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The Nada Chronicles, part 26

by: Judith Brockhuis

Running Fox Home




Hi Daddy,

Forgiveness is a concept that has many aspects. You know all too well yourself daddy, that it has been very difficult for you and mummy to accept that I - the soul that has been Judith such a short period - was there and suddenly wasn't there. [Judith came to this earth and left again on the same day] That has caused you both a lot of grief, similar to other situations. Next to the sadness, it causes anger, disbelief, amazement and a great deal of other emotions that are hard or not explainable at all.

This is more than understandable. Especially the mother, who has carried her child against her heart in her own body for nine months, who has given the child food and attention, who has had to go through the labor. That mother is suddenly robbed from something she looked forward to so intensely. It is an enormous shock for her that all went differently than thought.

The father and if there are brothers and sisters they too, get their share of the trauma that dying in general and the dying of a baby especially brings along. ‘Partir est mourir un peu’, the French say and in analogy with that, you can say that dying is saying goodbye a little bit, because that's what it is. For the ones that stay behind, the dying is the end, something that can't be undone.

And that is something humanity has trouble with in general. Man shall always look for something to improve things for himself or his countrymen, something to smoothen the path or to turn things back. Dying is the only certainty we have on earth, but when you have the possibility to see that from a wider point of view, you'll realise that it sure is possible to 'do something about the dying'. And that is, amongst other things, forgiving.

Try looking at it from our perspective, from the 'other world’, heaven, ‘the nirvana' or whatever you may call it. When someone is picked up from earth, or is going to this side of the veils, her or this spirit is at the same time received in a loving way by us. He or she will in a way be born here and that is always worth a party. By the way, we love parties here, but differently then on earth, we don't drink as much as you do on earth on such an occasion. But anyway, I'll return to our theme, to forgiveness.

Once you know that the soul is being taken care of here, after it passes over and is led to a place where it can rest from the tiresome journey, the whole concept of dying is placed in a different perspective and you can ask yourself if it might be possible to forgive the loosing of your loved one for yourself. Of course their physical appearance is gone. Abruptly, or during a period in which it slowly became clear that the dying loved one is deteriorating so much, it is inevitable that one day their life will come to an end.

Still the moment of dying is a shock every time, never welcome and almost always traumatic. But when you're over the worst shock after a while, when you get to that position, there might come a time you can realize that this person might have died 'too young' according to all measurements, but that it was a relief for the mind of this person to be able to leave the earth.

I know, daddy, no situation compares to another, but there are analogies. At the moment soul A leaves, it means something, it has a purpose. Maybe slippery for the ones who stay behind, but there sure was an aim. Was it enough? Were the lessons learned? Was the spirit so tired that it was time to rest and let it happen again on a next occasion? There can be many reasons why the dying of one person happens at that moment and when you realize that, it becomes easier to forgive the ones who are responsible. 'Why him?' Why did she die so young; she had a whole life left!' ' He didn't deserve this terrible disease!' 'Well she was lucky; she didn't even notice she died.'. These are some of the things people say to each other when they have to let go of a loved one.

Be sure that those we loved are living on at the other side of the veils and often try to reach the ones who stay behind. You found out yourself, daddy, when I appeared in front of you as a grown-up woman on November 8th 1998. What a wonder-ful moment that was. I will always remember your surprised, happy, moved face. At that moment you understood and it was possible for you to forgive. To forgive 'Our dear Lord' that he had taken me, 'Judith' out of your lives so suddenly. That is what it was about back then.

You were and still are a little angry and sad about 'what happened back then'. The layer of varnish is still so thin. I can understand that very well. During other occasions the same thing happened to 'me' and one of my lessons was to experience this myself and be the 'cause'. It was a tough lesson. For you, but also for me and when it's your time to pass beyond the veils we will make it clear to you, because this isn't the occasion to go into these kinds of details.

Of course forgiveness is far more but when you learned to forgive in matters of life and death, it will become easier for you to forgive in matters or life or material matters. Forgiveness, daddy, is an outing of Love and Love is that which life is all about, 'downstairs' as well as 'upstairs' as you know.

Thank you daddy, for listening to me and sharing this with your readers.

I will go my own way now.
Farther away than ever.
My journey is taking me to places far far away.
Sometimes I'm still here to say hello.
See the light that is shining for you and smile.
Grieving takes as long as you want it to last.
Even here new times have begun.
I watch over you.