Seeds of Time

'The seeds of time'


De seeds of time

Jill Kramer Bryant

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It was one of those days in early May when you felt as if summer was on your doorstep. The brilliant greenness of the young leaves smelled like fresh limes and all the buds on the plants looked as is they were at bursting point. The sun was not so high in the sky, but the warmth Victoria felt on her bare arms felt comforting. It was a perfect day, summer blue sky with not a single cloud in sight and a gentle sea breeze. Victoria had arranged to meet Peter that afternoon and they had agreed to take a long walk on the beach and catch up with each other’s news. “Do you mind if I bring a friend along to meet you” she had asked him. At first Peter had been hesitant and Victoria had explained that a very good friend of hers was staying with her to recover from an operation. “She is really looking forward to meeting you“.

Rose and Victoria had been friends for an eternity. Despite their 11 year age difference they had become firm friends when they met years ago. As Victoria and
Rose arrived in the car at the beach, Victoria could see Peter’s car parked. She and Rose made their way along the dyke and onto the soft sand. The tide was on the way out and each receding wave revealed thousands of sparkling shells. Peter was walking towards them. He looked serious but well, Victoria thought, but as they got closer his smile was warm and intense. Victoria introduced him to Rose and she saw a sudden flash of recognition cross his eyes. His eyes were a very pale olive green, they reminded her so much of her own, they were identical. Peter shook Rose’s hand and gave Victoria a quick hug and a kiss on her cheek. “Glad you could make it”, he said, “There is so much I want to tell you“.

The three of them made their way across the pale golden sand and walked just in the gentle waves, which were breaking rhythmically on the beach. Peter was in between Rose and Victoria and he linked his arms through theirs. The sun felt warm and they chatted on happily to each other. Victoria was pleased with the ease of the conversation between Rose and Peter. This was, after all, their first meeting and Victoria felt peaceful. After a while they decided to stop, Rose was looking tired, and they had walked quite a distance from the car. Peter suggested they sit down with their backs against the dunes.

“Is Rose your real name”? Peter suddenly asked, “sorry to say it, but you just don’t look like someone called Rose to me”. Rose seemed to understand exactly what he meant, “They called me Ima Myriam in the olden days”, she replied. Peter’s face went very pale. “Maybe you recognize me if you look a little closer, I was your Mother many lives ago”. Victoria knew that Peter was used to talking about reincarnations, it was one of their favorite subjects. “Close your eyes and think back”, Rose said and Peter lay back on the sand. Suddenly Victoria felt cold and she shivered. They were totally alone on the beach and Peter took hold of Victoria’s hand, as if he wanted something solid to hold on to. Rose’s soft voice began to tell the story of his birth and the early years they had spent together. “I can smell the scent of fresh bread baking”, he said; “Yes,” Rose answered, and “I was always baking bread for you and your friends”. As Peter opened his eyes, Victoria noticed a single tear crossed his cheek. “Have you and Victoria been friends for long”, Rose enquired. It was if a mist suddenly cleared and Victoria and Peter realized that their meeting and friendship had been for a very good reason.

Victoria had been drawing patterns and symbols in the sand whilst listening to Rose’s story. She pulled something from her pocket. “I think I had better show you both these”, she said. A small piece of linen cloth which was literally falling into strands revealed a bunch of extremely dry pieces of twigs and herbs. Around the stems was a piece of white ribbon, so old, that the knot fell apart. A gold ring, with a solitary diamond and surrounded by a band of blue marquise sapphires fell free. “The sapphires match your eyes”, Rose said to Peter. As Victoria looked at him his pale olive eyes had turned to the most amazing blue colour she had ever seen. As blue as cornflowers blowing gently in summer breezes, as blue as the deepest of oceans, as blue as violets hiding shyly under their spring leaves. A silence fell between them and Peter took the ring in his hands. “Please put in on my finger”, he said and Victoria was shaking as she placed the ring on his left hand. “It was my present to you both in the wedding chalice, many lives ago,” said Rose, “Maybe now you will both understand all these feelings you have for each other, despite the fact that there is a 22 year old age difference between you”. Victoria understood at once and knew why she had tormented herself so many times about their difference in age. “You loved Maria the most of all”, Rose told Peter.

Emotion overcame him and Peter put his arms around Victoria and kissed her on her forehead, she kissed him back and with a sudden swirl of wind their energies were reunited. “The three of us are together again,” said Rose.

Victoria stood up; she could feel tears welling in her eyes, not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. She walked towards the sea. The orange sun looked like a ball of fire leaning on the horizon and a path of golden rays crossed the calm sea water. She stood with her toes in the water at the edge of the path. Rose was standing beside her and Peter came and put his hands around their shoulders. All three of them stood silent looking out to sea, the last of the suns rays reflecting in the diamond of the ring, as if they would light up the first evening star. Victoria held up her hand and a gentle breeze blew the linen and herbs from her hand, the seeds of time were free in the world again.