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Conversation with nature

Maria Groot


The trees in the Amelisweerd woods told me again that I had to write down their story. I needed to give them a voice. It wouldn’t be necessary to be around, tuning in would be enough. The connection with mother Earth has to be re-established before the damage will be too great.

Because I did not know how to begin I asked them: “What is foremost important to you?”

The answer was as follows:

“This is all about attention and awareness. When all what you know or get to know comes closer to you, it gets a face and a voice. For us it helps when we also get a face and a voice. It is important that people become convinced of the fact that all that is alive has consciousness and deserves respect. Nothing to be afraid of, but learning to see the value of life forms like trees, who move and grow much slower than you do and therefore live in completely different atmospheres.

This is also about life forms that turn the days like a breath, and count the seasons as you count weeks. So many cycles a tree can pass through, always learning and growing and saving growth and wisdom in its form. There is much to learn from this, a form is a message for those who are willing and able to read it. It is about time that people stand up and learn to read and translate these messages, because this may also lead to a higher form of consciousness for humanity.”

These messages can be enhanced and made visible and audible in artistic ways. Audible yes, because everything has its tone and produces sound and vibration that influences the surrounding area. By tuning in to this vibration, as I apparently can do subconsciously, the message is available. But trees also create a kind of music that is too slow to be recognized as a melody for us. If this is approached in the right way however, it is more accessible and we can understand the vibration and be taught by the trees. Furthermore they are far better equipped than we are to recognise what is favourable and good for nature, of which we are all a part. Now they often sigh within their branches when out of pursuit of profit and short-term vision, changes are introduced that lead to suffering in the long run.

Things like this cannot be prevented but for many people nature can become closer when they return to experience nature like the old native people. Children still have this sensitivity before it is trained away.

The idea it would be stupid to communicate with other life forms than your own, has to change. It is merely very limited to speak with your own species only, as if you only use one tone on the piano or one character of the alphabet, leaving the others unused.

It needs courage to break down this conviction without being called a lunatic. Yet it is not necessary to be afraid of this, because on a certain level many people striving for awareness know there is more. Sometimes they just cannot reach it.

When it goes as we expect it does, a sensation of recognition and relief will flow through people. It will be as they had sensed earlier, a feeling that they had touched before but left behind in the fairy tales. Therein are many more truths than you may think. All is inspired, everything has a voice and partly a free will. For plants the group is often more important than the individual, because they know how dependent hey are from each other and how connected they are. For people the same is true, but the awareness is gone and by striving for individualisation, much of the connection with others and with nature is put aside.

One does not exclude the other. You may very well go your own way, without losing connection with all that is alive. Especially then you will be supported in your own growth. The sense to be embedded in all there is, the sense to be carried by the earth, to walk on a layer of roots and leaves and knowing the branches are there to protect you. Nature will bend over to you when you allow her.