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Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene about the spiritual meaning of soccer.

Gabriela en Reint Gaastra-Levin


Soccer as a means for balancing the masculine and feminine principles in the world. The ultimate goal of masculine energy is to reach the feminine energy. The ultimate goal of the feminine energy is to receive the masculine energy. Sports in general and soccer in particular as a way towards unity for humanity the world over.

Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene: “In earlier Revelations we have already spoken about the connected themes of ‘duality’ (good versus evil, poor versus rich), and ‘oneness.’ We have also said that by being incarnate on Earth, people frequently have the feeling of being separated from one another. At the same time, we have spoken about the quest for oneness which—from your heart—sets the tone for your life. In sports and especially in soccer, the experiences of duality and oneness are experienced in an intense way. The competition with each other gives you a deeper feeling of being separate.

The team context and the togetherness of all involved, like technical staff, managers, sponsors and supporters however, gives you a feeling of oneness again. In soccer, the attention goes, in a playful manner, from one extreme to the other, from duality to oneness. And this process occurs not just on the soccer field and in the stadium, but also at home or in a public location with all television viewers, radio listeners and all others involved, wherever they may be. This process of fluctuating between duality and oneness is a reflection of a process which you experience in various areas on Earth, but which is experienced in a more compact and intense way around soccer. Ultimately the process serves to further brotherhood among all people. The greater the involvement of people and countries, the greater the impact of that process.

Even today there are regular continental championships, but in the future there will be intercontinental matches and championships—equally on the level of club teams[?]—which will play an even more important role. This development has a fundamental influence on the process of growing oneness for humanity. Sports in general and the very popular soccer game in particular, put people in a position to get to know and to discover one another in order eventually to be able to experience and recognize the Divinity of all races, cultures and countries.”

From Warfare toward Playing Sports Matches
Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene: “Even though there are still expressions of aggression around the fields and stadiums, presently via soccer a lot of emotional aspects are worked out in a friendly fashion which in the past were played out in a more violent way through wars and conquests. In the past, wars were conducted in order to possess land and to be able to appropriate for oneself a piece of Mother Earth. But because this happened on the basis of power, people could not connect with the Earth in a loving manner and they had difficulty experiencing a feeling of oneness from the heart. The fact that the fight between tribes and population groups has taken another form now and manifests itself via sports and soccer in particular is a sign that the collective consciousness on Earth has moved to a higher level and that several conflicts can be worked out in a playful manner.

Thus the European Soccer Championship gives to all European countries, even if they are not represented in a tournament, the possibility to experience oneness, to heal old wounds—for example, as a consequence of the Second World War—and to bridge religious, economic and spiritual differences. That same principle naturally also applies to tournaments such as the contest for the Asia Cup, the Copa Libertadores in Latin America, the Africas Cup and the World Championship Soccer.”

Fusion of Masculine and Feminine Energy on the Sports Field
Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene: “Soccer is also a Divine instrument to help masculine energy to heal and to harmonize on Earth and to help men connect to Mother Earth. Over the years, a surplus of masculine energy has built up in the world which needs to be channeled in a harmonious fashion. Because of the properties of the soccer game, there is an intense contact with Mother Earth via the grass of the soccer field, principally through the use of the lower body, via running and via the attention that is given to the feet. And the ball serves in that context as an instrument which represents the flow of Divine energy. The contact which the feet make with the ball can be compared with the contact of the lower body of the players with the flow of Divine energy of which Mother Earth is the carrier. When a team controls the ball longer, this means that the players are able to stay connected to the flow of Divine energy longer together, so they remain in the flow. This leads to a discharge at a certain point by scoring a goal. And that now is to be compared with the surrender of the masculine to the feminine. When the ball disappears into the goal, contact is finally made between the masculine and feminine energies. The goal symbolizes the receptive feminine energy which needs to be conquered. The keeper of the other party is the last guardian of that feminine energy who serves as final challenge for the opposing party. If the attacking team is sufficiently connected to the flow of Divine energy, that team will be able also to bypass this guardian and reach the goal. Via scoring a goal, a fusion of the masculine and feminine is really brought about by the Divine energy.

This fusion is a sign of oneness and is celebrated elaborately in a moment of happy discharge of tension, which we can compare to the orgiastic feeling which arises when the masculine and feminine fuse together. This manifestation also shows the dynamic between the masculine and feminine energy and shows that the ultimate goal of masculine energy is reaching the feminine energy. The ultimate goal of the feminine energy is to receive the masculine energy. Both soccer teams are trying to raise maximal obstacles for each other throughout this process, so that they both have to excel by leveraging their qualities and talents in order to achieve and maintain the contact with the flow of Divine energy via the ball. In this way the teams challenge each other so that every individual needs to fulfill his own role within the team in the most perfect way possible in order to maintain the connection with the Divine flow. In order to be able to do this every player needs to cherish his own connection to his own Divinity as much as possible. The more a player is able to surrender to this impersonal flow of energy, the better he will fulfill his function.”

