Written with Love Written Special


What do we mean with Spirituality


Translated by Idelette; edited by Myriah Krista Walker.

In this age in which the word ‘spirituality’ is used in a handy way for our convenience, the question is raised, “what does spirituality really mean?” It seems it can be interpreted in many ways.

The word ‘spirit’ refers to the spiritual aspect, so that is clear. Spirituality is your mental development. Often spirituality is confused with being paranormal, but there really is a difference. If you are paranormally gifted, you are not necessarily spiritual. When you are spiritual, in a manner of speaking you are also developing paranormally. In a way, you could say the road of spirituality is due to increasing consciousness and awareness of God, by returning to our divine source, in which the love as universal power is manifesting itself in and through you. Through the growing powers of love and light in yourself, you will increasingly learn of unlimited possibilities in various areas, as well as in the paranormal area.

If you are just working in a paranormal way, you are actually mainly performing a kind of act. Besides that, there's a great danger that when tuning in with the upper world, you end up in the lower astral areas, in which can arise very dangerous situations. Dangerous because the connection is impure and all kinds of incorrect information can be passed through, which could be harmful both for the one who is tuned in as well as for the person who the message is for.

So it's proper to give a warning when you get involved in paranormal ways without any knowledge of the upper world. Many are disguised, without knowing themselves. Just your spiritual development as a human in love and light should be the centre point. The more love you focus in yourself and become conscious of, the purer and higher your tuning into the upper world could be, if you should want that.

So that's why you should start with the path of consciousness first. Discover who you really are. Take your feelings as measurement and nourish yourself with love and light as often as you can. That’s the way to develop yourself in a spiritual way, in your every day life. Then you are more aware of what life means, and you watch all the signs and clues that cross your path. You learn to give all coincidences a place. You are given the opportunity to resolve all your ballast that is in your backpack. In principle, you don't have to take a course for it, although sometimes it can be very stimulating and supportive to work in a group. It also can be handy to have a spiritual teacher who can show you the way, so you can go further on your own. In short, separate the concept of spirituality and paranormal activity, and let your feelings guide you if you want to consult someone in this area.

For many people, especially in this New Age, it is very attractive to be involved with paranormal activities. It’s fascinating, and one wants to learn these techniques themselves. It’s understandable, but one has to be ready in their personal development, then it comes to you naturally. Then you know from within what is possible and what it means for you. It is preferable to let go of the longing to be paranormal, and focus your primary attention on your spiritual development and reviewing how your life is unfolding. A feeling of longing for paranormal activities can lead you to look in the wrong way, because you can make the wrong choices and involve yourself with people who can confuse you even more. In my practice, I regularly have contact with the experiences of sometimes very grave cases of well meant people, who themselves were misguided by the upper world. A good protection gives you the love. So, surround yourself with love, act from love and let your path of life unfold itself. In this time, it means that as many people as possible will follow this path of spiritual development.