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The Creature of the Fungus

Maja Kluvers

When I write this it is autumn. Nothing special most people would say. All of nature is cooperating. The signals we receive with our physical senses, like colors, falling leaves and dying flowers sometimes give us a feeling of an approaching end. The autumn, herald of the winter, is a time of rest and consciousness. A period to give ourselves time to think about all we have learned and to integrate it. In such a way we can come to full blooming again in the new spring, just like nature, enriched and full of increasing power and knowledge, obtained during the previous period!

Clear signals in the autumn are the fungi. Are they really physically bigger and larger in number this autumn? In the garden nearby the pond there is a real big group with beautiful colors. It is the first time they are this big. When I look at them I get a feeling that resembles homesickness.

When we were staying at the Dutch island of Schiermonnikoog for a few days, we asked the nature guides to guide us to places were fungi are. In the beginning of the walk they were still (physically) small, but the further we got, the bigger they became and the number and colors increased as well.

We hope that we may see the fly fungus. But why? On a certain moment we ‘hear’ the message to look left. Yes! Two orange fungi with white dots are right there. How beautiful. When we take a closer look, we see two more fungi under the wild rose, red with white dots. It makes us emotional. Why is this appearance bringing out so many emotions?

I decide to make contact with the ESSENCE of the Fungus. I feel the energy closing in and when contact is established, it is so powerful, I have trouble standing up straight. My legs are trembling! What an gigantic Being this is. The character of its’ personality is coming straight out of the realms of nature from the Mother Earth.

We get the message that there are indeed more fungi this year. It has to do with the big cleansing of the Mother Earth, that has been activated intensely this summer. Fungi are the guardians of human feelings from the period all was still in harmony with one another; equality of spirit for all forms of consciousness.

These feelings are being ‘guarded’ by forms of consciousness that also represent the light and stay in the mother earth (in the earth star). Since Earth is on her way to become a planet of oneness, love, harmony, and respect once again, these long kept feelings will come to the light as well. Everything that was in the dark is surely coming to the light now. Just like the crystals, which have amongst other tasks the duty to safeguard the dreams of the people. On top of that there is a vast amount of knowledge kept in those crystals, which come to the surface in enormous numbers right now. Just as the Character of the Fungus part in this enlightening process to help the people to get back those old feelings of being one and in harmony with the whole creation.

It is also special that we saw fungi in all colors of the chakras except blue. When we ask, the answer is that the color of the fungus matches the feelings that belong to the chakra.

The dark brown types and the ink fungus belong to the chakras that are beneath our feet, in the mother earth. But why no blue? Is it not developing yet? We don’t get it. It is very special though that the ‘red with white dots’ fungus is representing the oneness of the base and the top chakra. Total perfection.

Is this where our feeling of homesickness comes from? Do we have a KNOWING deep inside of us of how it was and how it will BE again?

Many thanks to the essence of the FUNGUS.