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photo: Simone Brockhuis

Spring 2003

Maja Kluvers

After a cold and long winter, during which we regularly filled up the feeding plate for the birds with seeds, a few sunflower plants come up real shy. Probably from seeds that fell next to the plate in the garden. The chosen place doesn’t seem ideal to me; windy and not much support for such a majestic flower. I decide to give the seedlings a chance, not knowing yet that a few months later a very special conversation would come forth out of this.

After a while it turns out the flower is growing out differently than expected. She is smaller than the sunflowers I know. It actually looks more like a bigger version of another kind of flower I know and is about four feet high. The color also differs a bit, but what strikes me most is that she is not turned toward the sun, but to the side of the terrace, to the window. Does she want to tell a story?

When the flower opens there’s another surprise; the heart is all green instead of brown. As the flower blooms further in the heart, it turns orange! Suddenly I see the colors of three chakra’s together. The heart chakra, the belly chakra and the second chakra (inner child). Indeed it looks like this flower has a message to tell.

One fine day, when it’s nice and calm outside, I ask the being of this flower if I’m allowed to seek contact and if she might have something to tell the people. That is so. I grab a pen and paper and sit down quietly next to the plant and I tune in to the consciousness of this flower.

I ask if she belongs to a smaller species of sunflowers and here is the answer I get: “That is right, but our energy is just as great and powerful as the physically bigger kinds, for we are ONE. It is man who thinks that a physically smaller appearance automatically would make him less powerful. This thought will most of the time concern bodily (trained) power and not INNER POWER. This inner beauty is what it is about. The power of the consciousness. The power of and the belief in Love.”

“We have come to place a mirror in front of the people. But a different mirror than you are used to. It is a mirror that has to do with a much greater power, namely, a mirror of inner stuff. The big inner power that many of you ignore.”

“Listen to what I have to say.”

“In reality you are all wonderful sunflowers. Every one of you is radiating just as beautiful and has the same golden heart as we are showing you ours right now. By all conditionings and opinions of others, unfortunately you don’t find yourselves beautiful enough, and often not good enough either. These feelings are being strengthened by looking in a normal mirror and thinking something is wrong. In every-day-life people are being confronted with this mirror time and again. Amongst other causes this is the cause of the closed heart chakra. But nobody of you IS ugly. When you were little you thought you were perfect, whole and complete, but by other people influencing you, this feeling has gone astray. By all these feelings of denial of your true selves, your Lightbody has become smaller. This causes you to feel emotionally and bodily smaller and being caught in a downward spiral of negative feelings. Of ‘not being good enough’.”

“Use your light and your potential and radiate like you have always done before you came to the earth. Love yourself. You can activate your Lightbody by loving yourself unconditionally. Make sure you love every part of your Self. Believe in your Self and stay true to what you came here for, even if others think it strange.”

“Look at me!”

“I was a little seed. Look at my total being in color, strength, power, energy and Love of the One. The green of the Heart, the yellow of the Sun and the orange of the inner feeling, your Inner Child who knows what’s good for you!”

“If you’d look in the mirror of inner things more often instead of looking at the outside, you’ll experience the wholeness in yourselves and in everything around you. Then the things of which you now find they are going with difficulties, will flow much better.”

“Open your Heart chakra for the love of the One. It is already representing you, you just have to drill the WELL.”

“In Light, love and peace.”

With thanks to the being of the SUNFLOWER and the spirits of nature.