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Aegopodium podagraria

photo: Wouter van der Kruit.

The plant with the seven leaves,

Aegopodium podagraria.

Maja Kluvers

Translation: Mirjam Coumans.

Since the start of our garden the plant with the seven leaves is there. I planted some yellow flowers somebody gave me, not knowing that the roots of that plant were in the middle. The first year I liked the sight of the white flowers between the yellow and did not pay much attention to it. But suddenly after a few years they drew my attention by multiplying very fast. Also the other plants are getting smaller and smaller. Or is that just me? Then somebody comes along and tells me the nice white flowers are from the plant with the seven leaves, that never leaves once it is in your garden.

That startles me. So I was right that the other plants are getting smaller and smaller by the overgrowing from the plant with the seven leaves. There are even some of my plants which have not survived, but that could be so for another cause. Suddenly I am not so happy anymore that this plant has grown so nicely.

What to do now?

All kinds of advice comes from people who are having the same problem. Those advices go from using poison as a spray, ‘painting’ the leaves with poison to covering the whole garden with black plastic.

I do not want to even consider using poison in the garden. Not only the Aegopodium podagraria will die, the damage will be unacceptable. Often much bigger than we can see with our human eyes. Everything will get out of balance.

Fungus will disappear and make the soil less rich. And what about all the micro organisms that will not survive?

The advice to cover the whole garden with black plastic for an entire year does not give me a nice feeling. A whole summer no colours in our garden? Please no!

Digging out the soil?

I begin with another plan at first. When spring comes, I start plucking the leaves of the Aegopodium podagraria and taking out the flowers before they bloom. It must be exhausting for the plant to grow new leaves again. Often it is very dry then too, which means an extra weakening factor for the plant.

Because of the size of our garden this is an exhausting job. But when it is finished and the other plants have gotten the opportunity to grow because they have more space now and the plant is ‘not bothering us anymore for the rest of the summer’.

But the years come and go and I notice that I am not looking forward to spring and laying on my knees to pluck the leaves for such a long time.

Then the moment comes that every time I am plucking I wonder if there is ‘somebody’ that wants to help me get rid of the Aegopodium podagraria, forever if possible. I have always felt that I was not alone in my garden anyway and that I am kind of being watched by an invisible reality. Actually it is a whispering from my side, because I do not want anybody to hear me talking to invisible beings in the garden. Of course I know that the beings of nature are listening to me, but at that moment I do not get an clear answer yet.

The next spring nothing has seemed to change much and I wonder if I might have posed an impossible question. I did not know that these things take time in the 3d world. What we send out in our thoughts takes time to be able to manifest itself in this material world. We live in a time that we want to see results immediately. Or should I find a solution myself?

Another year later I start seeing things. The Aegopodium podagraria does not die, but appears to possess less leaves. AND… other plants get so much energy that apparently they become bigger and higher!

Who would have thought that? One way or another you can ask for help in a different way than we are used to do. And after that you just have to be patient. It takes a big switch in your conscience, but with a big result too! A garden full of wonderful flowers. Who would not want that?

The Aegopodium podagraria is still there, but is not forming a threat for the other plants anymore.

And on top of that I am not ashamed anymore if anyone hears me talk to the beings in the garden that remain invisible to most people. I know that they are there and I feel that there is more than we might be able to see and that if we open up to it, a wonderful cooperation develops…

With thanks to the beings of nature.
Love and …. good luck.