in order to implement the changes we wanted to introduce. Often we heard remarks that it would be too early in the year to do things like that.

But was it the case? And how do you know it’d be the right time to do anything? Is it just perception or is it an intellectual line of reasoning? In our case it was a hunch and the observation of signals out of nature itself. During the entire winter we watched e.g. frogs in the garden. Those were signs it would become and stay a mild wintertime and that no noticeable coldness was to be expected.

Moreover the birds were nestling very early and flowers, plants and shrubs blossomed. Do they ask themselves it would be too early for the time of year to show their beauty once again? Or is it a knowing that all circumstances invite them to mark a new spring?

And the trees. These gigantic beings with their gigantic powers, are capable to stay put with their root systems in all weathers and while doing that providing all life on earth with oxygen. What a huge powers these are, to be able to provide oneself with food and beverage out of the earth at all times, and letting it flow into the utmost tips of their branches and leaves. In my view, we as humans are just able to only catch a glimpse of that.


I see the sun shining through the branches and, with her beams lovingly touch the fresh shoots, like a mom caressing her child. The butts of the trees have grown a little bit and it looks as if you can’t look through them less easily every day.

It seems that, while it hasn’t rained for more than five weeks, cautiously leave forming has begun. It has to be a precaution, in order to sustain itself and to use the available energies as vigilantly as possible. It is obvious though, that the last few years more and more trees seem to be ill and do not want to grow.

One of these trees is the Dutch elm. More often than ever we hear or read that they die ‘just like that’. How is that possible?

Maybe we will get an answer to this question and therefore we decide to ask the creatures of nature.

The answer is as follows:

“The soil is contaminated with i.e. the exhaust gasses of cars and other vehicles. Particularly in great depths a high concentration of detrimental substances exist. While raining these substances get into the ground water. During periods with much rain not much is happening to the trees. But so it seems. Through periods of draught however, and in places with much warmth, trees have to get their water from great depths. And that is were the contaminated groundwater is.

“The fluid, including the harmful substances, is taken up by the trees and enters via the sap stream into the foliage. Because of the unsafe substances and the amount of sunlight, the processes with which, normally, the tree is able to produce chlorophyll, is totally disturbed. The upward and downward sap streams get out of balance.


“After some time the downward powers get much bigger that the upward ones, wherefore the tree is – as it were – ‘bleeding to death’. Harmony is disturbed which has great consequences for the tree/trees. Even more so, for the whole planet, including humanity. Because of the fact that the natural groundwater streams are not identical in all places, the signals that are given by nature, i.e. the status of the groundwater, and the discrepancy of harmony, will not be the same everywhere. But disturbances they are.

It is a very special and in itself alarming answer. Since the status of the groundwater indicates that trees are dying, how will Mother Earth, our cosmic mother, feel herself with all this contamination? Are we aware that she is a Be-ing as well with a gigantic consciousness? Always giving to all life she carries within her, as well as those that inhabit her, like humanity. And that we, without these abundant gifts, would not be able to survive?

This is something to think about for awhile. And what can we do to let return the harmony within ourselves?

Much Love, Maja