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The Nada Chronicles # 69

Judith, Magda and the Angel


© Hans Brockhuis became overwhelming how the Love and the Warmth and the Compassion engulfed us and it was very clear that the three of us were bathing in that Love...


Two winters ago my wife and I went to the French snow for the first time, together with our children, grandchildren and a friend of the family. I would like to share some of my spiritual adventures in Châtel, France.

Do I have to tell you about the caring for our two little grandchildren, which was awesome in it self? No I do not. We became aware once more how lucky we are to be the grandparents of these grand little people who are at the beginning of their paths on this Earth of the beloved Mother.

In order to have a moment for myself every evening, I used to sit in the dark of the veranda, looking out over the valley. While smoking my cigar and overlooking the lights of the village below, I was able to become silent, to meditate and to reflect on everything occurring in our lives. There were also the little lights on the slopes of the mountains on the other side of the valley. I saw the lights of the machines preparing the ski slopes and there was the always-changing weather. Sometimes the stars were out and then Orion blazed its brilliant starts towards me and I felt very special. Sometimes it was dark and foggy and not very much could be seen. On one occasion all the lights and the stars and the mountains even seemed to have been turned off because of the fog.

While the temperature was below zero that first day, I experienced the phenomenon of the frozen fog particles. For the first time in my life, I saw them forming these very small little slivers, looking silvery in the streetlamp to the left and golden in the yellow one to the right of the apartment where we stayed. It was at that moment I re-membered what these usually unseen particles look like, every time the Angels are present! Overwhelming indeed.

On another night, a bright shooting star shot by. Naturally I sent my wish along with it, and on the last night, while it was snowing strongly, a whitish fox ran across the road, only 30 meters away. In this respect it is good to tell you that the Fox happens to be my Totem Animal and that, way back in time, I used to be a member of the Hopi people, and my adult name was [translated] “Running Fox”. No idea though what that would be in the Hopi language. Maybe one of the readers knows a member of the Hopi and can tell me?

The most profound experience though, took place on Thursday night. While meditating, I came into contact at first with Judith, my passed away daughter, and later with Magda, one of my Guides, as well. We mind-talked for a while and gradually it became clear that both sat down next to me on the same broad bench I was sitting on. Judith was there on the left and Magda to the right of me. We continued our talking and it became overwhelming how the Love and the Warmth and the Compassion engulfed us and it was very clear that the three of us were bathing in that Love and it was impossible for me to keep my eyes dry. Both women sat there with their arms around my shoulders and at one – very intimate point – point I sensed that Magda was kissing my right ear, the way she used to do when we were mates, during the 17th century in what is today Germany. Oh, that feeling!!!

I looked up, and then sensed this huge more than three story-high Angel, standing there in front of us! He had his enormous wings spread out and reflected the Love we were radiating back to us. There were no more words left and gradually it all faded away and I seemed to be alone again. And I thanked the Angel and I thanked Judith and I thanked Magda, and for some time I was not able to move.

I said to myself that I needed no confirmation of all this, because the experience had been so overpowering and so very real that there was not any doubt whatsoever as to all that had happened to me. Little did I know that there was more to come. About a quarter of an hour later a cloud appeared in the gap between two mountains in front of me, which was extraordinary in it self, because it was a dark night with no moon and only a few streetlamps in the village. It expanded though, and became clearer and almost white in the dark sky. I suddenly realised that this one represented the Angel who was with me only shortly before. Then, when the cloud was at its largest, two satellites formed out of it, representing Magda and Judith. A bit later, all of it reconnected again, showing the unity, the one-ness of everything. After that, the cloud gradually became dark again and disappeared, and again I was alone with the stars.