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Power of Crystals

Photo by the author


Recognizing and using the power of crystals

Daniela Noack

Translation: Hans Brockhuis and Myriah Krista Walker

Large groups of rock crystals work deeply on all levels of our being, offering support and help to all questions of life. With this intent, we sit down before them and ask silently for their power and strength, formulating our question as specifically as possible.

The question may be issues such as a loss of concentration, fear challenges, relation problems, mourning processing, indecisions, as well as any other questions that trouble us in everyday life.

With crystal work, It is most constructive to have an open inner mind, and the willingness to release all. The crystals work on an intangible range, which is to say on an energetic level, and are able to purify stagnant energies in the aura-chakra system. Moreover they ‘scan’ the condition of our chakra’s, eliminate blocks, and replenish them with clear, pure energy. They heal injuries of the energetic body and strengthen our boundaries.

On an energetic level during the energy transfer, we may come into a situation of deep meditation. Perhaps certain issues about our life will become transparent, or ideas emerge about solving certain problems. Possibly we may remember an event in our life that happened a very long time ago. We notice emotions that are related to these events, and finally we may experience our mind calming down and attaining a state of silence and quiet.

The crystals support our possibilities of approaching people in our vicinity with an open heart, and assist us with our personal growth. Thus, after a rock crystal session, we will feel charged with energy in the best sense of the word, feel centered, and will be able to once again approach the challenges of everyday life in full confidence.