Everyone Involved Moves between Duality and Oneness
Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene: “This play between the masculine and feminine is another process to move between duality and oneness. Although this process is experienced intensely by the twenty-two players in the field, the role of all involved, like the public, the technical staff and the media is equally important. The way in which all these people move between duality and oneness, between masculine and feminine, has a strong influence on the way in which the team manifests itself on the field. We can compare this to an iceberg of which the team is the visible top, but of which all these ‘invisible’ people form the ‘invisible’ foundation which carries the team. All conscious and unconscious processes which take place within this foundation have an influence on the performance at the top, that is to say, have an influence on the performance of the team and on the ability of the team to stay connected to the flow of Divine energy, in order to remain in the flow this way. Thus eventually the fusion with the feminine energy in the form of the scoring of a goal is achieved.

The degree to which the masculine and feminine energy in the segment of the population—to which the soccer team is connected—are in balance with each other, is a strong influence on the ability of the team to excel in this fusion process. All events and movements in the collective consciousness of the respective segment of the population have an influence on the performance of the team. This expresses itself on several levels. The population segment has an influence on the group of supporters and both have an influence on the full staff of the team, which has influence on the technical staff, which in the end influences the team. All of those involved influence one another back and forth. At a moment when a harmonious base empowers the team to excel, the team will by its achievements nourish that population group in turn.

The soccer team is a mirror in which the population group can look at itself and vice versa. Thereby strong identifications with each other arise. It is important that every part of this whole takes its own responsibility and seeks and finds the balance within itself, the balance between duality and oneness, and between masculine and feminine. By finding the balance within oneself, one serves the whole in the best way possible.

Thus we can see that soccer is a Divine instrument to stimulate the restoration of the balance between masculine and feminine on Earth and the growth from duality to oneness and to help achieve the brotherhood of all people on Earth. We, Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene as representatives of the White Brotherhood, are prepared to support you in this, although we are not supporters of any club or any country specifically. We do not help any team to win. Everyone can call on us. We support everyone, as an individual and as a member of a group, to make a connection with and experience his or her own Divinity. What else you do with that is your own creation and is dependent on the direction of our own creative powers. We will experience a lot of pleasure from that together.”

Exercise - Intensifying the Experience of the Divinity in Soccer
Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene: “You are used to stimulating the achievements of your own team by cheering them on. We hereby offer you another method. By means of this meditation you can intensify the experience of the Divinity of your own club and that of the opponent. In this way the maximum potential from the sportive exchange is achieved for both parties. This exercise, by the way, can also be used for other sports or comparable situations in which competitors are involved, for example in business. People are used to battle from the ego and to compete but by means of this meditation they can act more from unconditional love and stimulate their awareness of oneness and Divinity. In this way they will develop not just in consciousness, but also will have an easier time excelling in their own performance. Thus acting from duality is transformed into acting from oneness and playing from fear and aggression becomes playing from love and self-confidence so that higher levels of consciousness are integrated into the sport.

Seek a quiet place and withdraw so that you cannot be disturbed.
Close your eyes and direct your attention to your breathing.
Breathe deeply with your stomach and feel yourself relax.
Direct your attention to your heart and feel the unconditional love which is present there.
Direct your attention to your feet and feel the connection with Mother Earth.
Become aware that every step you do on Mother Earth brings about a loving connection to your heart, and feel this love flow between mother Earth and yourself.
Bring your attention from your feet up via your legs, your tail-bone, your sacrum and your spinal column to your crown.
You feel an opening from your crown which connects you to higher levels of consciousness and you feel a connection to your Higher Self, the part of you that permanently is conscious of its own Divinity.
Direct your attention back to your heart and feel how both energies, that of your Higher Self and that of Mother Earth, unite in your heart.
Feel the unconditional love of your heart extending itself to all levels of your being.
Imagine that you are sitting in a circle with your favorite team, meditating together.
Imagine that you hold hands and so make a connection among yourselves.
Imagine that every player from this team has made the same connection to Mother Earth and to his or her Higher Self.
Imagine that every player from the team feels unconditional love in his or her heart, and that this love expands itself further.
Feel the circle of light and love which you form together.
In your imagination, invite the opposing team to be part of your circle of light and love.
Feel how these people as well make a connection to Mother Earth and their Higher Self.
Feel how they as well feel unconditional love in their own hearts and share that love so that altogether you form a larger circle of light and love.
Become aware how both teams serve each other and stimulate each other in the experience of their own Divinity. Become aware how both teams stimulate each other in the experience of their own Divinity by playing a match together and how this is an act of love toward each other.
Feel how a flow of light and love flows from the collective circle toward the technical staff, the management, the supporters and others involved, so that together you all form a network of light and love.
Feel how this flow of light and love expands itself to all people who feel connected to the teams via the media and stimulates the awakening of their awareness of their own Divinity.
Feel how this flow of light and love expands itself to all of humanity and stimulates the awakening of their awareness of their own Divinity.
Return your attention to the circle which you formed with players of both teams.
Feel how all light and love around them stimulates them to play from their Divinity and to manifest that in a match by excelling in sports in a natural and easy manner.
Become aware how manifesting the Divinity in their play stimulates the Divinity of all involved.
Enjoy this awakening awareness as long as you want.
When you are ready, feel your body and open your eyes at your own pace and come back to the ‘here and now.’