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For those of you who have read my articles on colour, Dancing with Rainbows parts 1, 2 and 3 will have read that the primary, secondary and tertiary colours are the colours, which form the rainbow spectrum.

These have been recently published on Running Fox and there has been quite a lot of reaction.

This got me thinking and I realised that another article was in the making.  A channelling with Vicky Wall during the night of 11th August 2011, gave me a new insight.   The date itself is relevant, when you look at the combination of the numbers, 11 8 11.  We will talk about the significance of numbers another time.

I prepared this draft and first text, as I said during August and at the beginning of September something happened which is quite a coincidence.  Last year, one of my neighbours asked me to participate in an annual event at our local shopping Centre.   The Taste of Rokkeveen (the area in which I live) was such a success last year that the shopkeepers decided to have another event.  The intention is that every shop is open and that the public can visit during the evening see all sorts of fashion shows and above all, taste the products from the shops.  How appropriate that I was going to be there too having written this article several weeks earlier. 

I decided to prepare a short talk, which I could tell to the people who came.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that this would be such a success.  Simply asking the passers-by to choose the colour, which they liked the best, by looking at all 12 colours of the rainbow.  At first a lot of people thought that choosing the colours was related to fashion and which colour suits them the best and for which season (logical as I was standing in front of my neighbour’s fashion shop) or was it a new makeup or perfume.  Once I explained that it was simply choosing your favourite colour, the colour, which your eyes saw, said so much about you as a person.  In retrospect and after a very busy evening, this convinced me that writing about the Taste of Colours was what I must do.  Again you are the colour you choose and this reflects your being’s needs. 

The first thing that inspired me to look further into the meaning of colours, was the birth of the 109th bottle within the Aura Soma range, born on 26th July 2011 with the name of Archangel Zachariel.
The colour description was magenta/olive green.  (See the picture).


Magenta Groen

This got me thinking.  In actual fact I could not see the magenta in the bottle, the colour was more a watermelon/raspberry pink.  Several years ago, Alysea McArtney of the Australasian Academy of Colourful Healing and Metaphysics ( mentioned this colour to me.  Funnily enough one of my bottles in my practice, changed to this colour a while ago.

Before her passing in 1991 (now 20 years ago), Vicky Wall herself spoke of the changing of the colours, and this was first seen at the turn of the Millennium when a lot of bottles were returned to England from all over the world because the colour had changed. 

There were many discussions about why this has happened and several people around the world looked at the connection between the original bottle and the new changed colour including Alysea McArtney.  For some or other reason this set, which was called the Inner Alchemy Set has never had a claim to fame and it was so important that this was brought to light.   Maybe it was impossible at the time to explain why these colours did changed.  When you have been told all your life that colours all come from only 3 primary colours, it seems too far fetched and impossible that colours just change. 

The Inner Alchemy Set has always been one of my personal favourites and when I first saw the bottles in the house Dev Aura in England, I made me realize just how important this set was.  Several years later and mainly because of the arrival of the 109th bottle gave me the push to think about this more.

If you call the colour of the new bottle, watermelon/raspberry pink / lime green, your senses start to project more thoughts.  You wake up your senses and because another sensory factor is added, taste, you start to taste the bottle.  I don’t recommend that you actually try and drink the bottle, because they are very perfumed and not nice at all.



Green lemon


When you think about watermelons, your mouth almost starts to water with just the thought.  Warm summer days and biting into a large slice, so the sensory effect is doubled, not only do your eyes see the colour, and I wrote in the Dancing on Rainbows that this is not a new idea, Shakespeare said in the 1600’s that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but your sensory taste, tastes the colour too.   If the olive green fraction had been called lime green, you would immediate get a feeling of the freshness of the lime fruit, which has a totally different taste than lemon yellow for example.  The same happens when you think about eating a raspberry, its either very sweet and juicy or quite sour.  It’s a soft fruit and taste explodes in your mouth.

One of the topics I did not talk about in my articles was the colour CLEAR.   When the primary colours are passed through a prism (refracted) a single beam of clear (or white) light occurs.  So can we then say that CLEAR is all colours, because the three primary colours produce all the rest as well.
Another word for CLEAR is clarity.  CLEAR has no limits and has the possibilities for everything. 

CLEAR is the light that reflects every colour, like when you look at a crystal; you can often see rainbows reflected from it.
A CLEAR person has all the possibilities and experiencing them can be an enriching process. 
CLEAR makes the unclear obvious.

You will often find yourself comfortable with a CLEAR person because they have all the colours within and become a mirror to others.
The challenge for a CLEAR person is that they can see others clearly but others cannot see them and sometimes this can cause suffering.
CLEAR can see you through the eyes of the rainbow.
CLEAR says that you live in accordance with your genuine sense of self, unique authenticity and a great sense of sharing with the world.
Affirmations for CLEAR are, all is well in my world, the way is clear and I clear my own past.

A great example of this is water.  We all know that water is clear, but when you think of the sea, you automatically think that the sea is blue (or many different shades of), or that the sky on a beautiful summer day is blue.  In fact this is incorrect, as water is clear, the colour is produced by reflection from the sky and vice versa from the bottom of the sea or a pond or a lake.  We all think that frozen water (or snow) is white, this is untrue, its clear, because when it melts it is just water.




We also know that we as humans are almost 70% water, so give some thought to that.  So do we actually have all the colours already within?  I think so, because water is clear and clear is every colour.  We just don’t realize and as such have never “tapped into these resources.”

