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New Dawn

Photo: Wouter van der Kruit.

New Dawn

or: how to pamper my roses.

Maja Kluvers.

For years already the rose New Dawn is standing in our garden. The name alone is a treat, but if the rose is blooming you see a palette of flowers, scents and a beautiful pink color. You really would like to keep the flowers for a longer time, but in nature everything is going according to her own laws. Yet everywhere in garden centers and places like that, we hear that the flowers need to be cut off when they have finished blooming, so the plant will bloom again in the same year.

When the time has come to cut out the dead flowers, as I was doing every year like everybody else and I am standing next to the plant with my scissors, something is stopping me. An inner voice tells me that it is better to ask the plant herself. This feeling is overtaking me a little, but I decide to listen. I myself have seen close up what it is like to listen to you inner voice again after not doing so for years and years.

Then I put the scissors aside to calmly tune in to the consciousness of the plant. Here is the answer that came to me:

“We as a form of consciousness, called plant/rose by your kind, are very glad that our appearance is being appreciated so much by human beings and we love it when you look at our full magnificence. Yet, because our flowers are so much appreciated and loved, humans want to influence the natural course of our blossoming by cutting out the old seed buts and thus cause a second bloom. We are saying to you: “Enjoy the moment; enjoy our flowers when the time is there and do not look ahead too far. Why can you not enjoy the moment, enjoy the Now? When we are blooming you already think about the moment new flowers are appearing.

We realize that this has to do with the beauty of our flowers, but the germs are a source of strength and nutrition in the late winter and the early spring. So by taking these rosebuds off, you take away a part of our strengths, and even more so because there also has to take place a second blooming, which means extra strength has to be given.”

It is a very special answer and I decide to leave the flowers on after they blossomed, it takes a while to get used to the brown buds though, especially during the autumn and winter. But this beautiful being tells me more.

“Humans are forgetting an important thing, and that is that nature IS. Nature is intelligent! We waste nothing; everything is being recycled. The whole circle is round. Everything we have gotten out of mother earth is flowing back. But humans try to see everything in a scientific perspective. You think by all your scientific knowledge that you know what is good for us. Listen to your inner voice, the voice of feeling. Don’t always let the logics of common sense have the last word. Often what you think is illogical, unreasonable and senseless still has a useful effect and makes you see something from a different and larger perspective. Dare to break with the well-known rules and conditionings. You’ll see that your horizon will broaden and great possibilities are being shown to you.”

After my asking in the early spring I finally get permission to cut off the old blossoms. The plant still does not really look happy by the way, and just for a moment I am afraid that all the power in the seed buds has flown away and that I made the wrong choice after all. What do you mean inner voice? Do I feel doubt after all? Am I letting myself being influenced by appearances again?

After a while it gets warmer and the rose is starting to blossom. The leaves are turning beautifully green. When after some time the first buds are visible I notice how many flowers will bloom this year!

On every branch are many clusters of buds. What a great sight, and I already look forward to the wonderful smell the flowers will spread. What strikes me most is that there are no lice at all, while most neighbours have big trouble with them. I decide to ask the beings of nature why that is.

“It is a law of cause and consequence. When you exhaust something over and over again, the initial powers will ebb away, which, causes, in this case, the plant also to get stress symptoms by exhaustion. This is caused (amongst other things) by cutting off the natural sources of nutrition time and again. Also it is caused most of the time by adding artificial sources of nutrition, like fertilizer. When one does not take away the flowers that have finished blooming though, the plant will take back much rich nutritional material from these old buds for her own well being. A plant, tree etc, that is forced to an extra blooming period or growth over and over again will finally weaken in such a way, that she becomes sensitive for diseases and intruders like lice often are on roses. This law of cause and consequence does also apply to all other forms of consciousness on earth off course, amongst whom the HUMAN.”

To our great joy we are being treated to a second blooming! This time it comes from the being of the plant herself with two great flowers, which we welcome gratefully.

Suddenly I see a similarity with myself from the period before I fell ill. Going on until you drop. Always giving away energy and being sucked on until you are empty. Always helping everybody and not listening to your inner voice and your body who tell you to stop running and filling your days to the edge with occupations that only cost energy and give nothing in return. To say no for once. To always have a cold and never say how you really feel. Running away for your feelings. For who your really are and that there is more between heaven and earth. And that YOU have come for a specific task or lesson.

Let nature show you again how to deal with yourselves.

Hurrah for my inner voice! Hopefully this advice from the rose will urge you, reader, as well to listen to your inner voice more often. Don’t let this feeling be reasoned away by your common sense.

Love from me and good luck with it. When you hang in there, you win!