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Photo: Wouter van der Kruit


Maja Kluvers

Translation: Hans Brockhuis

Here is a narration of the last few months out of the life of Rasta, my partner Wouter’s dog and our meeting with the Being whom he actually is.

It is the spring of 2003. Although we had learned a year ago from the worlds of light about the cancer of Rasta, Rasta is doing remarkably well. Even though being already 14 years of age, he is very active. And then, all of a sudden the disease hits him very hard. The vet doesn’t really understand and prescribes Prednison. We ask the world of light for guidance and learn that this remedy would not be well for Rasta. We already had understood this beforehand. Wouter does a reading and later, with pauses of a few days, healings. Although we realize that Rasta will not recover, we do our utmost to make his life as bearable as possible. Especially the tourmaline blue healings (for inner wounds) really seem to do their work.

Moreover, Rasta receives a homeopathic medicine to allow his blood to get a better condition and after a week his nose looks wet and healthy once more and he seems to be like new. We are happy that it will be possible to take him on holidays a few times, but still the end is nearing. The ailment is very aggressive so that we at one point have to decide to stop the healings. Besides it is said it is Rasta’s time to go. His job is finished?!?

Of course we hope that nature will bring a solution fur us, but is that fair? Did nature not already nearly put an end to the life of our true friend? Didn’t we decide already to interfere? The heavy dice are cast. Rasta is so much in pain and falls over all the time so that we have to decide to have him put down.

Sense of Guilt!

But then, out of the blue, the beings of nature tell us to go the Eemsharbour area, to the exact spot where we used to take walks with Rasta and where he used to enjoy himself so much. The weather is beautiful and we take flowers from the garden, as well as Rasta’s little ball. Not knowing what to expect, we are on our way.

Arriving at Eemshaven we become very emotional; isn’t it obvious that we are missing someone? While we were always there with our buddy, now there are only the two of us. But are we alone? We can FEEL that we’re being guided, but our physical senses do not observe other beings.

We can feel very tender energy around us when we walk in the direction of the water. We look around all the time and ‘see’ nothing, but can feel plenty! Lovingly we cast flowers and toys into the water and then it happens! The energy is building and increases around us like a warm, thick blanket. It feels like a loving hug.

It is Rasta who comes to thank us for everything. He is there to let us know that he originates from the realms of nature of Mother Earth and that his real name is LOUX. He came to Wouter to help him to come into contact with nature once again by means of the many outings they made together. Especially contact with the world of the trees plays a large role in this.

He also presents Wouter with a healing upon his heartchakra to wear off his feeling of guilt to have had to put him down. I receive a number of warm personal messages for Wouter. They are of such a beauty, warmth and love that we both are getting very silent.

Having walked a little bit further we find ourselves on a hill, and have the opportunity to let sink in all that has happened. But all the time we sense the fantastic sensation of LOUX around us. When the sun is setting it is said that Loux will depart and that it will be appropriate for us to stay until that time. For us it cannot be too long.

When we see the sun departing behind the hills it is said that Rasta left the earth spheres. We can feel the changing energy and all that there is now is emptiness.

A little bit dazed and still emotional we go on our way back, but are so much the richer by a very beautiful and dear experience and without a feeling of guilt at last. We feel privileged that we were able to experience all this and we thank the Awarenesses from the Realms of Nature in the Mother Earth and the beings of nature who have accompanied us so lovingly.

After our departure at Eemshaven, we ask the cosmos if we might receive a sign about a good ‘arrival’ of Rasta. Maybe a beautiful flower in the garden, although it is nearly October? Nevertheless we hope for another miracle.

On a beautiful day in November, as we are going outside and look around in the garden, my eyes are drawn to the little pond like a magnet, where during the night, an unbelievable large group of fungi has developed with gorgeous colours. It is much more beautiful than on a photograph. Immediately we know. This is the sign of LOUX that he arrived safely. We are so very happy with this confirmation and are not able to cast our eyes aside for a long while. A feeling that is not describable engulfs us and we are weeping out of joy….

Light, Love and Peace,
Maja, Wouter and Loux.