In the channelling Vicky asked me to think about the association of colours with other senses.  If I say to you think about lemon yellow, or apple green, your taste buds react immediately.  This is why I think it’s very important to think about colours in another way.  Also this relates to the colours of the chakras, the energy wheels within your human body.  The colours of the chakras is nothing new, these have been known for hundreds of years, but adding a new sensory thought to the colour gives it a new perspective. 

This also applies to the fact that when you think that the notes of the octaves have colour too, see the diagram below.

Although this diagram looks a bit complicated, it shows the various layers of our physical bodies.   The ninth octave, the lowest, deepest, darkest notes (think about Beethoven’s 5th Symphony – the first few notes), we hear this with our physical body or in the base chakra. So the colour red.

As the octaves become higher, we hear the notes of colour at a different level, right up to the 1st Octave, which our soul being recognises, but these notes are so high, we cannot hear them with our physical ears, but our soul knows these notes.  The colour purple.

You can think about the hearing of animals, cats or dogs.  Their sense of hearing is extremely highly developed, much more than humans, and they hear noises much quicker than we do.  This instinct helps them hear the sounds of prey particularly at night.  If you turn the volume up of your radio to maximum, this is actually painful for your pet’s ears, because it’s about 9 or 10 times louder than we can hear.


`Planes of Creation


Music, or the sense of hearing is extremely important, not only in the spoken word, how we speak, but in the form of music.  Is that the reason why many classical compositions of music are still popular to this day?  Music by Mozart, Bach, Strauss and other famous composers for example.  I think also that many of you will remember the particular music of your era, when you were growing up, when you hear the tunes again on the radio, you remember every single word of the song, and exactly what you were doing at the time.  The fact that you listen to the music, releases the memories in your brain.

Personally, I find classical music very pleasant to listen too, its memories of nearly every Saturday morning as a child spent at concerts in The Royal Albert or Festival Hall in London introducing me and other youngsters to classical music.  I certainly don’t like all pieces of music, some I find very melancholy and discordant, but others I find very moving.  It’s because I associate them with particular moments and memories. Music forms a very important part of our lives, right up to the modern pop or techno music of today.

Colours have sounds too, think for example of deep dark red and what do you feel as a musical note, something basal and low, because of the association with the word deep. dark and red.  We know that red vibrates at the lowest frequency, or the deepest note in the octave, and that purple vibrates at the highest frequency, and therefore the highest note.



So the association of colour with other sensory feelings is important and this is the message Vicky was telling me.  That is why we should think about “new colours” and not always referring to the old, tried and trusted, names of the primary, secondary and tertiary colours.  One of Vicky’s favourite sayings was “keep it simple” and that is because it is simple really.



A good friend of mine, Janosh, gives another great example of the combination of sensory experiences.  He makes holograms based on sacred geometry, which are channelled, to him through his personal guide.  Then he combines, colour and music to these patterns and makes them into activations.  When you look at the holograms and listen to the music and think about the colours, three of the five sensory organs are fully active and then that combined with the memory because the right and left hemispheres of the brains remember this information, which was already in our DNA, is reactivated.  An ultimate experience?  Absolutely.
(You can read more about this on his own site,

Think back to the time when you were a child and the first box of crayons you ever owned and the colours of the pencils.  Artists and their palettes and all the different names associated with the shades of colour.  For example, vermillion red, as opposed to just the word red.  The addition of the word vermillion intensifies the thought (memory) of the colour.  Another is apple green; the colour that immediately springs to mind is that of a Granny Smith apple and you can almost taste it.  Lavender blue, conjures not only the smell of the flower lavender, which makes you feel relaxed and rested, also the coolness of the mixture of the purple and blue in a very pale form.

The five senses are, seeing (eyes), hearing (ears), tasting (mouth), feeling (skin) and smell (nose).  This is the quintessence (quint meaning five). 

Again smell can be introduced into colour, by for example, describing pink as rose pink, which you then associate with the smell of roses.

I could go on and on and give more and more examples, but I think the message is clear.  The more we awaken our senses, the more we can appreciate colour, which is everywhere around us.  Everything is colour.

Basically we all realize that the energy is changing dramatically at this particular moment in time.  This can be simply described in your own life and your feeling that the week just rushes by.  You probably start the week thinking, “I will do this or that” and the next thing you know it’s Friday!  This happens too when we watch the time on the clock.  When we are busy and active time literally flies, if we are still and inactive, the hours never seem to pass, exactly like when you are awake in the night and cannot sleep, you probably see every hour on the clock next to your bed.  Think about Christmas, one minute you are preparing for it, decorating your house, and a few days later packing everything away again and before you know it, getting it out of the box, a whole year has gone.

My own thought is that we will be given new colour (s).  The tried and trusted chakra colours will change.  People are speaking about a new basic colour and it makes me wonder what this will be.  Of course, I have my own thoughts and you probably have too.

The most important thing is that the new colour (s) are linked to other senses.  In this way, we really wake ourselves up to the power of colour.

I think the words of the song, sung by Phil Collins…:
“I see your true colours shining through, that is why I love you, so don’t be afraid to let them show, your true colours are beautiful like a rainbow.”

It says it all really!

Jill Kramer Bryant

PS.  My favourite Aura Soma bottle is number 54 clear/clear.