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Lady Master Nada

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Lady Nada

passed on by Brian, for the SSN Group.


The Nada Chronicles, part 31


This is Lady Nada that comes to you tonight to remind you of your place in the universe and the place you hold upon your planet in the body of authority that is known as the Intergalactic Solar Tribunal of which you are all members. Due to the veil that still surrounds many of you, you may not remember that you all cast the deciding vote in the direction and the destiny of your planet and as to how she would stand in oneness with you in that destiny.

I remind you tonight that in this hour you must stand in that fullness of authority in which you stood when you cast your vote before embarking upon your present journey. This authority cannot be lessened nor can it be taken from you. This authority only fails to remain in force when! you choose to surrender it.

I come to remind you of who you are and of the weight that your thoughts and your words carry. Those thoughts and those words are the power in which you stand as creators of the reality of your planet. That which you carry forth in thought and word in this hour is the consistency of that which will be. You have now entered the place where what you create will manifest before your very eyes. Take note of where you have journeyed in your thoughts and your words in recent days and take a check of what you see manifesting in your world. Is it to your liking? If not then allow yourself to be taken back to the very beginning in the time when you sat on the Intergalactic Solar Tribunal and determined the course and destiny that you now find yourselves on.

You are all powerful creators that through your thought can change your history and can heal timelines that you have believed up to now to be irreversible. Where destruction, lawlessness, and inhumane acts prevail to inconceivable proportions around you; it is there that you must return back to the very beginning and stand in the full authority of your creative power and through your thought and in your word embathed in the mighty violet flame, bring forth in neutrality, the law of the One.

Turn back as it were the tide of carnage, destruction and violence for they are to be no more and the day shall be when you turn to look back for these in the annals of your history; they will not be found on the pages thereof because they had never been. They had never been because you were the ones that you were waiting for, that decided to be the ones who knew all that they could be-----and stepped forward and brought in this golden age.

Let not your thoughts and your words give way and fall to the frontal assaults you now face and see about you. Know why these are present and remember who you are: creators that carry all power and authority. Stand in the knowingness thereof and it shall be.

I am Lady Nada.