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The Nada Chronicles, part 35

Translation: Mirjam Coumans B.A.

Running Fox Home


Transforming fear



© Hans Brockhuis 2006

Today I’d like to speak with you about transforming fear. Maybe you would like to let in very old pain that is blocking the way to your soul or true self. You do not know exactly how it is, but because of fear and/or resistance it is very difficult getting access to your soul and everything sits there and stays there. You hope this is the right path for you to grow further. You think the most difficult thing for you is to really go to that pain. You have been trained so well to stay away from there and keep busy with all kinds of other stuff…

This memorable day will always have a special meaning to me. Not only as a milestone in this life, but also as a stepping stone in my whole existence as soul of God/ess. While I am writing this I feel a hand on my right shoulder and I notice an ear-to-ear smile from my guide who whispers in my heart: "Was it not worth all? Was this not a wonderful moment to open yourself up to all souls on the other side of the veils? Is opening up your vulnerable Me not the Herald who shows the Divine Essence: 'here I am; I cannot be otherwise and please lift me up from the mire?'"

And yes dear friends that is how it is. Looking back I realise all this. Most of you I had not encountered consciously before - at least not in this life -. And still it felt like a deep kinship when I saw your faces and tasted your beings, a 'here we are', an: 'all of us together will pull this off". I thank you for that.

I had come with the intention of: 'no idea what, but let 'it' be". But on a conscious level I had had no idea what. Unconsciously it was apparently clear because the day before I was quite ill and at the brink of giving up and saying: "I will not come".

There we were. Twelve people/souls/beings and you have all experienced my journey back to old, but recognizable times. At the moment I experienced the humiliation, the fear and desperation, - and I realise that only just now - the emotions streamed away like the water from a bath and were almost immediately transformed into compassion, to love and to freedom. That is why I could say: "I forgive you", with Heart, Soul and Spirit, because it was not only I who was able to let go of a piece of
Karma; we all were.

Gratitude fulfils me. Once again I let the words come to me of that intimate moment of which you have been the witnesses:

"Once you and me have wandered the paths that you sometimes call ‘the higher ones’. You and me have talked endlessly about all kinds of circumstances that have occurred during a great number of your former lives, on planet Earth and elsewhere. You encountered problems again and again in one way or another and they are comparable to the life you are living now. You cannot reach your core, or rather, you think you can’t. You live through all kinds of horrendous experiences that have to do with feeling at a distance of everything that is going on, physically as well as inside. Time and again you ask yourself: 'where am I, is this all real, am I the one experiencing this, or is it another person trying to solve all these problems.' But I tell you that it is all you. It is your soul that experiences fear and bends in every direction to convince itself that it is not necessary to come to its senses. Still it is of the utmost importance that it does, because it is time you come to your Self. You say you want to get to your core, but there is stuff blocking you to free your captured soul.

How should you clear those blockades and cast those fears away? That is not so easy, but the key is truly in yourself. Take a good look at what is happening in the world at this moment. From unexpected corners all kinds of things are fired up that touches people, actually all people deep in their souls. Allow yourself to be touched as well. Of course you will say that it already is touching you and at a certain level it is of course, but try looking at your soul and allow the volcano to burst. Is that so much different than what happened in you before? Were you not touched deep in your soul as well back then? That is why I beg you, allow it again, experience it again, from beginning to end, because therein lies the key to success. Of course it will hurt, but know that others and me will support you to lessen that pain in order to meet your real core, the real battle point. And I promise you will rise like a God/ess and be amazed and you will ask yourself; why have I not been able to do this before?

You know you live on the planet of free will. It will have to be your own choice that triggers all this. What I am telling you here is just an exhortation; you will have to make that decision yourself and once you have done that - in real reality - the solution is nearby. You are wading through bushes, and the easy road is just a step aside. I advise you, make that step aside and the horizon will reveal itself to you in all its glory. You will then experience an amazing sunrise; one you have never experienced before. Go with God/ess I wish you a lot of good and if you want to
communicate with me yourself you are more then welcome to. The only thing you need to do is become very quiet; aim your attention at the cosmic wave carrying you, which manifests itself as a light breath in your ears and to focus on my Name. Then I will reach you and you can hear me. Thinktalking it is called and that is what we shall do.

Now I greet you. At the moment these words are written down, many are here with me to guide this with love and at the moment you will read these words that will be the case again..."

At this moment I hear many bells ringing in the other world; the trumpets call and the banners are raised in many colours. I am aware of a huge gathering of souls. They are standing, arms lifted in the air, cheering and singing and they are rejoicing infinitely in what has been going on. I see fountains of energy, so high that you cannot see the top.

Now the cheering stops and wonderful music that makes your head light fills the air and the smell of countless flowers manifests in the subtle level. And I know it is good.

Also I thank you all who have come from the other side of the veils and from the world for coming to celebrate that triumphous moment for Love and experiencing the transformation of fear. I am sure that not only the ones involved have become better from this, but that through our twelve-fold circle of light mother Earth, humanity and maybe even the universe have moved a tiny little bit to the goal we all crave for: Love, Compassion and Affiliation.

Some of you I have recognized and they recognised me as people who met each other in more and (who knows) maybe even countless lives in several forms. Although I do not know any details of those, I can say I am grateful to have met you again. I am convinced that we will meet again - where and when does not matter -. I can only say that I look forward to it.

This almost unique link that we made with the other world deserves - that is how I feel it - a second turn and maybe it will be possible to create that Circle of light again. It does not have to be in the physical realms, it can also be at spiritual level. Let’s try to make a difference once in a while this way.

I needed to live through all this again, write it down and share this with you. Thank you for everything and thank you to those who are in the other world that they gave that little push to trigger this experience.

I wish you, reader, Love and Light and Peace.