Written with Love Written Special

“Beauty originates by the cleansing of inessentials”

Walk tall and softly

Nora ~ Oktober 8th 2005


Turbulent times these are, are you noticing that?

The world around us seems to endure many phases rapidly. I mean the World with all that belongs to it, our Mother Earth who is making clear that NOW it is time to treat not only Her differently, but also all those She Feeds, more sparingly, more pure.

And we know that the time of Purification is Now. Are we to board ‘the 2012 boat’ then we will have to work very rigidly upon ourselves in Love.
Knowing this, do it Now. The ‘do it right, and do it right now’ principle.

When we look around we can see that much Sur-Faces out of superficiality.
New information sources enter the World; we get chances not to ingest everything the media are dishing up and think in a critical way about what is Our Truth Channel, what it means and how to deliver our contribution from Inside to Outside.

The same is valid with our ‘Inside’. That which we have seen for years as superficial, believing that it is part of us, but subconsciously restricting our Being, comes to the Sur-Face. This has to be cleansed, in our Selves’ interest and that of the World around us.
Remaining waste that we carried along for years becomes poison that has to disappear out of the body in order not to damage us.

In these turbulent times it strikes me more and more that so many people are being faced with old developments, old insights, with pain and hardship, with standing for one-Self, me, for instance.
Now, more than ever, that which doesn’t belong to you will find a way to get out of your organism. Notwithstanding your idea that these processes are out of your organism for a long time already, the final decision about this conviction lies in the hands of your Creator.

If it is not out of your organism, one will be handed the necessary tools. Tools which are different for everybody. One person is taught to develop his or her softness, to create compassion by listening to one’s heart, someone else will have to learn to manifest its opposite and to learn to develop the concept of Touch Love. All tools of Love to become whole again are being provided.

My tool in this process: Tears!

When I write this, I know that I am not the only one who has learned somewhere that crying is ‘not done’. Crying summons resistance, the feeling you are not tough and you are not supposed to act feeble. Except for being All-One, no one Sees you and comes to stand eye-to-eye with yourSelf and your Creator. Only then it is all-right. Your Creator doesn’t condemn you. Do you recognize this?
Tears of which you thought to you had none left come to the Sur-Face. As if the Earth threatens to sink away under your feet and takes you away to dark places that were hitherto unknown to you. In the meantime these tears have become unknown… But what it you get to work with your tool…?
What if you dare to travel with them on this Soul-Journey…? What do you see…?

To each teardrop emotion is attached. An emotion that was being kept inside by YourSelf for whatever reason from the moment you were a toddler. Notwithstanding your opinion you have expressed outward your Voice, you did not voice your views, you have kept inside your feelings.
You show a little bit of consideration with the other, her/his feelings, what shall the other think, will you still be a good and caring kid if you say what you think?
Will you be gagged or will you be Listened to without being criticized? Do you dare to Love yourself enough and know that your ideas and feelings are as valuable as those of the one who stands before you?
What happens when you say Yes… When you let your inner Child speak, saying; I Can, I May, I Dare!

Tears pour abundantly. The sun shines upon the tip of the iceberg of frozen tears that hide away in deep corners and find their Way from Inside to Outside.
There is breathing space, new perspectives are Dis-Covered, Met, Conviction reigns and In-Sights are acquired.
Crying is Fine, it is a manner of Purification. And knowing this… Do it Right, Do it right Now J

‘AND NOW ME’. I can see this all around me on the billboards of a nationwide lottery campaign, thus making an unconscious allusion to the masses. Everything starts with yourSelf, each alteration starts with NOW ME. This is very good thinking as long as ‘ME’ cares to show consideration with pureness in the thinking pattern. A ‘ME’ that within the freedom of BE-ing, does not harm the others’ freedom.
Let us not forget that this way of thinking is not selfishness, but a five-dimensional Intention as a Foundation to purify a human from all negative beliefs and convictions that hinders you to Be the Heavenly Creature that you Are in your Core.

NOW it is time to get on going to erase all this old rubbish out of our systems, but don’t forget to empty the trashcan. Do not think that the world threatens to sink away under your feet but stay alert which cleansing tools are handed over to you and use them. Be thankful for receiving them and rinse yourself of surpluses in your system.

That what seems to be Pain, could well be the key to Liberation.