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The Nada Chronicles, part 29

14 mei 2005

Translation: Idelette

During our travels in the United States, after visiting i.e. Bryce Canyon and Escalante Petrified Forest in the state of Utah, we drive through the snowy Boulder mountains. Nature here is overwhelming. In a manner of speech, we are invited over and over again to stop, to admire the beautiful landscape.

Along the way, we realize, it's time we redeem the promise we made to a dear friend of us before we left, to experience a sunset in this country together with her and her husband, who died last year. All this with the intention to realize to fact, He now resides in the Invisible Universe. However, it’s heavy clouded weather, sometimes a light shower and even a little bit of snow and it seems there won’t be any visible sunset tonight.

So I visualize a place to stay for the night, on the top of a hill, with a beautiful view on the landscape, including a fantastic sunset. A moment later, we receive our first affirmation:
the clock in the car gives 4.44, a second later followed by 3x the number 1, on a mile sign along the road.

An hour and a half later, we end up in a motel, with the prosaic name ‘Wonderland Inn’, situated on a low hill in a place called Torrey, with a view toward the West, with some moderate high table mountains. The setting is perfect, still the weather, which appears to become better. As time passes by, an opening in the clouds appears, through which some beams of light are shining. Gradually the gap becomes bigger and suddenly the sun is there in all it's glory.

After half an hour the sun slowly goes down between two cloud banks behind one of the table mountains. Suddenly a kaleidoscope of beautiful colours appears. They are the usual colours of a sunset, as we sometimes admire in the Netherlands, supplemented with deep indigo and as a highlight a bright metallic like magenta beam, surrounded by intensively trembling curves of twisting energy, moving straight towards our admiring, waiting and moved hearts.

Our Friend, is very close. His delicate face is visible for a moment in the gap that opens between the cloudbanks. This gate to the other world is wide opened for a few moments and we can feel the intense relaxation that His Gentle Presence radiates. My wife receives live images of the time the Physical Friend, was still at home in the Netherlands. His smile, his voice, his way of speaking, his presence in the living room, his way of walking, his unique way of welcoming us.

He radiates peace and contentment with his present state of being; with a deep gratitude for the lack of discomforts: physically and emotionally. The trauma's he endured in his younger years in the concentration camps in the Dutch Indies – as seen from the perspective in which he is now, he has been able to totally let go. It is Alright now. Finally he wishes his own Love all the best and His heartiest greetings are for her...