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The Nada Chronicles, part 24

Running Fox Home

Traces on this Earth

By Hans Brockhuis

Some time ago, someone asked me to think about traces - signs and symbols existing on this earth that can teach us a deeper sense of life. Signs that are left behind by beings, souls, and maybe ghosts, to be interpreted and understood by those who are open to it. Do not expect a scientific account here. Analysts might think this argument to be a fairy tale. That's fine with me; everyone has a right to their own truth, because what is truth? Every individual is living in the center of their own universe. Sometimes those universes overlap, and then those truths become true for both of them.

I want to look for clues that are often incomprehensible to us mortals. In the first place, I want to look at ley-lines. The energy lines that form the spine of the energy fields that are necessary to keep the spirituality of Mother Earth going. Though ley-lines are invisible, they can be felt by those who are sensitive, and can also be measured with certain instruments.

Eons ago, these lines were laid out by representatives of developed civilizations. But because many lines became clotted during the last centuries, they haven't been very active anymore. In this time of transition to a new era, some of them are being reactivated. In places where ley-lines touch each other, energy fields exist on which churches and other holy places used to be built.

However, when I was visiting Stonehenge in 1996, I didn't feel much spirituality. I wrote about it then, and here follows a short version of my experiences there.

Then we travel on to Stonehenge - old and declined. Once it used to be a marker for the people of Altea to focus upon this crossroads of leylines from their vessels in space. In this way they were able to arrive at the right spot to perform their sowings, out of which part of the human race was born and later be able to monitor the results.

The very same afternoon that Annie and I visit Stonehenge, July 8th, 1996, in a field directly adjacent to the monument, the famous Stonehenge crop circle developed. We were not aware of this at the time, but indeed saw the many fighter jets that came over. One of them took a photograph of the site on the way out, and just another photograph as it flew by a quarter of an hour later. On the second one all of a sudden the crop circle was visible!

The next day we went to the infamous Glastonbury Tor. This high hill stands about 300 meters tall and is visible from afar. The last 150 meters is a steep ascent on foot but the view is gorgeous, and because of the huge vibrational energy concentrated there the climb is relatively easy. We met a bearded man sitting cross-legged and blowing "aum" sounds on his didgeridoo, after which he began meditating for world peace.

Later we arrived in a B&B in the village of Callington. That evening the landlord drove us to the Dupath Chapel with Holy Well in the yard of his father. It turned out to be a unique granite Celtic chapel through which flows, via a cross-shaped basin, a small stream that originates three meters higher in the field. This place felt very special and shivers literally ran down my spine. I felt the presence of immense ancient forces that are hard to interpret, but they certainly are there."

So for our adventures in the summer of 1996.

I want to sidestep to other appearances on the earth that were left behind by others. These are the pyramids. For centuries speculation has been going on about the way, according to scientists, that very primitive civilizations created such wonders of the world. Then there is Atlantis to be considered. The mystic island empire beyond the Columns of Hercules (Gibraltar) of which only remnants still exist in the British Isles and Ireland.

Phyllis Schlemmer, in her book ‘The Only Planet of Choice,’ tells us that long ago a highly technological race, calling itself Altea, came to the earth and intermingled with the native people. These Alteans, with its leader Atlas, founded Atlantis. The empire probably included what is now Greece and spread out to what is today the United States. After its slow but sure degeneration of the inhabitants, it was destroyed by a chain reaction that can be compared to a number of nuclear explosions. Although the better part of the inhabitants of Atlantis did not escape their fate, there were survivors. Remainders of the constructions of the Atlantis-heirs can be found in mid and Southern America, where the Olmecs, Maya's and the Aztecs left their traces on this earth for all to see. Other remnants are found in the megalithic cultures of Northern Europe and Great Britain [Stonehenge] and the Hellenics with e.g. Troy.

Around the year 11.500 B.C. the alleged first era of the Egyptians appears. Survivors of Atlantis blend together with the locals and it is archeologically seen, from one day to the next, that a rather primitive culture is transformed into a technological one. The so-called first hawk civilization, being a colony of Altea with its leader, Tarahkarahk.

Construction of the pyramids start right away. In the year 6257 B.C. under the leadership of Chefren (Choefoe), who was an incarnation of the hawk and is always portrayed as such, the great pyramid was enlarged and given a beautiful gold coating which could be seen from far away. It was a splendid marking point for all who found themselves on earth as well as in the stratosphere. The pyramid complex at Gizeh is a remarkably pure interpretation of the star sign Orion, as it appeared during the time of its construction. The incarnates of the leaders were humanoids, with bird-like appearances stemming from that part of the galaxy.

The last example of traces on this earth I want to mention, are those made by extraterrestrials. Us! Only the dark-colored people from what is today Africa, are descendants of the original native earth people. All other races, including the Caucasian ethnic group, were once from extraterrestrial descent. Of course we are intermingled with genes from many other people, but in the long run, we white people here now are the outlandish ones.
Around 32.400 B.C. the first core sowing takes place in an area with the name of Aksu or Aksiu in Central Asia. Remnants of this first colony are the Tibetans, who today find themselves under the supremacy of China. Out of Aksiu an expansion takes place by the Asyans, the Alteans and the Hoovidians - all colonists of different civilizations. Some end up in the land in between the two streams, the Euphrates and the Tigris, others elsewhere. It has always been the idea that a great merger would take place, creating a stable unequivocal people adapted to earth circumstances, living and prospering in love and harmony on the planet. Paradise on Earth.

But circumstances became distorted. The different groups continued to chase each other, which could not be prevented due to the prevailing law of free will. It became necessary to develop new civilizations to cope with this.

The Hoovidians founded a colony with its leader Abraham in Ur and Canaan. From Abraham's son Israel derived the microcosm that is now Israel. Isma'il, the other son, brought forth Islam. It is sad to observe that Israelites and Islamics, although stemming from the same source, until today have not learned to live side by side.

The Asyan's founded the Nordic civilizations and appear in legends as Thor, Freia, Donar and Wodan. The third colony of Aksu is Mu, founded by the Asyan people, in the middle of the Pacific. Remnants of Mu still exist in the Philippines and on the Island of Bali. Atlantis later became an outpost of Mu, of which we spoke earlier, and in its turn was succeeded by the Egyptian civilization which sequentially transferred its culture and history to the Greek, and later the Romans.

So for the words of Phyllis Schlemmer. I am aware that I have donned seven-league boots to go through history and thus skipped many important events, people and places of interest. The core of the matter, though, is the ancestry that is present outside this planet. All scientists who have difficulty finding extraterrestrial life, and who find themselves frustrated that we still haven't received an answer, are encouraged to look more nearby. We humans are not the center of universal civilization, as is often maintained; we are just a small spark in a remote corner of our local galaxy, and we certainly are not alone…