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Where were the birds ?

Maja Kluvers

Last summer we participated in a workshop somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands. We were very curious how the environment would be. The further we got, the more trees we saw. You could feel nature calming you down. The hotel is situated very picturesque and hidden from the street with a wonderful driveway and a lush garden. When we park the car we have a wonderful view over the whole yard and gardens.

Once settled we go to the frog pond (a hint from the hotel manager), a lake in a wonderful part of the woods, but situated in the sun. It is all wonderful, but we are missing something. During the entire workshop we keep feeling we miss something and apparently we are focussed on the workshop so intensely, that we canít figure out right away what.

The next morning is bringing us the answer. At dawn it is dead quiet outside. Not a bird singing, nothing at all. That is pretty strange in an area with so much nature. The garden is darling and the plants are in complete harmony with each other. Every part is divided carefully and planted in with good taste. How is this possible? Except for a blackbird there are no singing birds whatsoever. We have seen a few crows though. Would they have robbed the nests?

For a moment we think that the season for singing early in the morning may be over, but when we have slept home again we are awoken by a whistling concert as usual. Even though we are not living in an area with many trees. We decide to ask the beings of nature for an explanation.

It turned out that the forested area where we were, was in the middle of a practising area where they use military equipment with sound waves that hurt the hearing of especially small singing birds. Actually it is similar to the sensitivity of the ears of whales for sonar equipment. The sound waves that are produced by these machines hurt the hearing of the whales and damage it, which causes the animal to have insupportable pain that it escapes to the beach and of course dies there.

Fortunately the birds have found a better refuge but for how long? Our modern society with all our equipment invents new things of which we canít predict the consequences yet. Because if the birds canít bear these vibrations, what are they doing to us? Of course it is possible that we have lost so much of our fleshly sensitivity that we donít notice it (yet)? Or are we following a kind of ostrich policy? Are we sticking our heads in the sand? Have we gotten so used to all those inventions that they say help us?

We all find it a wonderful sound to be woken up on a spring morn by a bird concert of forms of consciousness who have chosen to sing of life on earth and with it sing of the joy and love of GOD and greet the new day? The dance of LIFE? Wonít nature be awfully quiet without these great beings?

Luckily we all know that the times of change have come and that many people have consciously chosen to incarnate in this time to help expand the human consciousness. To work and live from the Love and thus help the Earth and everything that lives on it and thus create the new Paradise on Earth!

Our gratitude is going to the beings of nature and the realms of nature of the Mother Earth.