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The Nada Chronicles

part 17

Running Fox Home

Every week I travel...

Hans Brockhuis


Every week I travel by train from Leiden to Alkmaar to take care of my grandchildren. Most of the time nothing special happens, but this memorable morning it certainly does.

I look out of the window. Over the fields filled with flower bulbs, whitened by the freshly fallen snow, the sky is bright blue. There is only one cloud that seems to drift along with the train. To my stupefaction the cloud takes the shape of a woman with long streaming hair. She smiles and sits down on the empty bench opposite of me in the train.

The woman smiles again, reaches for my hand and says: ‘Nice to meet you, my name is Nada. It is my pleasure to meet the writer of my chronicles this way.’

Her presence is almost touchable. The miracle of this is that I am not surprised at all The cadence of the train that sings its song together with the rails and the heart to heart feeling Nada radiates, seems to connect and the warmth, concentration and the peculiarness of this unexpected situation do not leave room for doubt.

Nada smiles again and says that she has a narration to tell that answers the questions I have posed lately. Maybe I want to write it down and pass it on to my readers? Naturally I consent and I listen fascinated to what she has to tell me.

“At the moment,” Nada begins her narration, “there is so much art of argument in the world that one expects it not to last very long until the whole of society collapses and anarchy and disorganization prevail. This is but a shadow though. Of course, there is violence in the world and it only seems to amplify. There is a discussion going on about what the people in this country call senseless violence. But I say this; violence is senseless per definition. Why beat someone up when you don’t agree about
something? Why requite evil with evil? What is the purpose of war, while you announce that you started it to sustain the peace?”

“Still all this separation has a function. The qualities of humankind, including those that find themselves wherever in the universe exist through good, love and ONEness. That Love is starting to overcome so strong that it is evident that the opposite powers start to stir violently. Think about a cat that is cornered. It will fight everything that comes near. It will claw at everyone and change immediately from the sweet cat that is spinning by the fire, in a furious lion that’ll do everything to wound or kill it’s enemy, just to save himself.”

“Is that bad? For the ones who stay behind, dying is unrelenting, irreversible; the clock can’t be turned backwards. Many people don’t understand that. Most people keep searching for possibilities to improve things for themselves, their families, their countrymen, or to make sure everything goes smoother, or simply to undo things. In case someone dies, that is not possible. Dying is the only certainty we have on earth, but when you can see that from a broader perspective, you’ll see that it is possible to ‘do something about’ dying as well. That is, amongst other stuff, searching and giving forgiveness.”

“Try to expand your ‘being’ to look at it from ‘the other world, the hereafter, the heaven, the nirvana, up’ or whatever you want to call it. When someone dies on earth, or wherever, the spirit at ‘our’ side of the veil is received at the same time. He or she is actually reborn here and that is always worth a party again. By the way, over here we love parties, but at such an occasion we don’t drink as much as you guys on earth. Just joking.”

“When you know that the soul will be received in Love and lead to a place where it can rest of the tiresome life on earth, the whole concept of living and dying will be put in an entirely different light. This way you can cope with the loss of your loved one after a while. Of course the physical presence stopped. Abruptly, or during a period in which it became slowly clear that your loved one is deteriorating in such a way that it is inevitable that one day his or her life will end.”

“The moment someone dies is always a shock, never welcome and most of the time traumatic. Then it is inevitable that you are inconsolable, or at least sad. When you are over the worst shock after a long or shorter while, when you have that possibility, then maybe there will be a moment that you will realize that that person may have died ‘too’ young according to all norms, but that for the spirit that once was that person it might have been a liberation not having to exist in this ‘sublunary’ anymore.”

“I know, no ‘case’ is comparable, but often there are similarities. ‘Why him?’ ‘Why did she die so young; she had so much going for her!’ ‘He didn’t deserve this devastating disease!’ ‘Well he got lucky, he didn’t even notice he died.’ Those are some of the thoughts that can come up when one has to say goodbye to someone we love dearly.”

“Still the passing over of a soul has a meaning, a purpose. Probably intangible for the ones that stay behind, but surely it has a purpose. Maybe it was enough. Maybe the lessons were learned, maybe the spirit was so tired that it was time to rest and wait for a next occasion to live on earth. There can be many reasons for the moment someone passes away and when you eventually realize that, it will be easier to forgive.”

“Be sure, that those we loved, will live on at the other side of the veils and often make efforts to give signs of that life to the ones that stayed behind. You experienced that yourself when your daughter Judith, who passed away, showed herself to you. What a wonder-filled moment that was. Your flabbergasted, moved face will always stay in our memories. That was a clarifying moment for you and it became possible to start forgiving. To forgive ‘Our Dear Lord’ that he put Judith’s sudden death on you and your wife. Because that was what it was still about back then. You were and still are a little angry and sad about ‘what happened to you.’ I can understand that very well. I know, it was a tough lesson, but when it will be time for you to go over to the other side yourselves, it will be clear to you why she is here already; this is not the place to go into this kind of detail though.”

“Forgiveness consists of much more of course. When you have learned to forgive in matters that go beyond life and death, it will be a little easier for yourself to also forgive in matters that concern just life or material. Forgiveness is an expression of Love and as you know Love is that which life is about, ‘up’ as well as ‘down’...”

Slowly the train enters the station of Haarlem and Nada has disappeared. On the bench opposite of me an old man, who politely greets me, sits down, gets a newspaper out of his bag and starts reading, so I can assimilate all that I just experienced.

In an hour I’ll be with one of my other daughters and her children. I will fetch the older child from playschool and we will walk and play at the playground together with the others. These young kids are in the middle of a long journey as well, one that has been interrupted by dwelling on the other side of the veils. Now they too will try to go further on this path to learn those lessons they have ‘signed for’ at the start of their new lives. Inevitably there will be a goodbye for these souls and they who stay behind will hopefully have discovered there is life after death, as a Dutch comedian sings so magnificently. Hopefully they’ll have discovered that at the moment they die, these souls will be born in the ‘other’ world.

This was Nada’s narration and I am utterly grateful that she has wanted to share all these truths (that I already knew to a certain level of course) with me so I can share them with you, reader.