Written with Love Written Special


A lotus flower as a road signal to astonishment.


Translated by Idelette; edited by Myriah Krista Walker.



In these busy times, in which haste has become a normality, we seem to stray away more and more from ourselves. Time has become our bully. It stipulates our life. The world outside of ourselves is the world we live in. We are directed from our head, and hardly know the way back to ourselves and our feelings. A normal picture of the present reality, which we have created ourselves, is actually based on illusion. We live in a world of illusion and most of the time are not aware of it.

Because of the confusion this illusion incites, we forget what is really important in our lives and what is the true essence of reality. That is understandable when you realize that the picturing in an illusion never reflects the actual reality.

To return to that truth outside of the created illusion, we have to ask ourselves where to find the key. That isnít that difficult, although for some the people this appears to be quite a job. Because we are so accustomed to our present view of the world, we don't know any better.

The trick behind the illusion has been a well hidden secret for a long time. Many solutions were presented, but without the desired result. But what is the real authentic life? How is real life constructed? Who knows the road to unveil the illusion? Churches have tried to set directions for the searching people, usually in a dogmatic way. However, this dogmatic approach almost always caused the overshooting of the mark.

Yet every human being feels from within that there has to be more to life then what is seen. Fortunately in this New Age it is possible to make the why and how of these questions of life more clear. A large stream of information, sent from the upper world, helps us to untangle the mysteries of life. In practice it proves to be much easier then we thought. We don't have to look very far. The truth lies within every human being. Within each human is a beautiful Divine core of light and love in which all the answers are included. When you are there, you will be beyond the illusion, in the radiant light of perfect happiness.

That road back inside through awareness is meant for every human being and is marked with love. With love as its guiding principle, you will find your way back to your truth. An important aid in this is astonishment. This reminds me of an incident I experienced a while ago in our capital.

Among all the rush, one day somewhere in the centre of Amsterdam I saw a beautiful flower in the window of a shop. My eyes were magnetically drawn towards it. With my nose against the windshield, I tried to get a better view of it. Eventually I decided just to go inside and look closer at this beauty. Inside the shop with the door closed, the busy outside world vanished and the space filled with silence.

Slowly I approached the flower with admiration and stopped directly in front of it. Her beauty touched me deeply and I felt very moved. Silently I looked from all sides at this beautiful creation of nature. How ingenious she was formed. It seemed I was absorbed in her beauty and became One with the love I felt between the flower and I. The astonishment gave me a great feeling of luck, and I realized that this was the way to true happiness. Time stood still and it could have lasted for ever.

The owner of the shop had been waiting at an appropriate distance and gave me the space to enjoy this miracle. It appeared to be an original lotus flower, which she also enjoyed very much. We were impressed of the effect this flower had on us. So therefore happiness is actually there for the seizing, right on the street.

In it's own accord, happiness opens the way back to our heart, to ourselves, and will start the flow of love. All these moments will tear us back from the haste and the tyrant pressure of time, away from the illusion and make us aware of the love and our true Self.

In this way, the love becomes visible and perceptible again, because it never has been gone, it was just veiled. More and more the beauty of everything will be revealed to us and will strengthen the flow of universal love. In the silence of astonishment you will find the true happiness in the ecstasy of that special moment.

It's the intention in this New Age that we become aware of all this and start to learn to live accordingly.